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  1. PatW added a post in a topic RIP Justin Wilson   

    Yes we were in Vegas the week before the IndyCar race when Dan crashed. We were (my two boys at the time, 30 years ago) big into BMX, friends of ours lived in a village about 20 miles away. Dan grew up next door to them!
    He used to race and do show races and tutoring to kids at our local kart track, Daytona Raceway.
  2. PatW added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I received this today from Omnimodels.........

  3. PatW added a post in a topic RIP Justin Wilson   

    I worked on Air Traffic at the Silverstone ciruit and met Justin a number of times when he came in, in the lower formula's and then in F1 with the Jaguar F1 team (previously Stewart F1).
    A very nice and decent young man. One of the first tributes on TV here in the UK today, was from his sister, the widow of Dan Wheldon!
    RIP Justin and condolences to his wife and two daughters and the rest of his family.
  4. PatW added a post in a topic Delahaye 135, Heller, 1/24   

    I'll keep an eye out too, in the Airfix mag. Super build Matt well done!
  5. PatW added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Further to purchasing these transkits, I've won two '69 Mustang kits from ebay USA.............

    The C1 bodykiy is for the Revell version.
  6. PatW added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    The number plate (53) might be a hint on it's manufacture.
  7. PatW added a post in a topic Revell Jaguar XK120- The Gentleman's Racer!   

    Well this is a very good looking classic XK120, you've done a superb job, well done! 
    Although I live just 5 miles from Silverstone it's expensive (being a retiree) to get into the really big annual classic racing weekend, so I watch it on the TV.
    There were quite a few of these flying round and looking superb in various racing colours, mainly British Racing Green.
  8. PatW added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Yes Shay, unfortunately the now the late Tom Walkinshaw. He later to the above date became a major shareholder in the Holden plant in Australia and continued to support the works Holden V8 Supercar team. His TWR operation in the UK went bang and he moved to OZ. One of his son's now runs the race team in OZ. 
  9. PatW added a post in a topic 3D printing quality   

    I'm looking at having a go at this as prices for the 3D Printers are falling quite well here in the UK.
    I'd like to print car bodies and spares like racing seats, surfboards, beetle engines in either 1/24 or 1/25 scale. can you tell me if that is possible please?
    I've cast the seats, and surfboards before in plaster to hope to go up a rung to resin but I have to mix such a volume to get the mix right that it's proving expensive.
  10. PatW added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I've already built one of these when they were first launched some years ago, there are a few bits missing so I can source those from my 'bits' or scratchbuild them.............

    Here I am with my camera, taking time off from my race marshall duties at the launch of this car on the 22nd March 1994...
    The first estate car to be used in the British Touring Car Championship!

  11. PatW added a post in a topic 1/24... 2015 Donny Schatz Bad Boy Buggies Sprint car   

    Wow, we don't see these race here in the UK , but looks amazing, really aggresive and colourful! Well done.
  12. PatW added a post in a topic Tamiya Subaru Impreza WRC 2002 - Dio   

    WOW, I've seen so many of these on the stages but your dio is something else! As Bernard asks how did you do that? 
  13. PatW added a post in a topic Revell AG VW Golf Gti Mk1   

    Super build Gary, very realistic and yes you only needed a drivers side mirror in those days! Whereas nowadays you need them all over to watch out for other drivers!
  14. PatW added a post in a topic '67 Triumph TR4A 8/24/15 New Mockup !!   

    Big job on there! Bravery is one great thing about us modellers! I've got the Airfix 1/32nd lit of the TR4 and it's terrible quality. The every part of the four part bodyshell is different, I've tried to put just that part of the build together, nothing fits, it's not square, the sides are different heights and lengths, so many things wrong.
    BUT you are  perservering at least and making a good job of it! 
  15. PatW added a post in a topic Super Seven   

    Super job Paul well done!
    Mine came in green plastic so I painted it bright red.
    I have another on the shelf so seeing yours prompts me to build that, but not stock!