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  1. hey doc iam in, iam entering the 1950 chevy texaco truck iam building. i just uploaded my video about it on youtube. my channel is modelbuilder22 if you wana keep with the build. the only thing that gets painted is the tire fenders is that ok or not? if not i can just leave the fenders alone. I'd figured since the texaco truck is white it would be perfect for this. btw this is my first community build. if you wana watch the video wait till later today as for some reason it takes a while to upload to youtube on my phone. i all ready have one video up on the channel about the truck. Thanks doc for all your tips on model building
  2. ill have to remember that incase i ever get another kit without windows.
  3. these pictures are blury but its the best i can do engine view with the hood poped up back view I really enjoyed this build, it was fun and relaxing, plus i can say i built a complete model now and that i have the model fever. i am going to the texaco truck for my next build. *** note to self do an mock up before gluing anything.
  4. the crovette is done and my step dad was happy with it. i enjoyed this build and i got the plastic bug while building it because it was fun and relaxing. it was my first complete build and i got a big ol glue spot on the side of the body. ( mirror fell off ). it also gave me some fitting issues, guess i should did a mock up. i will do one for my second build. Back view of the windows and interior for some reasom this kit didnt come with side windows werid huh! engine view and the hood poped up another side view. i will upload a video of the car in a little bit to youtube. thanks guys for commenting on the build. looking foward to my second complete build which will be the texaco truck kit.
  5. the eight ball ones. need to get back to building i havent build in over an week. had some fitting issues.
  6. this has been a fun build minus some fitting issues i have had. the chassis will be done today and interior started. this is the farthest i have completed any model build so far. but the others are in the box so all i have to do is get them out. it would probley already been done if i dont spend so much time on here to much eye candy for me not to look at. and with a couple car shows coming will be even more ideas and eye candy.
  7. i see the 49 merc on a lot of the top ten list. i am going to have to get me that kit. as my first complete model build is coming to an end. i need another kit to build
  8. well i been taking my time on this one, i want my first complete model to look good. here is the engine and chassis. here is full view of the chassis I still have the interior left to do, which i will start on today. and have to paint the body is all i have left to do on this and it will be done i should be done with it sometime this week. i really have enjoyed this build so far it has only gave me a few problems where parts would not fit together. more pics to come
  9. i havent had enough builds yet to have a top 10 list but the two i wanna do is the 49 merc and wyllis street rod is high up on the model kits to get list.
  10. got the engine almost done painted and assembled, now i can move on. i hate painting small parts. shoulda used my air brush. i will post a pic of the engine when it is done which should be tomorrow. i hoping to have most of the build done by saturday.
  11. Got some of the engine painted. I am painting the engine a dark blue color. hoping to get most of the engine painted tonight and assembled tomorrow. will post pics later. iam off this week, so i can get a lot done.
  12. car shows,tv shows,web,fourms, you tube i work 10 hour shifts so that gives me a lot of time to think about what i wana do. by the time pay day comes i usually spend about 1/4 of my pay check on the hobby. its addicting, then when i need a break from it i take it so i wont get burned out. this usually happens after i am done with a build, so i can do some research on my next project.
  13. your like me ( Having a short attention span ). I am stickin with the corvette though. iam gona use your tips to make a shifter for it.
  14. Back view of the corvette primed in gray side view Front view ( still got to sand a few spots down to get it smooth ) Iam off work this week, so i should get a lot done. started painting the engine last night. Today i am going to finsh painting the engine and then start on the chassis. Iam gona attempt to use my air brush on this one ( first time using one ). Iam pretty happy with the primer on how it turned out, now if the paint will turn out like the primer. This is only like my 4th model build. the other 3 i didnt finish but i plan on finishing this one. Its special because of my step dads birthday and he got put in the hosptil yesturday and his birthday is today. so i have to finish this one, just taking my time on it.
  15. i need lights bad, i am gona have to do some shopping since i am getting all this over time. 52 hours this week and who knows what next week.
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