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  1. Pontiac Club de Mer Racing

    Very cool idea and execution
  2. All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2018

    Oh boy, 1/16th scale!!!
  3. BMW 2002 tii `71

    That's an amazing model, a true work of art!
  4. I don't know why Fujimi reissued this model (in 2015) w/all the parts but only instructions for curbside. It should be the exact model as before (all the parts trees look identical in all versions) and the above referenced instructions should help you build the complete model.
  5. Looking for old Tamiya kits

    The prices on that site are absolutely insane.
  6. Tamiya 1/24th scale Jaguar MkII Sedan

    I think those long, narrow transfers aren't the brightest way to utilize the technology. I'd have preferred the side trim to have been engraved and foiled. I didn't have trouble w/the emblems otherwise, and I think I soaked them w/a coat of Future after application for insurance. Same issue w/the Galaxie Ltd. Chevrolet kits, they were another case of "tail wagging the dog" design, using chrome transfers for fender trim when engraved/foiled would have been a better design choice. They were too flat w/o the 3D sculpting and they didn't fit/bend well around compound curves.
  7. Tamiya 1/24th scale Jaguar MkII Sedan

    Nice job; I built mine when it came out and I have a couple more in the stash. Everything mostly fell together though the chrome transfer side trim gave me nothing but trouble so I cheesed out and just carefully cut thin strips of foil to attempt to replicate. There wasn't enough adhesive on the transfers to stick to the paint. Not sure if later production runs had better trim.
  8. 1971 Ford Galaxie 500

    Nice work! I love the '71-'72 bodies. Will this be eventually poured in resin like the others? Don't worry over unsolicited comments about your workbench photos. They're fine as they are. It's not like people contributing their work here are paid entertainers.
  9. All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2018

    I wonder if Aoshima will do anything to address the 4X4 stance the MGB's have; they seemed to have designed the suspension around the rubber bumper era vs. the earlier. Would also be nice if they'd reissue the race versions and perhaps it's time for them to tool up the coupe body on their own? Seems for a lot smaller investment than all-new, they'd get a lot more life out of the MGB kits and the license.
  10. All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2018

    It was more than 20 years ago that I mastered it, probably closer to 25 years! I did the body, Dave Toups mastered the LHD dash for Norm. Always wondered why Aoshima had waited so long to reissue the MGB's, there are one or two obscure racing versions they did from the kit as well.
  11. I haven't set foot in a Rite Aid store in ages, I'll have to check them out. Welly makes some really good models of subjects the plastic kit manufacturers have not/will not. They make great gap-fillers and if you want to knock them down to repaint/customize, all the better. The trio I got earlier this summer via Ebay and free shipping are their new Ford GT in 2 colors and the C7 Z06. Revell seems to have abandoned doing any more variants of the C7 Corvette beyond bare-bones stock and the low-detail C7R, the Welly Z06 is a definite step up from the Maisto version, the only issue are red taillights instead of "clear" that both companies seemed to have missed. I'll be soon refinishing the Corvette. The Ford GT destroys Revell's "effort" in kiddie toy plastic. There is literally nothing in the Revell kit that is superior to the Welly model. Both subjects have steerable wheels, authentic brakes (rotor rotates inside of fixed caliper), tighter-fitting opening features than their competition. I look forward to later this year getting their new McLaren 675LT and 2016 Porsche GT3RS.
  12. Revell "Eldorado" model

    The Revell Eldorado Brougham is a relic of '50's kit tooling. The glass looks "puffy", the front end proportions are too short, tires too tall. Takes a dedicated artist like Dennis to give it the silk purse treatment. It's a step above a Pyro '48 Lincoln or Auburn Speedster, but it's not a precision model by any stretch. Nice for the time period as a nostalgia piece while modern kits blow it away. The Franklin Mint Eldorado Brougham sweeps the floor with the old Revell kit. If you are patient and like to hunt you can snag one cheaper than a Revell kit. You can then refinish to your liking. I love the Foose Cadillac, have enjoyed seeing so many built and customized further-it's a great canvas to work with. I have plans for the Eldorod with my personal spin on the subject; I've always found the '53 Eldorado boring...the Skylark stole the show that year as well as the Corvette.
  13. What Pleased You Today!

    Four of my adopted kittens through the years came from homes of friends (or friends of friends) whose cats had litters of kittens, I paid more $$ for vet visits to get them tested, get their shots, get spayed than my latest two that came from the shelter w/all that and microchipped...by comparison a bargain.
  14. What Pleased You Today!

    $100 for a shelter fee is very reasonable, it helps weed out some of the folks who won't take care of the pets or use them for any nefarious reason, they have to keep the doors open and keep the animals in good health. If that's considered too steep, perhaps it's not a good idea to adopt, as vet visits, food, vaccines all cost a lot more than a measly $100 to adopt from a quality organization. Many good no-kill shelters near me, many have great programs for seniors 55+ to adopt 7+ year old dogs for free. And many have discount adoption days if you pay attention to their event schedules. And they have programs for owners with financial hardships. Today while going through paperwork for the two cats I adopted in the past year (from an excellent local no-kill shelter) I discovered the name of my female kitty's human that passed away about a year ago and she was returned to the shelter after his death. The shelter will take back any pets adopted from them for any reason. I saw in his obituary that he requested in lieu of flowers etc. to have people donate to the shelter. He was an avid car and motorcycle enthusiast. I'm happy I'm able to give his feline friend a new forever home, she's an absolute sweetheart, as is the male kitten I adopted in January who is now 11 mos. old. They're best buddies.
  15. LaFerrari

    Does look good, I like the color. I built both Revell and Tamiya LaFerraris; I'd recommend the Tamiya. I figured since the Revell doors didn't open it would be a simpler kit; but after molding in the separate inset side piece I'd spent as much time as the extra detail of Tamiya's opening doors. The Revell kit does look good, but the Tamiya kit is a real sweetheart. The Revell kit is long out of production and unavailable after the Ferrari license expired. The Revell kit does have one detail missing in the Tamiya kit, some of the hybrid wiring in the engine compartment.