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  1. It can vary, some say what's in a fresh jar doesn't seem full and they add thinner to make the jar seem more full. Read Tamiya's information: Tamiya Blog LP Paint compatibility A good video tutorial on YT that was linked from the Tamiya Blog: Video Tutorial I've thinned with Tamiya lacquer thinner and Mr. Hobby Mr. Color Thinner and Mr. Leveling Thinner (with retarder). Any lacquer hobby paint I've tried has a strong odor. I used to decant/airbrush TS paints but after it's thinned a bit to flow nicely through my setup it cures rather soft, especially TS-13 clear. The LP's cure completely and don't get sticky from handing, they polish out beautifully.
  2. I haven't compared directly but it seems different. I've painted/cleared several models recently with LP's, there's a link in my signature to see them in my Fotki albums.
  3. Tamiya LP-9 clear gloss lacquer is a new favorite (the entire line of colors is great, I like mixing colors from them like I used to do decades ago with Testors enamels). Mr. Hobby #46 solvent-based clear is excellent as well; it was my go-to clear before the LP line arrived. Both dry rapidly and polish beautifully. One reason I prefer these two clears is that they are friendly with most lacquer based paints including aftermarket colors and are plastic-friendly.
  4. A club member brought his to our meeting yesterday, he hasn't even looked at all the parts yet but he brought it to show how warped the deck plate is (side panels are fine). The part is unusable the way/shape it's warped; looks heat damaged and almost shrunken-the plate is also molded so thin so that it might scale nicely but it just exacerbates any sloppy mishandling of the parts after they pop out of the mold. I also saw his frame was a bit warped but it looked like it could be dealt with, I warned him about the hood being potentially warped. He had begun to scratch build one years ago (and his side panels nearly perfectly match the kit's parts) and he was elated this kit was coming out. Now he's not sure what he's going to do to make it right. This is really sad as warping has been an issue w/these Ford truck kits since day one, and the way they cram all the parts into too-small boxes just makes it worse. I wanted one of these, but I'll pass at least for now and perhaps Moebius/Model King will better manage the future production end of things.
  5. Reading this thread and the talk of the custom AMT '68 Impala had me Googling and lo and behold here (again) is the best example of this kit I've ever seen built and I would definitely build one if it were to be reissued. Sometimes you just need to be inspired by seeing what a talented modeler can do with an off-the-wall kit. Irv Arter's Custom AMT '68 Impala
  6. I have no idea. I just remembered seeing it on another forum and nobody mentioned what happened.
  7. Sorry to inform you he passed away on Dec. 28th, it was mentioned on another forum.
  8. Recently in a Porsche 914 thread you ranted about Revell's incorrect B pillars and posted a photo of my orange 914 build without credit (from February 27, 2006 in my Fotki album as it was built for an NNL East theme that spring), only pointing out how obvious the kit's B pillar shape looks vs. a real car (which I don't disagree with at all, and if I build another one I know how to fix it as my skills continue to improve and I have a resin HRM wide body resin kit to build "someday"). Where did you find that photo? You sharing that photo could be interpreted by others as "look at how bad this model looks because the idiot builder didn't fix it". There are plenty of issues with the Revell 914 beyond the incorrect pillar shape, anyone getting a decent result finishing one where everything fits decently and it doesn't sit like an off road vehicle on those lovely 2 piece hard vinyl tires knows the struggle with that kit. It was a fun build despite the issues and completed in about a week as I had some free time to dig into it and correct what I could with it, since it seems there's never going to be a modern kit of a 914 done right.
  9. Bill's input helped a lot on my build of the first issue Ventura; though mine was painted before I saw Bill's excellent tips on how to correct the window and wheel fit; I had no idea about the glass fit before I painted it as I was trying to build it in a short timeframe. Oops! I didn't need a lathe at all to fix the wheels; just used a Dremel (and ended up with the best looking 8-lugs in scale I've ever seen), and I had to learn the hard way at the very end how to get the front bumper/grille/hood to all fit properly. Aside from glass, front bumper and fixing the 8-lugs the rest of the kit was a breeze and it looks amazing built. I have a Catalina in the stash that's already had the window installation fix long before painting, and Moebius tweaked the tooling a bit on the grille as time went on.
  10. Nice model! I like the subtle colors that class it up vs. the boxart car. I just finished mine with a similar mindset and am happy how it came out. I didn't use any of the tuner graphics. I really liked many of the stickers included for things like instrument panel, taillight overlay, steering wheel controls, nose and tail emblems, center caps-these are high-quality printed/cut stickers. I painted the glass like I did my glue kit Performante; this kit was a lot easier to finish and have fun with vs. that one. There may be an article on these kits in MCM; my club has a trio building this same kit from literally OOB/no paint to fully painted & detailed and Tim Kolankiewicz is encouraging us to share 😎
  11. Here's one I built last year with a few parts from my stash of Fujimi parts (wheels, tires, fog lights, mirrors). Fun project!
  12. Some of my favorite kits of all time; as a teen they were easy to build to look really good, so good I bought a second 911 kit to spray in a different color back in the day. Now as a seasoned adult I find they hold up with the test of time shape-wise and are fun subjects to revisit. Bonus is they're often available for less $ than what a fresh reissued would cost.
  13. Big fan as well. Have seen Rodger live several times in the past 10 years, before early 2020 he had an extensive tour schedule before the pandemic (his last live shows were on a Rock & Roll cruise out of FL), not sure when/if he'll get it back going. His band is all younger but they are amazing in person, they have a lot of fun. One of the shows I saw was with a full symphony orchestra in FL in 2013. People in the audience from all over the world. Lots of his live performances on Youtube, as well as vintage pre-1984 Supertramp concerts.
  14. Very cool, this might be the first time I've seen a 96 Rock tag that wasn't installed upside down 😄
  15. Masterfully styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro. I've seen a real 117 at a local car show, impressive in person and like many JDM cars appears smaller in person than the photos would have you believe. This is my favorite upcoming kit, Hasegawa has shown two masterfully built/photographed versions of the kit that I believe are used for boxart, they look like the real car at first glance.
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