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  1. Autoquiz 358

    The whole point of this quiz has always been to keep quiet on the answers and PM answers to the OP. Giving away the answer or even hints on the thread negates the quiz...but then again, they quit putting the rules up there so I guess this is what happens
  2. Autoquiz 358

    Well, there goes the neighborhood...
  3. Corvair rampside

    Ever have a morning where you wake up feeling like you're in another dimension? No, Tamiya isn't doing a Rampside, it's completely outside of their universe subject-matter-wise. If they did, MSRP would not be that much less than this fine resin kit by Best Model Car Parts.
  4. Looks good! I'm slowly working on mine, but had to put it aside for a bit as I work on another project w/a deadline and wait for somewhat warmer weather to paint...
  5. Corvair rampside

    Thanks guys; I wasn't counting hours but I'm pretty sure I spent a good 8-10 hours refining the panel lines and getting it in final primer. I was working on model projects w/friends over the recent holiday weekend so it was relaxing/therapeutic work w/o a deadline. Just wanted it to look as good as possible; the basic master work and parts fit is extremely nice, the platform-style assembly is very precise and allows for easy painting of the various colors. Having a good friend since high school that's been restoring/owning/driving Corvairs since age 16 is one of the reasons I had to have this kit; love Corvairs and Rampsides. Quirky cars/trucks are especially great model subjects!
  6. Corvair rampside

    I've been working on mine; it's very well engineered. Everything designed w/a precise platform-style assembly. I spent considerable hours working on the myriad of panel lines; the shallow ones need to stay shallow as they're seams (they're all there on the resin body, very faint), and the doors and engine cover that had to be scribed much deeper. My chassis is done, so I can see it up on all fours:
  7. Muntz Jet

    R&R had one back in the day.
  8. Has anyone built these?

    He sold out the production run (I believe 100, based on production run for photoetch); I built it...fun model, looks great! I built mine w/the original color scheme vs. the restored car which I have seen in person and running on its own power.
  9. The Supersonic has landed.

    Pico's happy as a pig in...his workshop Lookin' good, so I guess the local printer worked out well?
  10. Meanwhile Fotki is having a sale. Why anyone with a single functioning brain cell would even consider the bucket is beyond comprehension, aside from comic relief. Even the 1TB accounts are no more than $67/year, and this has been a stable and reliable host 99.9% of the time. I've been with them almost 17 years. I despised Photobucket before they hit the red button. Slow, laggy, loaded with ads...so many that even the adblocker would melt if you attempted to look at an album. Seriously...what a joke.
  11. Aftermarket Pro-touring parts???

    True; he sells a lot of pro touring style (and hotrod) wheel sets at NNL East, NNL Nationals, and Detroit NNL, otherwise it's from his own Facebook page. Neat stuff!
  12. D-Revell Panamera

    I'll buy the Ford GT LeMans for sure, it's a Revell USA kit; we get it first. And I'd forgotten about the Pirelli GTI; perhaps I'll go for that since the base GTI kit is pretty sweet. Perhaps combine it w/my Cabrio that I've always intended to build as a tuner in triple black...the antithesis of the triple-white Barbie mobiles that plagued the world for too long It really depends on how well they do the wheels/tires. Ugh...that reality is not looking good from a historical perspective, is it?
  13. D-Revell Panamera

    Sad state of affairs, isn't it? There is literally nothing from Revell Germany that I will buy in 2018. Nothing. Easily first time in 10-15 years they literally have nothing coming I want.
  14. D-Revell Panamera

    Ah...and I just spied one of the bumper sensors in that 1:1 photo, reflections doing a good job hiding it. More detail pictures like the brakes and chassis tree that show just how "enthusiastic" the kit engineers and designers were on this project. And then last week we were treated to this kit description on Revell Germany's own webpage. It was so perfectly on-point that it didn't remain long, but Google has a cache... Alas it was updated to this:
  15. D-Revell Panamera

    The photo of the real car is likely one w/o parking sensors at all. They're optional...that's how Porsche makes so much profit, the option prices are punishing, and you might be surprised what's not standard on a high $$ car.