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  1. PatW added a post in a topic Backstreet Garage.   

    Thanks landmark. 
  2. PatW added a post in a topic moonshine diorama   

    Funny, that still looks familiar! As a newbie to making dioramas, that looks great.
  3. PatW added a post in a topic Backstreet Garage.   

    Well thanks you guys, a pretty prompt reply to my latest efforts, thanks.
  4. PatW added a post in a topic Backstreet Garage.   

    Cheers guys! That was quick!
  5. PatW added a post in a topic Backstreet Garage.   

  6. PatW added a topic in Dioramas   

    Backstreet Garage.
    I'm a newbie at diorama's so bear with me if it's not up to a terrific standard seen on some threads on this site.
    This a two piece resin casting made by Scale Production in Germany of a 'Backstreet Garge, possibly in France, Belgium, Holland or Germany. They also have other dio's plus a miriad of resin parts and accessories.
    I have painted and rubbed back different ares of the casting, adding a tiled ground area, window, shutters,moss and sand to complete the scene. I have also added a shop truck although it is American! 

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  7. PatW added a post in a topic What's happened to Simil r?   

    This is one I bought last year. Then added Ken Block Mexico Rally 2010 decals by Colorado.

    Superb kits, every detail, on par or better than Tamiya, this kit was around £35.
    Plus two other superb kits they made.

  8. PatW added a post in a topic Lancia Stratos Stradale- mean and green!   

    Yes Jay, they are beautiful. We have a 1:1 kit car manufacturer here in the UK , Hawk who are and have been turning out replicas for some years. Some self builders have even put Ferrari engines in them! 
  9. PatW added a post in a topic Tamiya/Ebbro Citroen 2CV Fourgonnette   

    Thanks Stephen.
  10. PatW added a post in a topic Toronto, Ontario, Canada   

    I looked on your fotki pages and I see BARC comes up! It reminds me of when I started Race Marshalling at Silverstone in the UK in the mid '70's with the British Motor Racing Marshalls Club!
    Most of your pictures are just what we had to train for, although I did my first work on spectator and paddock marshalling for 2 years or so every weekend from March to October!
    The rest of my 27 years was spent on Airfield marshalling on small fixed wing, Cessna's and the like for 10 years and then we changed to helicopters as most of the hospitality and race personnel were coming into the larger airports and flying to us by 'copter. We had two unofficial World records for the most movements (landings and take-offs) in one day,  
    We still had the odd race meetings (mainly classic car meetings) with small fixed wing aircraft ( first and second world war planes as well) and hot-air balloons.
    Also our eldest son lived in Winnipeg for a time and would meet up with us in Toronto now and again. He now lives between Edmonton and Calgary running his haulage company, travelling from Vancouver to New Mexico and most everywhere else throughout Canada and the USA.  
  11. PatW added a post in a topic Brian James Trailer   

    Yes they are UK based about 7-8 miles from here! Very busy building all kinds of trailers of very high quality!
  12. PatW added a post in a topic Belkits Opel Manta 400 GR.B   

    Yes! Another rally car I saw very often as a rally marshall in the day.
  13. PatW added a post in a topic Rocket Bunny Scion FR-S with engine swap   

    Very nice, like the colour!
  14. PatW added a post in a topic Revell Beetle   

    Nice.................very nice!
  15. PatW added a post in a topic Subaru BRZ - Rocket Bunny   

    Well done it looks great. I made the Toyota 86 version about 12 months ago, nice kit.