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  1. Thanks guys. i've got around 5months of work in the dodge.
  2. I had a great time this year at NNL Nationals. I came for the theme class and entered a couple normal builds in other classes as well.
  3. I had a great time this year, bought some great stuff and showed a few cars. But judging is a little odd. One class i entered a guy won with a closed hood and an all flat black interior. The class was not curbside either. There was alot of cars in the class with opened hoods, alot of detail and scratchbuilt parts that did not place. I put this same thing on facebook last night but it disappeared this morning. I'm not bashing but just wanted to let everyone know my experience
  4. Lol paint, putty, glue. It all usually ends up on my hands by the end of the night.
  5. Thanks guys. From doing this build i found out i need to work on my interior weathering more.
  6. It looks great. But i'm just going to throw this out there it'd look even better with some headers coming out of the hood,some mud tires,and welded up doors lol. But no you really did a good job on this.
  7. Yea its definetly a challenge thanks
  8. Its prolly around 1in. or 1 1/4 althread in 1:1. Not uncommon on a demo car. I believe they are 1's. The zeros are smaller but the nuts are the same. Besides it looks better then a piece of roundstock shoved through the hood....
  9. Here is a 62 bird i recently finished up. I scratchbuilt, the whole interior/ leafsprings, and theres a whole lot else that i had to build. I used the frame,body,firewall,and front suspension from this kit. The rest is either from the parts box or scratchbuilt.
  10. Yes discoduck78 is a very good person to deal with. Very fast shipping
  11. LOL yea i actually finished it up this morning for a contest today. i worked on it until 3am last night and woke up at 7 and finished it before i left at 9.
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