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  1. I've just caught up Bob, this is something I've never seen before and you've made a great build of it! Well done Bob.
  2. I've built various things over the years, only 60 of them! But having only one local (20+ miles away) model club and finding out beforehand that over 95% of the members only build military vehicles or military planes and showed no interest at all in my car builds, put me off as they weren't interested in my builds or skills. So no heading towards and killing machines either in tanks or planes thanks.
  3. Very good, great imagination. I've recently finished that kit as the box top represents, but this is something else, well done!
  4. Superb and well nothing more to say! Your scratchbuilding is totally beyond me!
  5. It doesn't give any hint of what scale it might be so I put it up against a 1/24 th scale Tamiya Toyota Supra and the wheelbase is the same, but of course the Jag is taller.
  6. Yes Steve it definitely does what it says on the box!
  7. These cars are the all-electric saloons/SUV's that back up the Formula E Championship. Bought on ebay UK, delivered this morning, built, stickered, tyre decaled and photographed... Oh I painted the clear rear lights red!
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