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  1. kap64 added a post in a topic California Hauler Retro Rhetoric   

  2. kap64 added a post in a topic TKM again   

    I bought one once and it went into the round file, just chalked it up as a loss. Then a couple of months later, it was like I was haunted by a nightmare, another one showed up in the mail and I didn't order it. This one's up in the attic somewhere.
  3. kap64 added a post in a topic Excavator (resin kit)   

    After a little bit of clicking, I think this is their current site.


    By the way, anyone know why I can't copy and paste into the forums?
  4. kap64 added a post in a topic Great Dane Reefer   

    Very Nice!
  5. kap64 added a post in a topic LoneStar with refrigerant trailer   

    Very nice!
  6. kap64 added a post in a topic what does everyone do for a living?   

    I'm a Production Controller at NAS Oceana.
  7. kap64 added a post in a topic Black Window Trim - Black Chrome Bare Metal Foil?   

    I use regular bare metal foil and spray it the colors I need. The yellow stripes on this car are made from chrome foil airbrushed with Testors yellow.

  8. kap64 added a post in a topic Green Lonestar   

    Very nice!
  9. kap64 added a post in a topic Sukhoi T-4 Sotka   

    Here ya go if you want one.




    I have several amodel kits in my stash, but not this one.
  10. kap64 added a post in a topic Michaels 50% Coupon Or so I thought   

    Depends on the store. Mine won't do it, I tried to use the coupon off of the full price and they said no. Seem like everything I wanted was "on sale" even if it wasn't marked.
  11. kap64 added a post in a topic --> NEW Police Car Kits ... your thoughts   

    There was also a resin conversion set for Revell's 94-96 Impala SS to a Caprice cop car. I doubt if that place is still in business though. It came with a trunk lid, grill, hood ornament, and hub caps.
  12. kap64 added a post in a topic need Tip's on transporting model's to show's   

    I don't transport any of mine in cases, but for the ones not in cases, I use an appropriate size box and put a couple of layers of cotton t-shirts on the bottom and around the sides. It supports the model without breaking the wheels off, they won't move or tip over in a panick stop, and the shirts won't scratch the paint. I don't let the shirts touch fragile parts like mirrors or mud flaps on big rigs.
  13. kap64 added a post in a topic Whats the best masking tape?   

    I use 3M blue vinyl tape from auto paint supply stores.
  14. kap64 added a post in a topic 53 Ford Dump Truck   

    Very nice!