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  1. Stang88 added a post in a topic 1/25 AMT '68 Chevy Camaro Z/28 2'n1   

    Agree so very much, would love to see Revell do 1/25 kits as follows:

    1967 Camaro
    1968 Camaro
    1969 Special Edition with SS hood (why have they not done a special edition 1969 Camaro Kit, the 70 Mustang got one)
    1970 Camaro
    1970 Chevelle

    I guess you can tell I am a Chevy enthusiast.
  2. Stang88 added a post in a topic AMT - Top 10 Muscle Car Kits   

    What about the 70 Chevelle?
  3. Stang88 added a post in a topic AMT - Top 10 Muscle Car Kits   

    Thanks guys, great feed back. Wonder why AMT does not release new 60/70/s muscle car kits, it looks like all they release now is reissues or the modern 2008-2013 Camaro, Corvette, Challenger, etc. It's a shame.
  4. Stang88 added a topic in General   

    AMT - Top 10 Muscle Car Kits
    Kind of new to car building, have never owned an AMT kit as I have never really heard anything good about them. I love 60/70/s muscle cars and have about 25 kits now, mostly Revell the odd Monogram.

    Looking for feedback (like a poll I guess) of the top 10 AMT muscle car kits every produced (if there is as many as 10).

    From some reviews I read so far I can only list 4:

    - 1969 Olds Hurst
    - 1970 Camaro
    - 1971 Charger
    - 1969 GTX

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  5. Stang88 added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    Model Show/Contest Guelph Ontario, Canada
    There was a model show every year usually in April in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Looking for feedback from model guys that live in Ontario, Canada as I can not find anything on goodle or any flyers on this show, does it not go on any more?
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  6. Stang88 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    1970 Chevelle SS
    Love this car but I have read many forums indicating how many people wish Revell would do a nice 1/25 scale, I have seen some nice Revel snap kits done but what about the Revell 1/25 Chevelle SS Donk 3 in 1 kit, would this not be a nice basis to build a sweet 70 Chevelle SS?
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  7. Stang88 added a post in a topic Wheels and Tires   

    Thanks, those are nice wheels sets. I assume all those pictures you provided are Aoshima wheel/tire sets. What is the best on-line distributor to order Pegasus and Aoshima tire/wheels from?
  8. Stang88 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Wheels and Tires
    Can anyone suggest aftermarket companies that produce wheels and tires for the following kits:

    - Revell 1/24 Ferrari California
    - Revell 1/24 Ferrari Italia
    - Revell 1/25 Modern Mustangs
    - Revell 1/25 2010 Camaro
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  9. Stang88 added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Revell Ferrari Italia and California
    Looking for what companies provide aftermarket parts for these 2 kits:

    Disk Breaks and Calipars
    Photo Etch emblems etc.

    I live in Canada, would prefer to order online. Thanks so much.
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  10. Stang88 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Wiring Engines
    I am working on my first model car kit (1972 Cutlass Revell Kit). I would like to do a basic wiring of the engine but having problems locating a simple basic step by step process of what type of wire to use and how to do it.

    Can anyone direct me to step by step article to help me out?
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  11. Stang88 added a post in a topic done with the hobby i think   

    I agree with everyone else, we are just trying to give you sound advice from learning the hard way. I have modelled for 30 years, a few years ago I got bit by the golfing bug, sold all my kits and airbrushes, compressor, tools, etc to afford golf, I swore I would never go back then 2 years ago I experienced a medical condition and could not golf any more, went crazy at home and now getting back into it but had to spend so much money to replace everything I need which I use to have, should of packed it all away in storage. So I learned the hard way as well as others here, again just trying to save you money. I believe this is a hobby that is in a persons blood, you might leave it but it is never really gone, just take a break and pack things away, I think some day you will come back to it.
  12. Stang88 added a post in a topic Revell Ferrari Kits   

    So who makes after market wheels and tires the right size for Ferrari kits? I would assume Ferrari have specific wheels for their cars I checked Pegasus and can't locate any.
  13. Stang88 added a post in a topic Revell Ferrari Kits   

    I was just wondering if some parts were different. When I look at the box art the ROG Ferrari kits the tires look more low profile then the Revell USA ones.
  14. Stang88 added a post in a topic Revell Ferrari Kits   

    Is there any difference in the German Revell Ferrari kits vs Revell USA kits?
  15. Stang88 added a post in a topic Revell Ferrari Kits   

    Nice models there buddy, really like them.