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  1. Yes it's a nice kit, just a short rollcage, two seats on offer. Not super detailed interior. You have to shave off the lip around the wheel arches to fit the wide ones, steering works although in a tight area. It also has the 'back to front' tyre decals that I don't like.
  2. Not my best, but problems with paint/decals and small parts. Hopefully my painting hobby will take over soon.
  3. A bit more done, decals now on, the TMSCR on the drivers(other) side fell apart so part of the 'R' is missing. Test fit with body on, still little bits of paint to do, glass etc.
  4. Very lucky on your find! We don't have anything like this in the UK, most of it's rare and when you do find something it's super overpriced!
  5. A Hasegawa Toyota 1600 GT. A bit more paint to do and clean up the edges.
  6. It's annoying though that in one Vauxhall advert, it pointed out that it had a new Wi-Fi gizmo so that you can receive phone messages or send them anywhere you might be at any time. Now if that isn't irresponsible what is? And a self driving car isn't stupid well! On the news last year two guys in the states testing a Tesler were killed, setting the drive system to robot or whatever they got into the back seat to see if the car could self drive itself. Everything went great until it came to a sharp turn in a wooded area, the car didn't slow down, left the the road into trees and burst into flames. One of the 'passengers' left the back seat and went through the windsreen due to the force of the impact and was hilled instantly, the other rear 'passenger' could get out and burnt to death. I was going to say 'remind me not to get a Tesler' but I can't afford one anyway. '
  7. Very little. As we don't have any LHS type shops here much anymore in the UK, if you want to buy a paint spray can for example they cost around £5.95 - £6.25 the shipping cost is about the same! So as a pensioner I can't afford that so I'm looking at chucking it in or building what models I have left without any painting. Talking about painting it's something I enjoyed very much as a youngest, one of the subjects I 'majored in' at school. I've bought some kit, brushes/paper/watercolour pack etc so will start that up soon. I may just get a market stall and sell off what models I have left! Drastic after 60+ years of kit making but prices to buy paint are too high.
  8. I think I'm done now with model building after 60+ years. The main reason is that as we have very few LHS type shops here in the UK that a spray can is around £6 and the postage/shipping is a few pence cheaper and as a pensioner I can't afford that. Oh I've just had a thought! I can build the models I have left in bare plastic and no paint at all, now that's an idea! I've bought some watercolours in trays/brushes/acrylics/paper and a canvas pad so will start painting soon and see if I'm any good. I did it before, some years ago, but it's so much cheaper! UPDATE, 08.01.22- two new watercolour packs with brushes are on their way so I should be producing paintings soon!
  9. Wowee! What a car to build in kit form, I can't wait to see this being built!
  10. Well that is so different! Just the sort of thing I would do! Very well done!
  11. If it's their Slough address it's about 40 miles south of us.
  12. Yesterday driving past our local BP station and shop a 1950's Buick, low, a lot of chrome, a rusty looking roof and a low rumble! Very, very rare here in the UK!
  13. Our government here in the UK are about to completely ban mobile phones in all vehicles, because so many people have been badly injured or killed by drivers using them and causing accidents. What they should have in vehicles are the electronics to stop all phone use once the ignition is switched on. We see so many near misses by ignorant drivers each day. We have a first school not far from us, and so many parents are seen either when they have the children in the car or after they have dropped them off not only reading they're phones or texting as they drive away from the school each day. We are looking at placing camera's to stop speeding and photograph each car to catch them and hopefully cancel their driving licences.
  14. They have only got up to no.210 here in the UK, Just checked their site.
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