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  1. I use Google Chrome as my browser and it will automatically translate the page from a prompt in the upper right corner of the page. Very handy!
  2. Ferrari 550 Maranello - Fujimi

    Revell did a full-detail 1/24 575 SA and it's a pretty good kit, mix & match w/the Fujimi 550... I did the exact same thing! I did build my Fujimi 550, and used the Burago 550's seats, so it wasn't a complete waste...they were much better than the blocky Fujimi seats.
  3. Adding Alclad gold to their chrome likely won't work. The chrome metal particles are a much finer grind than the gold, it gets reflective look by how each molecule lays down flat on a surface and reflects light. The gold is just regular gold flake, it won't have any reflective quality, the metal pigment doesn't work the same way the chrome does because it lays down in more 3D particles. That's why I suggested using clear yellow (or perhaps orange, or a mixture with orange, or perhaps smoke) to fine-tune the tint/look of the chrome to more of a gold appearance.
  4. I doubt I used any thinner, the chrome is very thin itself and goes on in very thin coats. Their gold doesn't have the plated/reflective qualities that the chrome does. Aren't the Nazca kit windows molded in smoke tint? You might want to try a test by replicating the smoke tint on spare kit glass using one of the transparent smoke colors. First see how the Alclad Chrome looks under the smoke tint. If it's still not gold enough, apply a thin layer of transparent yellow to the glass on the outside. Or try it inside the glass before applying the Alclad. It might get you a lot closer.
  5. That's where Alclad Chrome works. These old photos are grainy and it looks perfect in person, but since Spaz Stix mirror chrome (similar to Alclad but will stick to a black lacquer base) was intended to be shot inside of clear R/C bodies, I tried Alclad II chrome inside this Kaminari Celica's windows. It looks great in person. Just shoot it through an airbrush in a couple light coats, followed by some smoke tint. You can get a nice fade too.
  6. Tamiya Porcshe 959 1:24

    A lot of people hate him, I think he's entertaining and he's a true enthusiast. This video shows a lot of cool details about the 959, including the sound of the horn which sounds almost identical to the Hella Supertones I have on my MX5
  7. Tamiya Porcshe 959 1:24

    I just started one as well; a few of my friends in our local club are started on a 959 group build. Look at the Canepa website for inspiration; you don't have to go w/the basic colors, they have been building/rebuilding 959's as Generation III cars. They do amazing work and a shop tour is mind blowing. One of my friends has already painted his in blue w/red interior like one of the Canepa cars that was sold. Mine will be more creative; I'm making mine into a phantom 959 RS Series IV Weissach Edition using kitbashed parts from Tamiya and Fujimi Porsches. Canepa Sold Listings
  8. Reveal your user name origin

    Kind of self-explanatory if you know Mazdas! Long time Mazda owner/enthusiast; on my second Miata. They last forever and a blast to own and drive. Here's my current ride in it's natural habitat, on the curvy roads in NC/TN. One day a local friend of mine and I took off for the Tail of the Dragon to meet another friend from PA, coincidentally all driving True Red Miatas. It was a Tuesday and my assumption was right, we had a great chance of making the Killboy Highlights that week, and sure enough we did. We had a blast that day. My former Miata, had it 14 years, best car I've ever owned, sold it to one of my best friends who is keeping her in good shape to this day: For awhile I had both, this is before I modified my red one w/new suspension and updated OEM wheels.
  9. Childhood models that you replaced in adulthood.

    Thanks! It was as much fun to revisit as I had decades ago on the first two.
  10. BRAT comes out ahead - so in we go!

    Thanks! I built it for NNL East "I could've had a V8" theme in '06.
  11. Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg 2019

    You can be Revell's new marketing director!
  12. Italeri Preview 2019( Cars)

    Doesn't make sense about the F12TdF, that's timeless like 599 GTO, and it took awhile for Revell to do theirs well after it debuted. I'll bet if they offered TdF it would outsell the 812.
  13. Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg 2019

    Sometimes I think Revell's motto is "it's always something".
  14. Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg 2019

    There are too many grumpy apologists in this hobby that can't handle the truth. I buy/build enough models to know what's good and what isn't...haven't seen a modern model body that sloppy in ages. Looks like the Panamera has a nice interior at least; the body will take many hours of sanding and some filling, especially all the excess material above/around the headlights. So much work I'm going to do a what-if widebody from that beast
  15. What happened to the older builders

    Tommy May and Mike Siegman are both doing well and are on Facebook. We haven't heard from Russ Schwenkler for years, ditto for Pat Covert, both moved on to other hobbies. Tommy is still in Birmingham and Mike is soon moving to Ohio from Washington state.