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  1. Oh look a real one! We've not seen this photo in the UK before either. Thanks guys, super little kit in near !/24 scale. Yes it needs an air filter to play in the dirt, but we don't see many V8 kits here in the UK the parts for them are rare. I really wanted to change to a Carb and low filter and modify the bonnet (hood) so it was flat and covered the engine completely.
  2. PatW

    MPC 1940 Ford

    Thanks Doyle, yes they are just as good looking as any other kits.
  3. PatW

    MPC 1940 Ford

    Yes another snap-kit, I only painted the interior and the running boards as both were too shiny. Some of the old decals tried to fall to bits, but I saved most of them!
  4. Just an update, Last to do tomorrow will be the front and rear bumpers, the aerial and the Fire Department stickers. 27.11.22 Finished!
  5. Started this today, another Snap-Kit, since finishing the Airfix Quicksand Jeep. Only interior paint on this one, keeping the Red body just polished.
  6. Yes it's a Snap-Kit build up, and finding a few old acrylic matte colour bottles, I used a brush! I also used a Molotow chrome pen and clear red and orange.
  7. I recently bought the Airfix Jeep Quicksand Quickbuild. Although a 'Snap-Kit' that goes together very easily, It's just gloss back with red interior parts, I found a few old acrylic paint bottles so painted it as such.. I hope to finish it tomorrow.
  8. Great looking Opel Manta, I remember those on the rally stages!
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