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  1. Superb! Coming from a rally marshall in the day when they flew past, 'growling' on the stages!
  2. Superb! Our family have had five Beetles and you've done this proud!
  3. My paint booth now on Fotki, not blurred out by PB!
  4. I glue the wheels in place but on those kits with workable steering leave that to work.
  5. Being in the UK, about 100% of those cleaners mentioned aren't available. I use brake fluid to get paint off and oven cleaner to get chrome off.
  6. Not a glue bomb as such. I bought an already started from ebay and it was a Subaru Impreza WRX . The original owner had hand painted all of the under chassis parts, without leaving any bare plastic to stick it all together. So most of the drive shafts (4) and wheel backs/mounting pins were broken as was the suspension. So I shaved. scraped, filed the paint off the mounting points, remade the drive shafts and steering and cobbled it together. I'm glad that as it is a rally car and has 'bash plates' attached to the chassis so none of the working parts are damaged whilst driven on rough gravel roads, the plates being supplied in the model help holding everything together. It sits square on all four wheels which is amazing. I'm just glad that nothing else was touched, so I'm now painting/ decalling all of the interior as I go along. I thought that instructions told us not to cover any mounting points ans scrape off 'chrome' where connections are to be made with other parts. Perhaps the 'new' builders should read these instructions carefully before putting themselves off modelling because nothing sticks together!
  7. Another one of these at less than 1/2 price due to it being already started.... I Love the front auxiliary lamps, for night stages!
  8. PatW


    Superb finish, well done. I see these on a regular basis on TV here in the UK during the season.
  9. Good looking kit and very good looking subject. As a race/airfield marshal at the Silverstone Circuit here in the UK (about 5 miles away!) we saw these as soon as they were announced. We ran most European and World championship races here for sports cars in that era. And yes whoever had ordered one seemed to have their own slant on various design 'issues' as there were both 'factory' and 'private' teams attempting to beat each other! As seen bodyshapes, side skirts and rear wing locations and a whole host of other idaes were used on a regular basis to get the maximum potential from each car. Superb to see racing, then and now as some are returning for classic races, sound and flames on overrun were spectacular to see and hear! I'd like to build one but as a retiree, the costs of most new kits are out of reach now.
  10. Well done Bob! Happy New Year and more building!
  11. Well done! Burnsy was a near local too. Saw him at Silverstone many times on his big road bike with his then girlfriend/fiance!
  12. Superb! We have the Subaru works nearby (Prodrive) so saw a few of various versions of the rally car being road tested prior to delivery.
  13. What a fantastic idea, a French version of the American Teardrop Trailer/Caravan! Superb!
  14. PatW

    Lightning McQueen

    Well done Tony, yes I polished my bodyshell when building mine, good idea!
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