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  1. Pakmule87 added a post in a topic 1994 Ford F-350 Crewcab   

    Just a slight update, so far have the pieces together of the camper shell, though no pic since I didn't think of getting one yet since also I have it slathered with putty and have taken the past few evenings off. But here is a teaser pic for yall of the sides and front/back cut out for glass.

    Currently toying with the idea of whether to let the back hatch be able to open, so have it taken off. Though will probably leave it off for now, since I plan on trying out my hand at resin casting with the BMF starter kit when I get the spare cash. Figured the resin would also make it easier to make the copies for side marker lights and the oversized clearance lights (have 1 of each made), and you never know who would be interested in buying some off ebay , along with the rear bumper which I keep forgetting to take a picture of...

    And decided on my next build which I may toy with while I am still working on the truck, and that is making a model of the trailer my dad uses to pickup equipment when it needs to be hauled to the shop that he made, tilt bed, tandem axle, all those goodies, along with a 1/24 scale scissor lift (we specialize in their repair), since the only ones out there seem to be in 1/32 die cast JLG, and I would rather have a Genie 1930 sitting on it
  2. Pakmule87 added a post in a topic 1994 Ford F-350 Crewcab   

    Oh, while I'm here...I have "finished" the paint job...I use finish as a loose term here since I went the stupid route of can spray paint (don't have the setup yet for air spraying), but I will later on go through and redo the paint job, but for now, I will stick with this.

    The tires I used were from Herb Deeks, They look alot nicer than what came with the kit, but are a little bit narrow (about 2-3mm) from what should be on here, and the inside diameter was a little large for 1/24 scale, but with the help of some foil tape to add some to the wheels (and not using the rear spacer, filing the front wheel rim) they fit just perfect.

    Decided also to start building a camper shell to put on it, since that is the plan for the 1:1 when my dad gets around to fixing the one he found at a garbage dump which was in pretty good shape. Here is the start of it.

    Will have more updates as I get it looking closer to done. And btw, haven't started on the engine yet just so yall know.
  3. Pakmule87 added a post in a topic 1994 Ford F-350 Crewcab   

    Im using the squadron putty, but it can be a little bit aggravating since you are dealing with toulene (pretty much handles the bonding like Testors Model Glue), and sometimes you may end up putting a little more on it than would be right for the 30 minute dry time it mentions on the tube. I'm mostly an amatuer who has gotten lucky for the work I have done, so I am sure that there are others who would know more about different putties out there.
  4. Pakmule87 added a post in a topic 1994 Ford F-350 Crewcab   

    Thanks guys. Just ran into a hiccup though. Was cutting out the front so I could fit in the radiator and it came off! Just put it back on and threw in a few scrap strips inside, hopefully they will be eble to hold it better than just having the front glued on alone.
  5. Pakmule87 added a post in a topic 1994 Ford F-350 Crewcab   

    Sadly nothing fancy. Just the black since I am modeling this off of my dads truck. But considering all the extras, I am sure that will more than make up for a simple paint job.
  6. Pakmule87 added a post in a topic 1994 Ford F-350 Crewcab   

    I have taken a look at yours before. I really have to say that yours is awesome. And I can't wait for me to get more done on mine, especially considering that this is the first time I have ever done anything like this, and I can probably count the number of models I have made on 2 hands lol. Just hope that the paint job on mine ends up at least half as clean as yours.
  7. Pakmule87 added a post in a topic 1994 Ford F-350 Crewcab   

    Figured it has been a little while for an update, and have gotten alot done. So here are some more pics for you all to enjoy.

    I decided that since I bought an F150 kit for the grill, and it would be too much pain to try and mold around it to make it fit, it would be easier to just cut it off the F150 and put it on the F350. Also took the hood and cut down the F350 to the base of it to graft onto, used thin plastic strips to widen it. Surprisingly the width wasn't that far off from the 1/24 scale, though you would have expected it to be considering the difference in the heights of the cab.
    I am sure this will cause some problems later on when I start putting the engine in place, but I will worry about that when I get there.

    Cab interior with before detail paint, which I decided to just go with the interior door panels that came with the F350, since cutting the F150 cab would just look shoddy. And used the F150 bench seat for the back, since that would be the only way I can get cup holders for the back seat (none in the 1:1)


    Took the dash out of the F150 kit

    Mockup of the cab and bed fenders

    Forgot about the roof ribs, but I figure its nothing that another coat of paint can't handle. Only have 2/6 glued in place, and this pic was just a mockup to see how the spacing should be. Thinned the strips I used as well so they wouldn't stand out too far.

    I do have some other work done, painted the chassis and attached the axles, but I am going to wait for the tires I ordered to get here before I get a good pic of it. Hopefully will also have a clear coat on the truck body by then so I can get more of it together. And I have made one of the 2 oversized clearance lights. Thinking of getting my hands on a resin mold starter kit and give it a try so that I don't have to make a second one, and so that the detail can be matched between them.
  8. Pakmule87 added a post in a topic 1994 Ford F-350 Crewcab   

    Heres an update for how things are coming. Got the other F350 I needed on Thursday and progress on turning it into a crew cab has gone pretty well. Also have started on the bed running boards and floor pan, with just needing to put the finishing touches on them.

    Enjoy the pics since I am sure most anybody who has read the title has been wanting to see the crew cab over most any other part of this project, besides completion.

  9. Pakmule87 added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    1994 Ford F-350 Crewcab
    Hey everyone, had been thinking about this build for a little while, and over the past week have been taking advantage of some extra parts (everything except wheels/drivetrain, and some doubles of a few pieces) to make a copy of my dad's 94 F350 Crewcab.

