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  1. A new Rolls Royce Cullinan. I was driving so couldn't take a photo.
  2. PatW

    MPC Wild Ones 2

    Thanks guys. Yes a remake of 'Hot Curl' is really a priority!
  3. Superb! It's good to see a classic British sports car, and so well built, well done.
  4. PatW

    MPC Wild Ones 2

    Thanks guys. Yes If they are re-issuing the kit I should put my name down now as long as I can afford one! Yes espo, I originally thought of leaving the side panels out so if I went to the beach and got sand in it I could just hose it down!
  5. Another mash up. Bought this kit with more missing than the previous one (still can't find a whole one) No Running Boards/Fenders, Radiator grill and chrome Stingray bike. At least the 'Dude' is in one piece. Added front grill, flip flops and tattoo for the 'Dude'. Also wheels/tyres from spares box and roof rack. Oh and rear door drops down.
  6. I bought another MPC 'The Wild Ones' Parts box. So have had to do a mash up of bits because so many kit parts were missing. New nose cone, no running boards/fenders/wheels/tyres/radiator shell, but one whole 'Dude', so gave him a tattoo on his back and flip flops! Oh and a roof rack from somewhere else!
  7. Thanks Ray I'll look out for that. Thanks for the heads up. Thanks for the photo's I see what you mean!
  8. Your very lucky to have a local modelshop. Here in the UK they are very few and far apart. We have a Hobbycraft store with only Tamiya stuff, they have just stopped selling Airfix so one of my contacts says. Tiny glue bottles, small bottles of paints and very few small brushes. No spray stuff at all. Another about 15 miles away concentrates on RC and railways and that's about it. We have to buy online, pay for shipping and wait in for deliveries.
  9. On it's way from the USA in shipping.. Jimmy Flintstone 1954 Metro Van.
  10. Neat! I remember building a 1/24 kit of the GT40 just after (about 12 months) I saw it win at Le Mans.
  11. Thanks TonyK. I've built a few of these Airfix kits, as are cheap here in the UK. The Tamiya versions are better as they spread the Subaru models over a number of years but are quite expensive. They have the proper night stage lamps in their kits and Airfix don't so I make them out of Evergreen plastic tube. I shall have to do some research as all the night lamps that are fitted to new rally cars are LED so look like a strip light! So some more scratch building to make those as well!
  12. By it's state you can tell that it may have been a works car in the past but no longer..
  13. Superb! One of the best we saw on the stages as Marshals in the day!
  14. Ah a Riley, it was a toss up in 1966 whether to get one of those or an A40 Austin Devon. As a neighbour had an A40 for sale I went for that!
  15. A new Aston Martin DBX 4X4.. A loud growl as it drove past while we were walking down into town for our regular exercise.
  16. Very well done, superb build! Friends who I've been to Le Mans with were part of the team out on the circuit as 'pit signallers' who would advise the pits by short wave radio of the team car's position on each lap of the 9 mile circuit. They also worked for Jaguar when they won the great race in later years.
  17. I'm a sucker for Subaru Impreza WRC rally cars. On it's way another ebay bargain by Airfix.
  18. Thanks guys. Now perhaps I'll look at the Unreal Roller also from Atlantis. But there is a heck of a lot of chrome!
  19. Thanks Jeff, yes the drivers would be lining up for a chance to drive/crawl this!
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