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  1. WOW ,nice job, color is dead on
  2. I think the body I have is a rework of the monogram kit, body lines,are all different, same wheelbase. The roof seems a little too low but I'll take a closer look when I get to it,maybe remold it
  3. Thank you all for the great compliments, It really helps keep me going. Yes I did make my own decals on clear inkjet decal film using Photoshop.
  4. Wow!I am thoroughly blown away . Thank you so much for the help I think I can get what info I was missing . Thanks again Dragcarz,Afx,and Magicmustang for the help. Im on my way to start smashing things together a lot more coherently.
  5. Just fantastic John, cant wait to see it all done . amazing my friend!
  6. Hi All, I'm putting out a call for some reference help to get more info or pics of a 69 Don Hardy chassis. My next builds I want to do are the first and last Blue Max funny cars . I'm starting the first Blue Max car with the Polar lights kit and the chassis supplied is not what was under the body. The only pic I could find is pretty grainy and I could use some help with more info. The body has some fixing to do, front air dam, cut door panel lines, fill out side vents a little and add a center-line detail on top of the hood. Any help I would be very grateful.
  7. Hi All ... I Just recently finished my companion dragster rail build that raced at the same time Dale Armstrong's Alcohol funny car did. There are some W I P pictures in an earlier post. The fun stuff was making poseable front wheels ,the one piece vacuumed formed body panels and the decals . I used Photoshop to make the decals on clear inkjet film and painting chrome under the Dale Anderson name area on the body, then the decal over the top of that. Thanks for lookin'. And yes I was surprised to see funny car headers on a dragster
  8. Thanks , I always try to build the car not the kit. I believe the kits are usually 75 to 80% there and its up to you to tweak it till its right.
  9. Hi all, got a quick update. I got the chassis painted, I have the seat and pedals roughed in. I have the engine painted and back together and ready to put final details on it. Thanks for looking
  10. Another truly fanastic job! Great detail, could swear its the real deal. Can't wait to see it with my own eyes.
  11. Oh , I also have made my vacuform buck to make the body skins. All i did was glue all the body panels from the Jeb Allen kit together and filled the inner void with bondo. I then do a little bodyshop work making more useful for future builds that may have skins that go all the way back to the rear tires. I should get a good one piece body using .020 polystyrene plastic that i can cut back to the car tin shape.Also I can scribe in panel lines and re section the skins for an exposed cockpit or whatever. thanks for looking.
  12. Hi All, Got a quick update on what I've been up to. I have the engine and trans roughed out using some stock parts and some resin bits to get to the cars configuration more true. I have the firewall done as well as the top of the roll cage and seat that is vacuum formed so I can bend it and get it in the roll cage . As far as the cock pit controls I'm using best guess cause the reference pics I have don't really show that area real well. Now I'm off to final sanding and fitting to get stuff painted. thanks for looking.
  13. Great job and fantastic build! I to ran into the same underwhelment of the AMT kit. I absolutely loved the car so I decided to do a remake for myself. I did the box stock version and what I saw as a truer version which AMT could of saved me the trouble many years ago. Again great job on a tough kit
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