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  1. A kit.. That might turn into a race truck/pickup. And.. Decals for a NuNu 911 And a Subaru Impreza..
  2. I have yet another Tamiya Subaru WRX kit, bought as already started, the blue body in grey undercoat, so I've built so many blue ones, I gave it a wash and another grey undercoat and three coats of gloss white! The new decals landed today, they are for a 1999 Scooby and mine is a 2005! So a slight adjustment to the decals, but most of them are on..
  3. Ah The Alfa of Bruno! Superb build! As a trackside/spectator and airfield marshall at the Silverstone Race Circuit just 5 miles I remember both the car and driver in the day!Superb racing in those days!
  4. Thanks Jeremy. Well it was just out of the blue, some masking tape and two spray cans. Two other cars I've tried the same idea, but just using black and grey, the black being decal, Just the bonnet/hood on this one..
  5. Cheers guys, It's amazing what you can do with some paint and masking tape!
  6. Update,24.05.23, Nearly done, a few decals to add and an aerial, oh and look in spares for a w'screen wiper. Awfull kit, lots of flash and bad fitting parts, the two piece tyres were the worst, I couldn't find anything to stick them together, but when I did as soon as I tried to fit the on the wheels they split in half, horrible!
  7. Yes Carl thanks.
  8. Yes Doug1061, the chain saw would give certain people a shock. Here in the UK we have two types of gangs out at night. Gang one are going out at night with what we call slab cutters, electric circular discs to cut off Catalytic Converters from exhaust systems on petrol cars/vans for their metal content. Gang two are carrying sharp hand cutting tools like tree branch loppers to cut off electric car charger cables as they re-charge their vehicles over night outside their houses, again for the metal content. They normally steal a Rang Rover or similar that carry a gang of four hooded personnel!
  9. Hi Michelle, I'm now using both the characters from the kit, sorry.
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