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  1. richardc-s added a post in a topic Ae86 build!   

    Got lots more done today!

    Shell and bumpers all done and in primer...

    Then they were hit with the top coat, and I mocked it all together when they were touch dry...

    Once the paint has properly hardened I will flat and polish it, then it's time to put it together properly
  2. richardc-s added a post in a topic Ae86 build!   

    Might as well update this again! I thought I would revamp the exterior and go for a more 'track car' look.

    So the front bumper... Have cut the centre grill out, made a new lower section, added a splitter and smoother out the number plate recess...

    Have started making a duckbill splitter...

    Some side skirts...

    And a rear diffuser...

    Obviously all these bits are still a work in progress! I also plan on lowering the car some more, and changing the shell colour

    Let me know what you guys think!
  3. richardc-s added a post in a topic Ae86 build!   

    Sorry for the late reply, but for the drop I just removed the springs and slid the shocks into the holes as far as they would go! A bit ghetto but it does the job and doesn't look messy from the underside
  4. richardc-s added a post in a topic Ideas for next model purchase!   

    I will do once it has arrived from Hong Kong in 10-14 days lol
  5. richardc-s added a post in a topic Ideas for next model purchase!   

    Some good info here guys, cheers!

    I actually went against all recommendations in the end, and have gone for a Hasegawa Nissan 240ZG (S30 shape). Don't think it comes with an engine but I saw a pic of one done on another forum and it blew my mind!

    This is the pic that made my mind up...

    And this is the kit I got...

    Anyone ever done this kit before? Any advice?
  6. richardc-s added a post in a topic Ae86 build!   

    Just finished my ae86 build, so though I would share with you all my final pics...

    It's a bit rough around the edges but I'm happy with it for my first outing back into the modelling world!

    Let me know what you guys think
  7. richardc-s added a post in a topic Ae86 build!   

    Cheers guys I'll be updating again tomorrow hopefully with some finished pics!
  8. richardc-s added a topic in General   

    Ideas for next model purchase!
    Hi guys, my Tamiya AE86 build is coming to an end, so I want to start looking for my next build!

    I'm into Jap tuner cars/Togue cars/drift cars, and the options are endless. I want something where I can experiment a bit, and I want something with lots of parts, including an engine.

    Do I go for something older like an R31 Skyline? FC RX7? Supra? Soarer? S13? The options are endless!

    If anyone can recommend any kits then that would be great, As there are so many around that I can't make a choice! Or if you have any pics of Jap car builds then chuck them in here for some inspiration!
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  9. richardc-s added a post in a topic Ae86 build!   

    Right then managed to crack on today!

    Got the under side done, along with most of the shell. I'll let the pics do the talking...

    As you can see its still missing a few little touches, and it's still a bit rough in places. Tomorrow I am hoping to sort out the little imperfections and get the decals on. Also want to have a crack at making a front splitter as the front bumper sits too high from the ground.

    But all in all I am happy with the progress made! It's not perfect, but it was never going to be as I am still getting back into modelling. The next kit I get should be of a better quality!

    Let me know what you guys think
  10. richardc-s added a post in a topic Ae86 build!   

    Thanks man, it's a bit rough in places but I am using this build to get my eye in! Hopefully it will all turn out ok.
  11. richardc-s added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Ae86 build!
    Hi I'm new here, my names Richard and I'm from England! I used to be into airplane models, but haven't done them in a few years. Now I have decided to get into doing cars!

    So here's what I am starting with...

    So I got cracking a few days ago...

    Started by doing the wheels just to get my eye in, as it's been a few years since I have painted!

    Then started with the interior. I wanted a stripped out look, so cut the back seats out. I also cut off the plastic details from the transmition tunnel and smoothed it flat.

    Then used some grass effect stuff to do a carpet. I wanted to have the front of the interior still looking fairly normal, and the rear end stripped and caged. This was then sprayed black. I also test fitted a bucket seat I salvaged from an old Subaru model I found.

    Then I got the dash done, door cards, seats and roll cage. The door cards came attached to the rear door cards, so these just had to be cut apart, and the rear parts binned. The roll cage was half from the old Subaru model, and half home made. Other little interior parts were done, like gearstick, handbrake and steering wheel.

    And this is the satin silver colour I have chosen for the body.

    Hopefully I will get the whole thing done withing the next week or so! Tomorrow I will crack on with the underside, and get the wheels sitting nicely in the arches. Then I want to try and make a small splitter for the front bumper.

    Any comments and/or critism welcome!
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