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  1. Thanks guys for your positive comments.
  2. I bought The TRAX through Shapeways, who are a marketplace for 3D Printers.
  3. Well thanks guys. I'm amazed at the reactions! I'm also looking at: A Smart for Two.. And a snowmobile:
  4. From a rescued Manx, fitting rear Trax and scratchbuilt front ski's! My first try with TRAX!
  5. I've fitted these Trax to a Meyers Manx rescue.. Now to design and scratchbuild the front ski's!
  6. Today for my 75th, our youngest son (52) bought me this.. As I already have one and built it in Rothmans style decals, I've ordered some Bastos decals, used in the Belgian Rally Champs at the same period.
  7. Update on Meyers Manx Trax.. I shall detail axle ends on trax units in chrome etc. in final finish.
  8. Hi Anton. It's just polished plastic. In the UK the price of spray cans has gone up and the shipping is the same price of the cans, so doubling the prices. Yes the bodies are very good quality so polishing is popular on this Tamiya model, I think that there are about four or five Scoobies by Tamiya showing slightly different models of the WRC car over a number of years of rallying.
  9. Thanks James. I think I'll try to find a good picture/build of it.
  10. Well, I've got this far with a different rescued Meyers Manx, That might have these on the back.. And Ski's on the front!
  11. Id love to know what the 'beach buggy' is on the front page in orange, please?
  12. As a pensioner I have bought a few bits from Shapeways and Jimmy Flintstone over the years. 3D machines and all the supplies to go with it and scratchbuilding with resins are just too expensive.
  13. I'll have to try and get the digital one here in the UK!
  14. I'm for more Meyers Manx kits although I've built about ten or more. And all other VW based kits as well.
  15. Yes Steve another kit I'd like again! I built one about ten years ago! Super kit all round!
  16. As a regular LEGO builder as well, I need to look out for this here in the UK!
  17. Superb! One of my favourite 1:1 cars!
  18. PatW

    My Orange Crush

    Superb! Best colour ever!
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