    So far I haven't been able to get to work on the core of the project of the crew cab nor the converting the 7.5 gas into a 7.3 diesel (really sucks that nobody has made a model truck with one with as popular as the Powerstroke is, or ever made an International 4700 kit) since I don't have the extra cab or drivetrain (still need to get a full kit, hopefully ebay will be nice).

    For anybody who wants to take a look at some of the 1:1 pics you can go over to my other post here http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=53503

    First what I did was get the parts needed to turn the truck from automatic to manual with cutting out a brake pedal and taking one of the steering arms and turning it into a shifter. No pictures, but when I get the floor pan extended (waiting on doing the cab first) I will have a pic to see with everything mocked up.

    Next thing I did was start by making some custom bucket seats out of the 2 bench seats I had, still have to wait on the modeling putty I ordered to get in to finish them.

    Next up is an attempt to copy the custom center console, not the best in the world, but after I rounded the top edges down and took two of the extra track links from my M4 Sherman model kit and turned them into clipboard holders, it looks alot better than when I first put it together (sorry, no comparison photos of work)

    Next tricky bit was the sun/moon visor. There is one that is currently on Ebay, but I knew I would have had to modify it, so figured I would give it a shot to make after seeing that one of the extra hoods I had was just about perfect.

    After some dremel tool and filing to get the back side close to where it needed to be, took some thin pieces off of one of the floor pan tubs for the sides, and lastly some more lucky work with the dremel tool for about 90% correct looking for the 2 grooves near the middle...

    And some more cutting and filing to bring the front just on track. Will layer some putty and sand it down for the extra thickness needed on the front and to keep the side brackets in place for a better fit.

    Not sure what will be next on my list. Most likely trying to make the running boards til the model putty comes in. Other plans that are going to happen other than the obvious, trimming another bench seat down for narrrower headrests and lower center section, roof ribs, 2 custom clearance lights, side marker lights, custom front bumper and scratch built rear bumper, and if I can find somewhere to either get a tool box for the bed or appropriate scale diamond plate sheets to scratch build my own along with some other minor odds and ends, I think this should be a fun time for the rest, especially for my first time making custom parts
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  10. Pakmule87 added a post in a topic MPG estimates vs. reality   

    That is definitely a great one to read.

    But to the main topic, normal is an average not practical, meaning that the EPA estimates are pretty much fine. You get people on both sides of the spectrum that either go too fast or too slow, accelerate aggressively (which is probably the biggest fuel burner/waster out there) and those that take a full minute to get up to 55, and even poor stop sign/red light etiquette. But not only on top of that you get into proper maintenance of the vehicle, tires and pressures, suspension, load, and even the gas of today. Essentially just getting you into 1000 different combination of variables that all end up being unable to account for leaving you with less than what your vehicle is rated for.

    But me personally, I drive a 92 Jeep Cherokee and its rated at 18 highway, and as long as I don't just do a bunch of short 5 mile or less trips (about 20 to nearest city with about 7-8 stops including turning off the vehicle each time I go), I have usually pulled off in the 20-22 mpg range between fill ups which usually are for about 3/4 of a tank.

    In closing though...Let's just agree, stupid people get what they want.
  11. Pakmule87 added a post in a topic Help with F350, planning and plotting   

    Just got a bunch of pictures, though I am sure I can probably manage to take another 20 to be able to give a good set to look at, but I think these should suffice for everybody to see what I get to deal with.









    For anybody who made it this far, thanks for taking a look.
  12. Pakmule87 added a post in a topic Help with F350, planning and plotting   

    Actually had ran across a post where somebody actually went and cut down the f350 cab into a standard cab and sat it side by side to the f150 cab, which I originally had planned to use the f150 cab as the base and then cut from the f350 to make the extended cab, but now I am just planning on taking the grill/headlights and hood to give me the right front end look instead of the original bit, and use 2 f350 cabs for the crew cab so that it matches up correctly to the bed. Though I get to have the fun of extending the chassis slightly to accommodate for the extra length.

    By the way, anybody know of a good set of bucket seats that were used in the Ford Windstar? My dad had modified some from a van he was scrapping (tranny went out and paying more to fix it than what he paid for the van wasn't worth it) since the seats he had in it were falling apart for the cushion (not even original to the truck to start with, since its an Odessa Edition for what that counts).
  13. Pakmule87 added a post in a topic Help with F350, planning and plotting   

    Yeh, so far the f150 and f350 were what I was looking at to use parts for since the front end of the dually body style has the flatter front end and the f150 has just the right setup overall including the headlights. Just won a f350 kit for parts (missing drivetrain and wheels) which gives me a start for having more of a feel for what I can do. I will try to get some pics in the next couple of days if I remember, camera actually happens to be in the truck as well lol.

    But just to say for the heck of it, I spent a bunch of time trying to do as much research as I could. Just a pity nobody ever made an International 4700 model kit (other than the conversion) to give a donor engine.
  14. Pakmule87 added a topic in General   

    Help with F350, planning and plotting
    Hey everybody. I am new to the forums here, and was wondering if anybody could help me for planning for a build I am wanting to try to do. I want to make a model of my dad's work truck, 1994 Ford F-350 Dually Crew Cab.

    Several obstacles that will be in my way are the running boards, aftermarket bumper, sun visor, clearance lights, and mainly the engine.

    The bumper, I figured I would be able to make decently easy since its mostly flat other than where it cuts in for the rear hitch, clearance lights I would have to take a try at making with clay, probably buy the sun visor that is on ebay and modify it. But more trouble on the running boards and the engine.

    Does anybody know of an engine that is similar looking to the Ford 7.3L Turbo Charge/International T444E? And any other suggestions or advice would be very much appreciated, since I am about as inexperienced with this as you could imagine, just got back into building models.

    Thanks in advance!
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