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  1. Gama Goat

    Thanks guys.
  2. Aoshima Toyota Rav 4 1997

    Thank you my friends.
  3. Aoshima Toyota Rav 4 1997

    Thanks guys, and yes muddy up the tyres!
  4. Ebay prices dropping!!!!

    In the UK most of what we call our High Streets have been reduced to Charity Shops, Estate Agents, Hairdressers/Barbers and coffee shops. The big Supermarkets, Tesco, Morrison Sainburys, Asda etc have taken all of the customers out of town with huge stores being built. The landlords have hiked up the rents here so steep, small traders (hobby shops) don't have the money any longer to rent. There are no large chain stores of model shops as most have gone out of business who have refused to accept online trading. A small newspaper shop in town has moved from one side of the street to another due to his rent review increase being too big, and the other landlord offering a cut price rent to fill his premises. The new rent deal for his old shop(still empty after nearly twelve months) is £1100 per month plus electricity, refuse collection and water. On top of that the new tenant has to pay nearly the same as his rent for business shop rates to the local council. So £2000 approx is to be paid on top of shop fittings and stock of whatever he is trading in. As it might be a new business start-up he can't get any credit so has to pay for his fittings and stock in cash! By two sons were very good at BMX racing and I looked at setting them up with a bike shop when they left school That was in the mid 1980's and we looked at the proposition and I needed £50,000 just for the first year with no profit, therefore no wages for them!
  5. Aoshima Toyota Rav 4 1997

    I built alongside the Gama Goat. Box stock build just added interior decals, as kit sheet unusable, roof bars and Thule roof box. and without top box
  6. Tyrrell P34

    Here's the March 6 wheeler at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
  7. Porsche 550 Spyder

    Thanks Gluebomber. I had a quick look but the prices are far more than I can afford.
  8. Porsche 550 Spyder

    Looks very good and as a Porsche follower an interesting possibility but as a retiree the price is all important, so how much are these going for please?
  9. Ebay prices dropping!!!!

    Certainly in the UK prices aren't falling at all on ebay. It was once a place to go to get good deals on models but no more. Even 'already started' that I go for being retired and having limited funds for hobbies. Some prices are as you have shown here, for example there is a Pocher 1930's Mercedes Benz cabrio, in a finished condition but at nearly £1,000! Some have what they call 'RARE' kits, of American made kits that are normally £30 here are asking £100 in as new condition or already started. No ebay is longer a place to go for a bargain, but here most of the model shops are gone from the High Street or Malls so the internet is the only way to buy.
  10. Gama Goat

    Cheers Bob.
  11. Gama Goat

    Thanks guys. Yes David, I've built 1/24-1/25-1/43-1/32 all civilian cars. This is my first 1/35 scale and very a satisfying well made kit to Tamiya's superb standards
  12. Gama Goat

    I've put it in the Diorama section as well.
  13. Gama Goat

    Thanks guys and thanks for the extra info Mike999.
  14. Gama Goat

    Thanks David. The scale is 1/35th. It has a jointed drive shaft off the back of the tractor unit, so it can go over steep peaks keeping all wheels on the ground! Here is the 'connector' in the down position, hinged across the centre.