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  1. Brilliant finish, and real cracker, well done!
  2. Well Claude having travelled to both Manitoba and more recently to Alberta to see our eldest son and his wife, knowing how the weather can be, I would choose the lid! Driving in winter where you are would be a bit chilly without the 'Lid'!
  3. WOWEE! It looks crazee Claude even with the lid on!
  4. Superb Jim! Real ratty! Plus the super roofrack!
  5. Coming together nicely!
  6. Yes it was thanks Jacob. Nice weather, nice food, nice Italians, superb setting for both the wedding and the reception. So there were three Wickham couples there, myself and my wife of 51 years, our eldest son and his wife who flew in from Canada, and the new couple, our youngest son Matthew and his new wife!
  7. Cheers all. Haven't been here for a week or so, went to Sorrento in Italy for our youngest son's wedding last Wednesday!
  8. PatW

    Revell 60's Beetle.

    Thanks guys. In the hamper? Well I think it would be sandwiches, salad, roast chicken legs and a cola of some sort, Pepsi or Coke or even my childhood favourite , a real British fizzy drink Dandelion and Burdock, and Ice Cream in the round tub!
  9. I used to buy a few bits from Andy, when he had a website, I think I bought an Escort Mk1 with the bubble arches from him (see below) . But I don't know how to contact him now. It's good to see an anglebox again! A friend has just sold a rally/rallycross version that he used to race in the day! Here's the MK1 built with parts from the ESCI MK2.
  10. PatW

    Revell 60's Beetle.

    Thanks guys. The extra's came from this kit......................... The surfboards are Evergreen plastic sheet with home printed decals. The roof rack is Evergreen square and round rod and flat strip.
  11. PatW

    Revell 60's Beetle.

    Thanks Claude. Yes we had three of these when our sons were small, so nearly everything was loaded on the roof! We were on our way home after a week or so in North Wales, needing to shop so we had food for our home later that day. I/we forgot that we had everything on the roof and tried to get into a multi-storey car park. Going through the barrier to go up one floor the rack hit the concrete roof and a big bang sounded! We got out to find the legs of the rack over the side and a big dent in the roof! The next year we had a trailer!
  12. Rusty, lowered, whitewalls, roof rack, surfboards, picnic, to the beach!
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