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  1. Yes much later..those troops and their leaders try to killer the zombies with nuclear bombs.thus the cities are destroy! all thats left are flatlands and farmlands...thats where you start to find older cars/trucks and tools to build these vehicles!As we all know farmers also have gift of building anything
  2. i used older cars/trucks cause the are made of metal,that way you can weld on them.plus you have the room for motors and stuff.....plus they are so cool looking
  3. lol it was a crazy idea i got hope it didn't shock ya too much..hahaha
  4. ya i hear you! lol i just sat there n hold it untill it dries,lol
  5. Thanks elliott! can't wait to see what you got going on bro!
  6. took two tries ,but got the front zommie killer bumper build
  7. building a front tube bumper for johnny blaze today. its gonna be kinda beat up a litte bit,due to hitting everything in the way,lol..pics later on today.if time permits might start on the back bumper
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