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  1. I for 1 am very VERY glad Davin you overlooked some of the stuff I jus read, jus brought some of us down that r really enjoyin YOUR build!! Keep up the exellent work u r doin my friend n I will keep enjoyin!
  2. Shuch iz life, good luk. dang spell check ain't workin agin, hehe.
  3. Cars, trucks n after joinin this site expandin my horizin!! Jus lovin it n yourself George?
  4. JUS spent 2hrs watchin videos n thought tow TRUCKS where cool BUT tow trains sumtin else!!!
  5. SAD to far gone 4 restaration, I GIVE video two thumbs up, n WILL watch it again! NICE friend. Need to know how U made video, hehe.
  6. Thank you my friend, I will do that. sad to hear that a company that produces quality would go out O buisness. :-(
  7. said all to well friends! this site has vastly improved my projects n the shared tips/suggestions are jus awsum!!
  8. With ALL the NEET stuf gion on in thisite what does one do!?!? my modelin hobby has jus gone hog wild sinse I found U people, thanks 4 bein my friends. :-)
  9. What the heck U doin/is it? looks like it might work doe, hehe.
  10. Sum O da best stangs I KNOW I've ever seen, B*#$&%N!! I LOVE IT! Pure insparation
  11. Try the rubber o-ring thing I suggest, nuttin mo realistic in my world. I've used it 4 the cab on my 53 4x4 4door rollback. MAN it works. soon as I get my poop in a groop, wit pics, I'll getem posted.
  12. JUST AWSUM is all I can say! get useto awsum, don't know wat else to say.
  13. This is the most BESTIS model building SITE i've ever experianced! ALL you people r AWSUM, thanks 4 bein MY friends!!
  14. I LOVE IT!!! these r sum awsum builds people!!! WOW
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