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  1. What Pleased You Today!

    $100 for a shelter fee is very reasonable, it helps weed out some of the folks who won't take care of the pets or use them for any nefarious reason, they have to keep the doors open and keep the animals in good health. If that's considered too steep, perhaps it's not a good idea to adopt, as vet visits, food, vaccines all cost a lot more than a measly $100 to adopt from a quality organization. Many good no-kill shelters near me, many have great programs for seniors 55+ to adopt 7+ year old dogs for free. And many have discount adoption days if you pay attention to their event schedules. And they have programs for owners with financial hardships. Today while going through paperwork for the two cats I adopted in the past year (from an excellent local no-kill shelter) I discovered the name of my female kitty's human that passed away about a year ago and she was returned to the shelter after his death. The shelter will take back any pets adopted from them for any reason. I saw in his obituary that he requested in lieu of flowers etc. to have people donate to the shelter. He was an avid car and motorcycle enthusiast. I'm happy I'm able to give his feline friend a new forever home, she's an absolute sweetheart, as is the male kitten I adopted in January who is now 11 mos. old. They're best buddies.
  2. LaFerrari

    Does look good, I like the color. I built both Revell and Tamiya LaFerraris; I'd recommend the Tamiya. I figured since the Revell doors didn't open it would be a simpler kit; but after molding in the separate inset side piece I'd spent as much time as the extra detail of Tamiya's opening doors. The Revell kit does look good, but the Tamiya kit is a real sweetheart. The Revell kit is long out of production and unavailable after the Ferrari license expired. The Revell kit does have one detail missing in the Tamiya kit, some of the hybrid wiring in the engine compartment.
  3. Imposter

    This was the page to cast your vote, Impostor was one of them: https://www.chipfoose.com/blog/cast-your-vote-for-foose/ Announcement of winners: https://www.chipfoose.com/blog/2-chip-foose-cars-win-fan-vote-for-revell-model-kit-production/
  4. Imposter

    I can envision page after page after page of clutched pearls had the Impostor been one of the two Revell/Foose projects chosen by modelers...
  5. Splash paints

    I've made one order so far with Splash; ordered several colors on a Wed. afternoon, the label printed Wed. later that afternoon, the paint was on the way Thursday morning and arrived here on Saturday. Not bad for a trip from Oregon to Georgia! I will definitely order again.
  6. Mobile Starting Gate

    That's amazing and unique, best use of the '70 Bonneville CV I have seen yet!
  7. There's also information and photos on the ACME Facebook page. Thanks for posting this Tim! It was funny walking in Lee's garage yesterday and the first thing I saw was this: I was able to acquire some really neat models, including Lee's iconic Duesenberg farm truck, a replica of a real truck. The Delahaye above was mastered and cast by Pico Elgin who gave a copy to Lee, and this is what Lee did with it.
  8. Another Kei Car: Mazdaspeed Autozam AZ-1

    Very timely video, I had shared it yesterday on my FB page. Lots of respect for that girl! Turbo engineer, Mazda freak, works on her own car, and even let grandpa drive it
  9. Another Kei Car: Mazdaspeed Autozam AZ-1

    Comparision/contrast. About the same footprint as an Austin Healey Sprite.
  10. Kei Car Wiki I call this diminutive mid-engine beast "Lambotini". Aoshima Mazdaspeed Autozam AZ-1. Built over the past few days, fun project in between commission projects. The real car has a 660 CC turbo 3 cylinder engine by Suzuki; Suzuki built this space frame gullwing car (think gullwing Fiero...plastic body panels fit the same way) under license for Mazda; a little over 4000 were produced in the early/mid '90's. I sat in one recently and barely fit, my feet were hilariously too wide to operate the pedals in the uber-narrow footwell...depressing the clutch would involve depressing the brake at the same time. This has to be the coolest kei car ever made, and they're just making it to the US under the 25 year law.
  11. Japanese "kei" cars

    I fought with the headlights this evening. The rest of the kit is a breeze, the headlights...ugh. Thank goodness for Formula 560 canopy glue!
  12. Japanese "kei" cars

    Thanks; I started mine over the weekend and took a close look at the headlight assemblies. Was it a matter of figuring out which way the chrome reflector traps the lens to the opening on the hood? Overall it looks like a great kit w/just enough detail and some clever molding. The hardest part looks like masking the canopy/windows inside/out.
  13. Splash Paints LLC Order

    I used Tamiya extra thin, it's my go-to liquid cement these days. Any of the liquid cements that soften plastic so it "welds" itself together should be fine. The Tamiya extra thin dries quickly.
  14. Life with cats. Does anyone else have this happen to them?

    Never know what will arrive from Hobbylink Japan: Car show freebie bag from Hagerty's near my workbench has been claimed: My little computer expert at around 4 mos. old, at 10 mos. old he's way too big to nap on the laptop anymore, even if he still tries:
  15. When you REALLY love models on Ebay....

    The seller is Paul Hettick, not Robert Burns.