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  1. Started on mine last Friday. I still have a lot of work to do. I am doing a replica of my dads pickup truck. I bought two kits. Ordered two more. Let's see yours.
  2. Almost done. Tail lights aren't done cooking yet...
  3. You're absolutely right. I had a 1:1 '52 coupe and I do know that "Korean War" chrome plating was horrible. The stainless chrome cleaned up very nice. Wish i still had the car...
  4. Cool, but this was painted with acrylics... Any problem there?
  5. Thanks guys for the comps! Yes, you are right about the chrome being too "new". I'm working on that with the bumpers & grille... Not sure how to "dull" the trim. I would have to take it apart and dullcote the body. I don't wanna do that. Is there a dullcote you can brush on?
  6. I really enjoy looking at all of the great models on this forum. It's always inspiring! This is what I'm working on now. It's the 1st time I tried the "salt" method. So far, I'm pretty stoked about how it's gonna look when it's done. I'm always open to suggestions on how to make this thing really "pop". Thanks!
  7. Here's an AMT '32 coupe I built and my 1:1 Studebaker pickup I drive daily. Stude sits on an S-10 frame with a 250 straight six. Spray-bombed in my driveway with Rustoleum Colonial Red.
  8. My newest thing. Like 'em slow & low. New to the forum.... Back to the hobby after a long time.
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