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  1. Just working on this combo. This is the painted roof rack And the test fit to my latest project, the legs on the rack are quite pliable so it sits nicely onto the rain guttering each side of the roof.
  2. I painted the 3D roof rack.. and test fitted to my latest project, the legs are quite pliable so fit the roof gutters well..
  3. It's a soon to be new re-release. I'll get back to you when it lands.
  4. Two sports cars outside our local Subway, The latest top of the range Aston Martin Vanquish and one of these.. The new brand (well changed from Renault) Alpine. Both cars parked side by side and both drivers and passengers with a Subway meal. OK but the only places open at the time! Yes Covid-19 lockdown and the Fish and Chip Shop closed next door as it was a Sunday!
  5. One of many new kits from Airfix, mostly based on longstanding ones..
  6. This I bought through Shapeways, produced by Kingtoys. This is my first, and hopefully not my last attempt at painting a one piece 3D model in 1/24. Do the same as any kit, wash first in hot soapy water and air dry. As these are reasonably soft plastic, acrylic paints are needed. A good undercoat/basecoat. I painted mine with a brush, firstly with a bright yellow gloss, but it dried so quickly it looked rough. The engine/gearbox, seat handlebar grips and tyres are matt black and the rest of the body gloss black. I put Molotow chrome on the exhaust and wheels and as an undercoat for the rear shock and brake light in clear red acrylic. I have two more projects from Shapeways also in 1/24, a tuned VW aircooled engine and a VW Van/Bus/Camper roofrack.
  7. Thanks guys, this is my previous Beach version..
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