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  1. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic What's with the pics?   

    It's not just you; if the photo is too wide to fit your browser on this forum it gets a "shrink to fit" treatment so the whole image is visible w/o a scroll bar. There are multiple ways you can temporarily zoom out on the web page so the pics aren't pre-shrunk. I use the Ctrl and minus keys to zoom out, and Ctrl and plus keys to zoom back in afterwards. Or use Ctrl and mouse scroll button. Let's just say that the forum software has a lot of bugs, quirks and glitches and leave it at that.
  2. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic Information on Monogram's Exotics Series   

    Nowadays the old 5.0 Monster Miata has been put out to pasture, the hot setups for engine swaps for early Miatas is the GM LS series V8; being 2 valve engines they fit fairly well. Even more interesting from size/weight perspective is an LFX conversion, w/modern GM V6. With the right tune even that V6 (which stock has about 75 more HP than the old 5.0) is going to have a power to weight ratio that will blow your mind...or even that of an old Cobra! The Coyote engine would be interesting, but since it has more modern 4 valve heads, it takes a lot more real estate than the GM LS series. 
  3. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic Acu-stion NSX wing   

    Too late for me, mine is on the way. I'll deal with it...the NSX I built for review is getting upgraded with the molded mesh replaced, new Plamoz wheels, and a rear spoiler. 
  4. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic Spielwaren Messe Neurenberg 2017 + Pictures!   

    I assume no photos of Panamera or the Porsche tractor?
  5. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic Information on Monogram's Exotics Series   

    I told Eric when he built it that it's exactly the first 308 I ever saw, exact same color combo. Almost wrecked my Dad's car when I saw it. One of my favorite Ferrari designs ever. For such a dead-simple kit, it's the best looking, best proportioned 308 plastic kit ever. I have one of the Revell AG reissues that I intend to build one of these days when I need a good slump-buster.
  6. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic Information on Monogram's Exotics Series   

    The RX7 will be a 2-in-1 this time; full stock and race version all in one box. Definitely looking forward to it! It's not part of the Monogram exotic series; has full detail. I wouldn't be surprised if the Revell Miata gets reissued soon, it's been a long time since it's been out and it's a great kit. Much more detail than the Tamiya kit.
  7. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic 10 Annual SCMA Hope it Don't Snow show pics   

    Thanks for sharing, so bummed we had to miss the show this year...
  8. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic Design Exercise   

    Love that! Gorgeous lines. Definitely has classic coachbuilt proportions. Goes without saying Ford had the right start but this takes it towards sublime. 
  9. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic Design Exercise   

    I think it's a great idea; one I have had myself as well. Take the well-designed but "economy car of the day" proportions of the Ford and stretch them to classic proportions. The Ford is so clean, if it had classic proportions it would fit among the high-dollar, high-end classics.
    Now...get to building it!!
  10. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic Spartanburg SC area modelers   

    Was looking forward to going w/a bunch of fellow ACME members, but our treasurer's wife passed away Monday after a long illness and the funeral is Saturday, so ACME's presence at the show will be few if any, we'll all be at the funeral. And it's such a fun show...had lunch w/our treasurer today and he's doing relatively well considering and even he is bummed that he can't go.
  11. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic Strada Sports   

    LOL ain't that the truth! The last time our ACME group descended on NNL East in numbers (2014) Harold had a banner day in sales between at least 5 of our group. Going to try to finish my 250TDF before this year's show because he told us he hardly ever gets to see any of his kits actually built! 
  12. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic Chrome platers and resin - revisited   

    Plating hides absolutely nothing, so the quality of the plating is dependent on how clean, smooth, and glossy the material is that is being plated. The parts get a clearcoat applied before plating, but if resin pieces being sent are not as clean, smooth, and glossy as similar injection molded plastic pieces are, then the quality of the plating will suffer. Can the primer be sanded & polished to the same smooth surface finish as injection molded plastic? I spoke w/Bob Dahl (Bob's Paint & Kustom Khrome) in person, if you have any questions he'll give you plenty of input before you send parts to him for plating.
  13. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic Strada Sports   

    One of the benefits of going to NNL East: Harold is there in person with product for sale.
    Good for the psyche. Hard on the wallet. 
  14. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic Strada Sports   

    Yes, he closed it down recently. Not sure if there was any public announcement. 
  15. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic hobby shops in Atlanta GA   

    Yes. Hobbytown is right off of I-75 in a major shopping center, Free Time is along the major 4 lane highway running through Blue Ridge.