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  1. Mate, that is absolutely gorgeous!! the colour, the stance, the whole package!!
  2. Man that looks mean in black! Awesome!
  3. Awesome! The engine alone is a work of art!
  4. DDC

    Tamiya Porsche 959

    Thanks mate! The awful pictures don't show it, the the orange is AWFUL at covering. I started with a white basecoat, and even after using the entite jar, there are STILL spots that arent as solid as id like. Id recommend buying 2 jars, just in case ;-) Denzil
  5. Howdy all, There seems to have been a few of these built lately. Good to see, they're a pretty machine :-D Here's my take on it. Built OOB, an ENTIRE jar of Testors 'Turn Signal amber' was airbrushed on, followed by PLENTY of clear. Excuse the rubbish photos, the pics were taken on my old camera. One of these days, ill invest in a roll of blue cardboard... Cheers, Denzil
  6. G'day all. This is Revell's kit, fairly stock, just lowered. Paint is Tamiya Rattlecan Racing Blue. My first attempt at pinstriping the interior. Turned out ok, I think! Cheers for looking. Denzil
  7. Howdy Gordon, good to see another Aussie here, our number are growing :-D Denzil
  8. Great laugh, this thread. Cheers all :-D Howdy Nick! Don't stress man, some of us are just here for the models ;-) Denzil
  9. DDC

    1970 ½ Camaro

    Beautiful build! It looks real:-D Denzil
  10. That is gorgeous! Great work!!! Denzil
  11. As said above, I think there are 2 completely different mindsets when building. Contest builds and fun builds. For many years, I was stuck in the contest build mindset. Everything I did 'had' to be full of every bit of detail I could fit, I 'couldn't' start on a model until I had all the right references at my disposal. I found the novelty wore off pretty quickly. With the fun build mindset, I actually finish things. I'm not afraid to experiment with different techniques (because if it doesn't work perfectly, who cares!), and subsequently my models look better for it. Its a hobby. It's
  12. Great work mate, that's awesome !
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