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  1. MoparMark added a post in a topic A Tale of Two Ponys   

    Thanks again for the feedback, it helps me keep going.
  2. MoparMark added a post in a topic Rain For Rent TF   

    Thanks to all for such great and fantastic responses I'm glad I can make something that's never been built before ,that's my fun in model making and I hope I can get it worked out to where the decals I made for this can be available through Slixx or some other decal makers that can properly print them on an alps printer. More to follow  Thanks again, Mark
  3. MoparMark added a post in a topic Rain For Rent TF   

    Thanks for all the wonderful responses, I was asked to put up some WIP pics and some more of the rear drive train .These are what I could find. If anyone wants to know whats wrapped around the engine in a couple of shots It,s wax Parafilm sold my Micro Mark, It helps protect the chrome bits without leaving a film or rubbing the chrome off . Oh and the printer I am using to make my decals is a Canon iP7220 inkjet printer
  4. MoparMark added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Rain For Rent TF
    Just finished my first large scale build. I've always wanted to do this build seeing this race all the time when I was a kid. It's based on  Revell Prudhomme ARMY dragster. The only scratch stuff is the front axel,( they notoriously break), the wire wheels from I believe Micro Nitro. I built a Dannekas blower and made a new axel fairing connected to a one piece vacuform chassis skin. And I made the decals for this as well. Thanks for lookin, Mark
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  5. MoparMark added a post in a topic A Tale of Two Ponys   

    The rear tires are from the later Revell funnycar kits. I put the tire on a mandrill and sand them flat first to get rid of the injection marks then round the side walls to get a fuller look to them.The two half tires that came with the old kits just didn't do it for me. I made a M&H vacuform stencil for the logo just like the company did. thanks 
  6. MoparMark added a post in a topic A Tale of Two Ponys   

    Thanks for the great responses,I agree that AMT had some interesting funny cars but I don't ever remember that satellite body ever being a real car.
  7. MoparMark added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    A Tale of Two Ponys
    Here are two cars I did not too long ago. I wanted to do a different version of the Trojan Horse and wasn't too thrilled with the AMT kit so I started from scratch. It's a curse most of us modelers are afflicted with. I modified the comp resins mustang body by stretching it a little, adding wheel humps, and changing the angle of the spoiler. Scratch built the chassis, fuel cell, headers,header covers,and all the tinwork.I remolded the body with the alterations and decided to try to make a mini metal flake gel coat body.I sprayed two part urethane clear coat into the silicone mold, spread the metal flake over the clear while its still wet. Then I let the clear coat cure completely removed all the flake that didn't stick to the clear coat then backed the metal flake with black tinted resin. Doing it this way helps keep the outer details intact without wiping everything out with metal flake plus clear over that. I also made the decals cause I like the deep purple blue rather than the AMT black. After going through all this I felt I needed to build the AMT Trojan Horse for a fun pure stock build, also to compare the two when all is said and done.     Thanks for looking,Mark
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  8. MoparMark added a post in a topic aa/fa revisted   

    beautiful ...just beautiful
  9. MoparMark added a post in a topic Looking for detailed info about Al Segrini's Black Magic funny car Vega paint scheme   

    Send me a PM , I think I can help ya out.
  10. MoparMark added a post in a topic Dirty Mary Crazy Larry 69' Charger R/T   

    One of my favorites and a BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH fine job, well done
  11. MoparMark added a post in a topic WIP 84 Candies&Hughes funny car 1/24   

    Here's a shot of the underbody for krazyglu. As for the blower belt some of you were asking about, here's how I made it. This may get put in the tips and tricks section but here it goes. First I got Evergreen .020 black styrene sheet, cut a strip to go around a microscale bottle cap. Any polypropelyne cap will do. Wrap it tight with rubberbands and through cappillary action drop liquid styrene cement on the top of the cap and it will fill the v groves from the cap. Let it sit for an hour or two and unwrap. The black styrene will have the impression of the v grove and be quite plieable,you can straighten the strip and get the slight curve out of it as well.Be sure to put it between a small piece of paper towel and then something flat and heavy and leave it for several hours maybe a day to be sure all the styrene glue is evaporated out of the plastic. Once dry I backsand the smooth side to desired thickness and it starts getting much easier to bend around the pullies. Speaking of pullies you can use the excess to wrap around stock tubing to make pullies that will mesh with your belt. It's real easy once you give it a few tries and the light bulb will go on for other uses and larger scale stuff as well. Thanks for the interest
  12. MoparMark added a post in a topic WIP 84 Candies&Hughes funny car 1/24   

    Thanks for all the great comments to all. Charlie, thanks again for the top notch parts, and thank you John, I'm looking forward to seeing your new stunners at the next show and have a good chat as well. I'll try to post some pics of the underbody for ya krazyglu and I hope I have the body supports in the right spots. The guys at the NHRA museum had me firmly wrestled to the ground before I could jump the ropes and get the body up for a look.
  13. MoparMark added a post in a topic 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 9/23/2017 - Chassis Tins   

    WOW! This is turning out just amazing. If it's not too big a trouble, could you please if you can, throw a quickie mold on every single solitary part on this beauty. Just the things that are between the front bumper to the end of the wheelie bar, just those areas would be cool, a great boon to modeldom for the ages. If ya wanna, just sayin'.
  14. MoparMark added a post in a topic WIP 84 Candies&Hughes funny car 1/24   

    Well I finally got er done. Thanks again to Charlie at Pro-Tech for the braided line,all the fittings, plug wire, and chute kit to help make it look right. I used testors true blue pearl with a little transparent magenta to shift the blue towards the cooler purple tone. I also used Slixx decals and separated the Candies from the Hughes to match the car a little better and also sctatchbuilt the rear air foil as well. Thanks Art for the kudos, there were alot of great builds at the LLC NNL and was happy to be there,I didn't think I had a chance. About the blower belt, dragcarz, I made it myself and I'll post a little somethin' in the tips and tutorials topic in the forum pretty soon. Thanks again for the interest.