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  1. Good job, guys. Here's a couple more. It's a hard hat area (yellow sign) and no one has on a hard hat. Tthe red acetylene cylinders should be chained up.
  2. Gorgeous. Especially like the engine bay.
  3. There are at least 10 safety violations in this dio. Can you find them?
  4. A little cheap 1/35 scale '36 I through together.
  5. Thx, Jim. It's a portable Lincoln welder.
  6. This is a scene from a real occurence. Needed to weld on the basketnball goal, so I climbed up on top of the 31 (31 here) and welded it.
  7. here is my 1-1 '71 Cutlass and the replica I made from the '72. I know the grille is incorrect, but I got as close as I could.
  8. Thanks, Tony. I found the original floor plan in a book about FLW, and used it and the pics. The actual station is 2 bays, but I only had room for one on my board.
  9. very nice, clean build.
  10. Tried to post more pics and just can't get it done. But, here goes again. the Lindholm Station is the only gas station designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It still exists in Cloquet, Minn., and was used as a station until a few years ago. It actually was a rebuild of the existing station. Wright orginally wanted the gas hoses to come down out of the roof, and the cars be filled up "like a calf sucking it's mother" (His words). You will note that the roof is copper. Wright used that extensively. He liked the way it turned green when it oxidizes.
  11. I tried to add more pics, but couldn't do it. For more pics just go to my fb page (Melvin Jones) and check out the pics in the Lindholm Station album. Sorry for the trouble.
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