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  1. Top Clean. The color is gorgeous. Paint and foil.👍
  2. Hi! I had '50 F1 Ford technology and '40 Willys cabin. I put them together and got WillFord.
  3. Thanks for all the nice words. The model was nice to do and the tires were all the starting point.
  4. Hi! Here is my version of Mack Superliner, Italeri U.S. power truck.
  5. It's great that others get ready for the 25 Oldsmobile Roadster. Here's my version of the Hillibillies car. The engine is from delahaye. Thanks for watching
  6. Looks good. Workable building kit. I like this.
  7. Thank you all for your comments. This model was a nice build.
  8. "All the rest" folder contains more photos of Terminal Tractor. Maybe it's also a bit of the Big Rig. Link http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/120748-terminal-tractor/
  9. Next step. Frame is painted, cabin and engine cover are ready. Perhaps today, finishing and final images.
  10. The engine and the wheels are painted. Frame is primed and cut to a suitable length. The cabin is under construction.
  11. I do not know is the All The Rest right place for this terminal tractor. The end result should be a low, powerful and built from spare parts. I try to plan everything myself, without reference pictures. The frame is from Italeri trailer. It's upside down. Caterpillar engine is unknown. Axles, wheels and tires are Italeri. Transmission is unfortunately manually.
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