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  1. WE have 'New' Mustangs here in the UK with filled in grilles with the Mustang logo in the middle, yes they are electric!
  2. Ours here in the UK is £8 per gallon. Diesel that is.
  3. On returning from a holiday in the Algarve in Portugal, it was Father's Day. My youngest son had bought me this.. We only see a few of these in the UK both on the road and track. As I have a few VW van/camper van kits on the shelf, I bought this for inspiration for a sometime next build..
  4. Superb collection. I was a race marshall in the day of the original BMW M3, so these being the latest in the range of road racers are very interesting. Very impressive work, well done.
  5. Cheers Justin. Great Photo's!
  6. Thanks Tom. Fantastic pictures!
  7. Well NOBLING, I thought I seen in my minds eye somewhere!
  8. Superb colour, and how sleek it looks, well done!
  9. Super cool! I've tried to decide how to lift a 911 for some time and you've gone and done it. Some years ago my son took his Beetle to be refurbed on the body/chassis side and there were these and various other 911's and 356's in the same workshops!
  10. Thanks you both Tom & David. Well what I need to do (I now it's a pun) is think outside the box with custom/fantasy/unusual kits and subjects!
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