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  1. pearlrivi added a post in a topic Moebius Chrysler 300 Photos   

    Would be interesting to note how many of us picked red,white or black-
    MIne is "almost done"- painted rustoleum painters touch colonial red (bonds to plastic)
    made an error on painting (last photo) a new body was available from Moebius for eight bucks
    (included shipping) be sure & ask for the hood too- asking for a new body gets you the body-
    that's all. (Isn't the hood part of the body?) anyway- my only gripe was that the hood
    was not hinged- just a lift off type.

  2. pearlrivi added a post in a topic Interior Detailing - Flocking How To (dial up warning!!!)   

    Marc- not trying to be a kill joy- but I hope you remembered to flock the tunnel between the rear seats!
  3. pearlrivi added a post in a topic Stripping Testor's One Coat paint   

    I use EZ off- but it just doesn't work well on Lacquer- works on enamel tho-
  4. pearlrivi added a post in a topic Gold 78' trans Am   

    I thought that looked like Inca Gold... nice ! Tired of "blackbirds" - btw, send me a "full" Stella please !
  5. pearlrivi added a post in a topic A new project. JoHan 1966 Plymouth Fury Convertible   

    Just wish there was a "new" or re-issue of this kit. Lucky to find anything on Ebay of those old Jo-han kits. Wonder where the old tooling went too...