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  1. Aceman added a post in a topic Hi Everyone,   

    This show in Guelph where would it be and when. I couldn't find anything on Google.
  2. Aceman added a post in a topic "Hot Rod" series by Revell?   

    Thanks for the list,,,,, I didn't realize that there were some many.
  3. Aceman added a post in a topic Hello everyone, I am new on here   

    Welcome Eric,,,,
  4. Aceman added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    "Hot Rod" series by Revell?
    I started collecting this series but I can't find the complete list anywhere. Does anyone know how many kits were in this series and what were they?
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  5. Aceman added a topic in General   

    Hi Everyone,
    I would like to introduce my self,,,,, my name is Jerry. I started building in grade 7 then I took a long 20 year break and I'm back in it for good. I enjoy building all sort of cars and mainly build them as per instructions. I enjoy the challenge that I get out of building and enjoy learning new ways to improve my skills. Hope to share some future build with everyone and it's always nice to see yours.
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  6. Aceman added a topic in General   

    Model Cars Magazine
    I would like to subscribe to this wonderful magazine but after seeing the price for Canadian Residents I was shocked. I can see it's more expensive to ship worldwide but to Canada? It dosen't cost much more to ship a magazine accross the border or does it? Does anyone know why it's so expensive.
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  7. Aceman added a post in a topic Revell/Gearz Contest: What Are You Building?   

    I'm glad they allowed Canadian Modellers to enter. I do have some questions,,,,, do you have to purchase one of their kits in the time period provided and would you have to show proof of purchase or can you use one that you bought while ago.