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  1. I was looking really hard at this kit the other day Gary. I will be following closely!
  2. Thanks! I was asking because in the past I had tried some two tone paint jobs and there was always the definative raise to the second color. I never bothered with "blending" it in, but never thought to ask "how" either!!!
  3. John, Awesome Paint. I have a newbee question...since the paint for the flames is laid down over the pink, it leaves them looking "3-D", or like they are sitting on top of the pink coat. How do you get the edges to lay flat? Thanks in advance.
  4. So...as I said, it has been awhile. in fact, it has been long enough that while spraying the Italian Red on the valve covers, my old air brush line sprung a leak, causing paint to splatter. Looking for the EZ Off now!!! UGH
  5. Those wheels look awesome!!!
  6. Good to hear, and thanks for the encouragement!!!
  7. Thanks Rob. It seems to be a pretty nice kit so far. I have not built an Italian car yet, and I am feeling a little nervous on the detail end, since my buddy is such a fan of those machines. Guess that's what research is for!! I tell you, if there was Internet around during my building hay days...man. Makes me want to go buy all those old kits again and start all over!!!
  8. I spent many hours building model cars in my youth, but after joining the Navy, fell away from the hobby. In the past year I have had little sparks of interest spring up, some of it being inspired by some incredible art work of my friend Darin. His talent is pretty amazing, (this coming from a pretty talented stick figure artist!) but his love for drawing has helped inspire me to go back to what I love...building cars. So it only seemed fitting that my first project getting back into the hobby be dedicated to Darin...a great lover of Ferrari's...soooooo Here is the project. I am expecting this to take a while. 3 daughters and a crazy job...I am sure many can relate. but I have pulled out all the old tools, set up the bench, and started the mock-ups. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CHIME IN, catch me up on the new tricks of the hobby, and point out things like the pointy end of the Ferrari emblem goes down!!!
  9. Bill, I am really blown away at the metal work in this project. You are wonderfully talented. I am anxious to see the final product, but I am really enjoying watching the journey!
  10. John, amazing work. I am anxiously awaiting another update. I appreciate all of the photo's and your willingness to share your tricks-of-the-trade. Keep up the great work. BTW, the engine looks outstanding.
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