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  1. Fires destroy 2 resin casters

    One of my friends had a call yesterday from Joe Vondracek from Quick Skins. Joe told him that his home miraculously survived the fire, one of 14% of homes in Paradise that didn't burn. However he's still not allowed to go back yet, his area is still cordoned off by authorities, but at least some good news for Joe.
  2. Tamiya paint stands...

    My paint stand has been fine but a couple friends have ones that just won't stay attached, and sometimes it's not obvious until it's too late. Some pop off, others just slide upwards until there's no more friction than gravity.
  3. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    If MPC had ever done a Cosworth Vega I would have already built a few. I have some gold decals from Keith Marks just in case I want to attempt one.
  4. 2019 Revell (Germany) Q1

    Interesting; Mike Quarterman mentioned it was a phantom livery but I'm not worried either way as the boxart livery looks good to me. Brumos livery would be fun too...
  5. 2019 Revell (Germany) Q1

    Personally I'm glad the 934 is coming in (phantom) Martini livery; never got the others as those liveries aren't my favorite. Molded in white is a big plus even if you don't use the Martini livery. Of course there will need to be the usual suspension surgery to fix the inexplicable "safari version" ride height these kits are afflicted with...
  6. Tamiya Fair 2018

    Personally I'm surprised and delighted for this kit, even more so because it's Tamiya doing it. Totally out of left field, hope they do a new Mustang! If anyone is bothered because it doesn't have full engine detail, the new Revell LeMans version has a full engine/transmission. Kitbash away. Just saw the built engine/transmission by Sasha Muller on Facebook. Dave Thibodeau raved about how good the Revell kit is when he built a test shot last summer. Every Tamiya kit that I've built that has only visible top end detail looks complete to my eyes. I can't seem to get my 1/24th scale IPMS-grade mirrored lightscope down under the cylinder heads to find the freeze plug and pesky coolant leak... $54 MSRP is about $40 less than their similar Ferrari kits that have full engine detail. This GT should be popular enough the aftermarket can respond to any serious critics & super-detailers. I hope there's an accessory p/e set like Tamiya & others offer for most new-tool kits like this. I can't wait to get both GT kits on my bench. A couple of my built Revell GT snap kits and my extra Welly GT diecast are going to be re-homed during the holidays in anticipation.
  7. Tamiya Fair 2018

    C'mon Chuck, how about a rant over it being 1/24th and not 1/25th scale and not a $5 gold box Walmart special...
  8. Fires destroy 2 resin casters

    Paul and his wife Suzi had 20 mins. warning to get out. Both of them lost homes and jobs; Joe worked at the Ford dealer there and it's gone too. There's a Gofundme page that's been set up for Paul. I know someone who is going to set up a similar page for Joe. https://www.gofundme.com/paul-fisher-fire-relief?fbclid=IwAR0n3Vun0Isa_rLXxeAQHEIUUVA_GynGZbhy-B25oEHiUvIawkfZhOf8ibM
  9. Tamiya Fair 2018

    My speculation is the new Supra, which is finally being debuted for actual real they say at the LA auto show. I'll believe it when I see it. There's been a "missing"/skipped over product number in the 1/24th lineup for awhile now, while Toyota has dragged their feet endlessly on debut of the (fugly) Supra. Some speculation elsewhere on Toyota TS-050 as well. I'd be pleased with LaFerrari Aperta & FXX-K Evo modified reissues. LC 500 would be fun...
  10. ACME NNL Atlanta Nov. 3 2018 Pics

    Thanks Len! We had a fun time as usual; sorry I only saw you very briefly! It was a busy day...
  11. (Nearly) Completed 1962 Willys Jeep PU replica

    Wish I could get another; I gave the model to my cousin years ago. He inherited it from my uncle when he passed away in the early 80's. I have tons of fond memories riding in the truck back when the public wouldn't call the police on you when you rode in the back of a PU truck on lawn chairs to and from the drive in movie! This truck still exists, it's been inherited by the grandson of the guy who bought it from my cousin way back when. It's been restored and painted black and sits on an S-10 chassis, though I haven't seen it or any photos.
  12. Bullitt Mustang....

    It turned out great!!
  13. Pontiac Club de Mer Racing

    Very cool idea and execution
  14. All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2018

    Oh boy, 1/16th scale!!!
  15. BMW 2002 tii `71

    That's an amazing model, a true work of art!