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  1. Lawfish added a post in a topic My first car diorama - hippie bus   

    Wow! What a treat to get positive feedback from the one and only Chuck Doan. I was enthralled with your work featured in Dr. Cranky's book. It was a real inspiration for completing my bus dio. Thanks.
  2. Lawfish added a post in a topic flammed 49 merc   

    Unbelievable detail. Interior and engine detailing are superb. Just when I was feeling good about my ability to detail an engine....
  3. Lawfish added a post in a topic 12th scale old barn garage   

    Sweet! That's very nice work. You are quite a scratch-builder.
  4. Lawfish added a post in a topic My first car diorama - hippie bus   


    I posted a link to my facebook page in the initial post. Follow that link and you can see the full build, including the doors (which look horrible closed) and the back side of the van. There are also pics of the interior with a mysterious bag of green stuff on the front seat.
  5. Lawfish added a post in a topic My first car diorama - hippie bus   

    Thanks for all the comments, guys. Dr. Cranky, I was especially waiting for your input since you are a fellow Transylvanian. My macro photos were taken using the recommendations in your book, which I thoroughly enjoyed. From taking lots of bad photos of my models just sitting on the workbench and using flash and all, I've figured out that how you photograph can either make a so-so model look great or make an outstanding model look bad.
  6. Lawfish added a topic in Dioramas   

    My first car diorama - hippie bus
    I have built a military diorama and many car and plane models. This is my first serious attempt at an automotive diorama. I have a series of photos on the build in my facebook picture albums. I'll try to link that in here.

    I have added two more photos (apparently I'm at my limit, even though there are only 3 photos). I'm new here, so not sure where I messed up. Every time I tried to load the picture before, it charged me for 1.7 MB of data, even though I never uploaded the photo.

    Much to learn, obviously.

    I have a 25 picture history on my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1253507702445&id=1372131969#!/profile.php?id=1372131969&sk=photos It also has albums of some of my other builds (military, car, dollhouse and tallship).


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