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  1. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic Nissan S-14 Silvia / 240SX kit info needed, please oh please...   

    None of the Silvia kits have ever had full detail, they're all curbside; generally they have had pretty unremarkable 4 cylinder power (a few had 3.0 V6's in the US), they're popular because they're light and RWD. One GTR from the late 80's/early 90's, the Tamiya R32 GTR, has full detail, and that's the one everyone gets to kitbash with earlier and later inline 6 GTR's. Doubt its the same platform as the Silvia/SX's.

    If you go to Hobby Search, convert to English, you can generally see photos/scans of parts and instructions for most Japanese kits. I have an early 70's fastback GTR kit that has an engine, but it's an afterthought and a bit of a job to open the hood and underhood detail is weak, but it does have a full engine.
  2. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic '73 Chevrolet Chevelle- Mastered by Tom Ellifritt   

    Just got mine on Friday, well worth the ~15 month wait.
  3. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic 1/25 Late-1960's MGB; has a kit ever been produced?   

    Just one that I'll build someday...probably as a race car.
  4. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic 1/25 Late-1960's MGB; has a kit ever been produced?   


    It's Aoshima, not Gunze who did the 1/24 MGB bodies. I know the kits pretty well since doing the GT master for you a couple decades ago. I wish Aoshima would reissue them, it's been awhile and the kits are almost as hard to find as the resin bodies.

    Dave Toups did a great LHD dash conversion that Norm/Replicas & Miniatures cast, not sure if it is still in the catalog or not.

    These MGB kits need some lowering for the earlier versions; the kits are done w/the tall ride height seen on the rubber-bumper variants.
  5. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic Ancient History Porsche 911 CRX Honda   

    This model knocked my socks off at the Southwest Challenge when I saw it many years ago, since I love both CRX's and 911's. Seared in my memory...and provided me years of inspiration for similar mashups that I've done. Thanks for sharing
  6. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic Bob Downie's 2015 'Stang   

    Thanks guys, wasn't quite expecting to see this here, the Mustang was a blast to build and ended up being the perfect slump-buster for me after a couple of far more-involved projects. A 1:1 just like it would be more than welcome in my garage.

    More photos:
  7. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic Porsche 914/6 GT - Historic Racing Miniatures   

    Wow, I have to have one of these! Thanks for giving Brad the master, this is going to make a lot of Porschephiles very happy. Now I just need to build the Maserati 450S and the Ferrari 250 TDF that I got from him recently...our ACME group spent quite a bit of $$ at his NNL East table.
  8. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic Porsche 914/6 - FINISHED   

    You certainly went above and beyond with this incredible model! Beautiful work.
  9. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic Porsche 914/6 GT: Casting Begun 6/18/14   

    Excellent! Glad to hear it might be available in resin.
  10. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic Hello from GA   

    We'd love to help feed your newfound addiction to model cars locally; I'm an officer in ACME-Atlanta Car Model Enthusiasts, and we have our monthly club meeting this coming Sunday from 2:30-5:00 PM at the Smyrna Community Center. We'll have show & tell and a great how-to demo on engine detailing. Come join us if you can! We'll even have some out-of-town guests visiting us this weekend.
  11. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic Citadel paints?   

    I'm 150 miles from my workbench, but the Citadel paints I showed are great for brush painting. They're about the only metallic paints that work reasonably well when brush painted. I thin them with a bit of water or Future. Obviously for better quality, if I have the time, I mask/airbrush w/Alclad metalizers.

    I recently went to replace the silver from Citadel and they've changed all the names of the colors. Hobbytown had a cross-reference chart w/the old names and new names.
  12. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic "NISMAGNUM" GT-R Wagon; ready for fun!   


    I was kind of surprised Foose used a 6 cylinder 300 front end. The SRT-8 has the best looking factory front clip (mainly because of the chin spoiler). Chrysler sold 300C Touring Wagons overseas, which inspired me to start one of my own, but it sits unfinished, who knows when I'll get back to it. One issue is the windshield, the front clip is from a 1/24 scale Revell kit married to the 1/25 scale Magnum body. I had to slightly bow the A pillars outward, so I need to carefully trim the 300 windshield to fit.

  13. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic "NISMAGNUM" GT-R Wagon; ready for fun!   

    Thanks! How does it happen? I have no idea, this idea hatched when I was thinking of putting a Mustang front end on the Magnum body. As I was scouring my unbuilts, my eye hit the GTR kit, and that's where it came together. Once I realized the dimensions were so close that it was feasible (and a lot more feasible than the Mustang idea), I went with it. It was quite by accident, but I had a lot of NISMO detail parts that certainly helped make the idea come to fruition. It's fun to mix 'n match in car design, all the great customizers were doing it long before I came along.
  14. Zoom Zoom added a post in a topic "NISMAGNUM" GT-R Wagon; ready for fun!   

    Thanks for the new replies.

    Bike came w/the same Fujimi detail kit that has the roof racks/Thule luggage carriers.

    The body is available in resin from scaleproduction.de ; I gave them permission to copy my design and they did a good job of it and it's been fun to see a few more built (mostly European builders). As far as body conversions go, it wasn't that difficult, the parts fit pretty well w/a minimum of filler.