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  1. RAWheeler added a post in a topic Dodge D50   

    Yer welcome. Got any updates? IMO the best looking mini truck ever.
    I forgot the repeatedly fried ignition modules (@ $150 in the mid 90's) and the two piece manifold containing the catalytic converter (early california model, my sister put leaded gas in the tank. She also crashed the truck into my Camaro while I pushed (another bad ignition)... pure joy.)
    Really do love those trucks. I saw a straight d50 at work today and wished I'd been in the position to make an offer. I wonder if it a had a 2.6... Starion bits should fit.

    Oh another thing. If you install a new ball joint with a sledge hammer, Dad won't ride in it any more. That two piece manifold did make it easy to reopen the exhaust though.
  2. RAWheeler added a post in a topic Dodge D50   

    It's looking good.
    1:1 would get that low if you loaded the bed with railroad ties, it was hard to keep straight, and the sunrooof leaked. I miss my D50.
  3. RAWheeler added a post in a topic manx, Hi I'm new!   

    Some progress.
    Brass rod cage work with Duplicolor chrome spray bomb. As soon at the base is finished I'll set up the light tent for some decent photos.

  4. RAWheeler added a post in a topic manx, Hi I'm new!   

    Thanks! I'll pull it off the shelf and fire the iron on the roll cage.
    Started a junker beetle and forgot the buggy for a while. I'll finish the manx before the other gets any more attention.
  5. RAWheeler added a post in a topic manx, Hi I'm new!   

    And and and... Didn't proof read, sorry.

    Thanks, glad you like it. I'm not positive on the measurements. All my notes have dissapeared.

    TooOld. I'm not worried that he stole it, just hope he straightens it out before it rolls . Does he look bigger with the body off? I swear he should scale up to 5' 18".
  6. RAWheeler added a topic in On The Workbench   

    manx, Hi I'm new!
    I started this buggy a while ago, signed up to the forum at the same time. Started work with a new company soon after and lost focus.
    Here it is in all its half finished glory. I still need to build a roll bar and engine cage, some engine detail as well

    The suspension is scratch built from copper, brass and styrene. The driver is magic sculpt.
    Anyway, I've been lurking long enough. Hi, I'm Rob.
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