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  1. Vote for the winners of our Online Model Car Contest

    Thanks for the feedback. The photos are only 350 x 263 pixels. That would seem to be a low enough resolution. Are you guys looking at the mobile version or on a computer?
  2. Voting is taking place for our first Online Model Car Contest. There is a lot of time involved with making these models and the builders deserve your kudos. Here is a link to the entries page.http://www.tedsmodelingmarketplace.com/model-car-contest-entries/ Voting ends April 30th.
  3. Micr Nitro Wire Wheels

    No, I'm not currently a reseller for Micro Nitro. They can be purchased directly from MicroNitro.net.
  4. Micr Nitro Wire Wheels

    The wire wheels are fantastic looking. You can't get any more realistic than real wire wheels. They require work and it's going to be slow going at first, but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier. They are available in 1/25 and 1/16 scales from Micro Nitro (www.MicroNitro.net) With the help of Bob Spedding's experimentation and expert building technique, I made directions for both scales. The photo above is one of Bob's completed wheels. They're available in a PDF file which I attached here. If you have any questions regarding the instructions, email me at TedsModeling@gmail.com. Jim, at Micro Nitro, has a wheel assembly fixture available which positions the hub and rim for lacing, but the instructions are still necessary to understand the lacing procedure and sequence. Wire Wheel Instructions 1_16 Scale.pdf Wire Wheel Instructions 1_25 Scale.pdf
  5. 57 Chevy TS / Drag week

    Jeff - It all looks so awesome. Those throttle bodies are excellent and you mentioned they were scaled after the real thing - great research work. Is the engine modeled after a specific Sonny's engine? If so, how do you get your measurements from them? Is that very first photo a pic of the valve covers?
  6. Latest Build: Don Garlits' Swamp Rat 13 AA/FD in 1/25th Scale

    Daryl - Great job on this. I'm a real fan of Garlits. I don't see the decals for SR 13 (SAD013) on your Fotki page. I also can't find it in your pricing sheets. Are they still available?
  7. WIP: 1/16 '68 Mustang Pro Mod

    I'd like to know how you pack something like this for travel/shipping. Have any photos of the process you can pass along?
  8. Great start, Chris. I like your attention to detail and your willingness to devote the time to make it right. I also like the scripture of John as your signature.
  9. AMT Willys Gasser Pickup

    Really clean - I like it. The Willys pickup is one of my favorite body styles. The early Anglia is another.
  10. Tyrone - Did you fabricate the floor/wheel tubbs/firewall piece or is that from the kit? Looks like another winner-winner-chicken dinner!
  11. WIP: 1/16 '68 Mustang Pro Mod

    I really appreciate the little details that make it look realistic I keep looking at those welding heat stains on the suspension linkage parts - lovely how they taper/blend to nothing. How did you machine the 'notches' in the ring between the blower pulley and its spacer? Love the Micro Nitro Pro Mag. Did you use an anodized paint on it?
  12. TDR 68' Camaro Pro Mod

    I thought they came out with a new material, but then as you mentioned, it's the same White Strong Flexible material except it's tumbled to make the surface a little smoother.
  13. TDR 68' Camaro Pro Mod

    I'm bumping this thread. Any updates? Is this chassis the newer Strong White & Flexible Plastic which is a white nylon material?
  14. 68 camaro r2b2 chassis

    Henry - did you already cut it, so that you could get inside, or you haven't gotten to that point yet? Where would you make the cut, in order to not lose any strength in the chassis when it goes back together? Nice looking right at the start. Good job.
  15. Tommy Grove funny car

    Nicely done, Charlie! Another one to be proud of. How about a photo of your models as you have this displayed at home? A lineup could look like a crackelfest...