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  1. PatW added a post in a topic Alfa Romeo 155 V6 DTM   

    Yes I also bought this when it was first out. Still got it and the Mercedes DTM.
    Yours is superb Wesley, well done!
  2. PatW added a post in a topic Aoshima Subaru Wagon   

    Just my ideal build, no paint, easy build, basic painted interior. Superb!
  3. PatW added a topic in NASCAR   

    Nascar trucks/pickups
    Are there any on this thread? I got to the third page but couldn't find any. 
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  4. PatW added a post in a topic When Nascar Roamed France?   

    WOW! Great film! I've been there a few times but not seen these.
  5. PatW added a post in a topic It has arrived   

    Do what I do, If you have a printer. Put the decals in the printer, put a decal sheet in the tray and print new ones straight on. Read the instructions that come with the decal paper.
    After printing, spray the decal sheet with one coat of gloss clear, wait 1/2 an hour to dry (test by touching around the edge of the sheet) and spray on a second coat and wait to dry.
    Next day you can use the decals but remember you have to cut close to them as the decals are not seperated like the kit sheets.
    I've done this many times with decals in old kits just as a safety measure. 
  6. PatW added a post in a topic Special Hobby Polikarpov i-16 1/32.   

    Thanks Jim B!
  7. PatW added a post in a topic Special Hobby Polikarpov i-16 1/32.   

    Thanks Tim. Interesting to note, I looked on Google for worn look inspiration and found a YouTube of 6 (I think) of these flying in an airshow in New Zealand a few years ago!
    Very impressive!
  8. PatW added a topic in All the Rest   

    Special Hobby Polikarpov i-16 1/32.
    A big kit with loads of resin and PE parts. All parts fit well, no flash on the sprues. I chose the weatherbeaten, well worn look. I don't know why as my experience in this is very limited and looking at YouTube tutorials, my products are limited to spray and hand paints, and no powders etc.

    I changed the exhausts to alloy tube and added a clear blue to show the heat.

    If I choose to use the same look again I shall lay up fewer paint coats to rub through and also add a silver coat ontop of the grey undercoat for better reality when rubbing through the top coat.
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  9. PatW added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I won auctions on these over the weekend on ebay here in the UK..............

    I'm very pleased to get this Tiger Shark as these kits are rare here.

    I'm also pleased to have found a new interior for my Pocher Mercedes cabrio that my wife bought me in 1988. I built all of the chassis, engine/gearbox and running gear but never got round to doing what seemed a very daunting upholstery. But I've also got to sort the tyres out. Standing in the box all this time the tyres have gone flat so I've got add foam to the inside of the tyres and fit them back on the wheels!

    Oh and whilst away at the coast last week .went into a real hobby shop and bought this............

  10. PatW added a post in a topic Dome Zero   

    Thank you guys.
  11. PatW added a post in a topic Dome Zero   

    Thanks guys, and for the extra info!
  12. PatW added a topic in Under Glass   

    Dome Zero
    This is a motorised car kit, so there is no interior to speak of, but Aoshima could have made it an interesting kit with chassis, interior,and powertrain.
    I have built it box stock and for an old kit the decals are superb, so is the steering.

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  13. PatW added a post in a topic Myers Manx Dragster   

    Well Mike you've finished it at last, it looks great, well done!
  14. PatW added a post in a topic '62 Chevy Bel Air Super Stock   

    Thanks Josue.
  15. PatW added a post in a topic Psychedelic Surf Buggy   

    Thanks Doug, yes looking at the box art you get an idea just how wide & high the front wheels are and I'm not keen on woodpanelling, perhaps because I can't paint it very realistically!