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  1. thanks guys Glad ya liked it !
  2. Another new build this year ! Started with the 64 kit and added 65 body,lowered front added wheels from the 67 chevelle kit from Revell,engine added spark plug wires and aftermarket air cleanner,.Interior painted in a light tan and body paint from MCW that i cannot recall the color lol.
  3. Just finished it!Mobius new gasser kit did it box stock and it was hard I wanted to add aftermarket soooo bad but i got through with it. GREAT KIT!!! kit was weathered wanted to go with ol school dirty look left front fender off for the paint used red oxide primer then black primer and shot MCW blue green and wet sanded and shot dullcoat over it also.added some weather chalk and rusted out the chassis using break dust .Hope ya like!
  4. Just started was little red wagon Now just a little crusier! Paint is Tamyia green grey, used tamyia ly grafite on the bed, wheels from kit but added aluminum outer rim ,lowered front and back.
  5. Wow what a show Didnt have it last year but made up for it this year! also had Model contest with over 100 cars Enjoy. 2022 Piston Power Show album | TomK | Fotki.com, photo and video sharing made easy.
  6. another great show keeps getting bigger every year Enjoy! Detroit DAMM SHOW 2022 album | TomK | Fotki.com, photo and video sharing made easy.
  7. More work on the nova so far everythinf fits great also shot pain on my nova wagon!
  8. WELL GOT KIT!!! Started picking out the wheels and found what i want Using body from gasser and chassis from the 64 here we go!! !
  9. Love show but do ya need 1.1 cars in there?seeing that nnl toledo is gone you guys will take its place you might need more Room for vendors and more room walking space for models also try to bring in aftermarket vendors like Model car world, replica miniatures, MCW paints.
  10. No problems here says he's busy and a bit backed up
  11. Who doesn't love a novel looks great!
  12. Nice very clean build!
  13. Well I just finished her 32 Ford Vicky resin body and interior from Replica & miniatures ,wheels are from 3-D Scale Parts , rear tail lights are also from 3-D Scale Parts ,after market air cleaner cleaner from parts box, pre wired distributor from Morgan Automotive Detail.Front and rear have been lowered paint from Bob's Paint Grey Pearl with some white added to lighten it up a bit.this is my version of a car I saw at GoodGuys show hope ya like!
  14. Hey guys anybody have any info I'm looking for the Pontiac Wheels I think it's 65 3-D printed wheels big and little somebody made Them assume that I don't remember who
  15. Just finished this and has his body
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