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  1. Thanks Paul. One thing I've learn't from this is to test fit more closely/often or build the kit and add decals after everything else.
  2. I washed and dried the kit, masking off where the blue was to go and spray painted that area. After a few days of drying I peeled off the masking tape added the front and rear bumpers and laid up all of the decals and they were just superb! On finishing the rolling chassis, I added the windows after painting the black areas. I then attempted to add the body to the chassis and found that difficult, as the body didn't stretch as far as it needed to. This took off the front bumper ruining the beautiful multi coloured top decal! I debated whether I should attempt to remove all of that decal or leave it as 'a shunt that had happened on the previous stage'! I re-attached the front bumper using super glue, cut the front attachment pins from the chassis., and re-assembled the body chassis. Now in place I added the smaller items to the body, tyre decals from stash, exhaust alloy tubes, mud flaps and front night driving stage lamps. And later it was seen outside the workshop..
  3. It's superb both on it's own and with the trailer. We had five VW Beetles in our family over a number of years and I would still buy another although to get one in first class condition would cost a small fortune.
  4. We've all had the same experience with this awful kit, although I have another on the shelf, only because I've wanted a real one since I don't know when! But you have made a great job of it, well done!
  5. A few.. I apologise if they are a bit decal heavy!
  6. Yes he said but as soon as spring appeared he had to get off of there as the ground became too soft to drive on!
  7. Well great photo's Dan! Our eldest son lives in Calgary, I'll have to ask him if he was there, as he hasn't sent any photo's across the pond! The first white car was either a Lancia or an early Bristol. What was the odd shaped car in front of the dark blue Lancia? Did you get a photo of it at all?
  8. Wow! Groovy! Our eldest son ran his 6 litre pick-up with a fifth wheel and extendable side camper trailer on the Canadian tundra, servicing 'Nodding Donkey's' some years ago.
  9. Nice one! Really good. Being in the UK I'd never seen one of these before.
  10. PatW

    Motorcycle Chain

    Hi Trevor, my plastic chain has fallen apart again whilst trying to finish the build! I shall take a measurement of the length I need and look at few that I've seen on ebay. Thanks for the info.
  11. I've seen that over the Le Mans circuit when I've been there for the 24 hour race.
  12. Thank you all for your input. Unfortunately I'm in the UK, so things to do with detailing any model is in very short supply. I've been able to mount two cables at present from the brake levers down to the brake calipers on the front forks. These were by using mini drills and brass/copper wire and the kit plastic tubing. I hope to add the rear brake caliper and various other small tubing on the frame today.
  13. Hi Jim, the kit is 1/9th scale. I have opened out the plastic tubing with a cocktail stick and doing one front caliper, on the other side I opened out the tubing, it fitted the handlebar/brake lever end but at the caliper end the nib broke off straight away. I will try to drill drill though the caliper and add a piece of wire then attach the tubing over that. As per Daniel's suggestion.
  14. Thanks Daniel, good idea. It's a shame that the kit is nearly finished but I can certainly use your idea for the next one, thanks very much.
  15. Thanks Brian. The Lego kits certainly make us think!
  16. Thanks guys. Yes I always look for something different, rather than the same old thing.
  17. Great builds! I'm still trying to wire up bikes. How do you get the cables on and keep them on please?
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