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  1. This car is one of the "classics" that have many followers in the custom car culture, the drag race community and the loud stereo people of PR.
  2. My latest creation, Aoshima 80´s Toyota Corolla, Rat Rod style.
  3. unky

    VW beetle '66

    Good work! How do you build the skates?
  4. Keep the good work. I have the same kit, and looking for ideas!
  5. Its been a long time I post anything on the forum, but this is my latest model, the Texaco 50 Chevy pickup as a Rat Rod. Enjoy
  6. If I can dream of a kit, I want the Cadillac Hearst with the coffin!
  7. Sorry to hear that, but the important things are safe you and your family. Here in the tropics we have to deal with that every year and I know is very hard.
  8. unky

    57 300c

    This car was suposed to be build for the Jairus Watson Artwork challenge, but I was unable to finish on time. I continue working on the car but with my own touch.
  9. Thanks for yoyur prayers and good thougths. I have been without electrical power since sunday night until today. The worse part was not the tropical storm but the rain that follow. It was raining continuos all these days, causing foods and landslides.
  10. Here in Puerto Rico we are waiting for tropical storm Irene. Is expected to pass late this night. Keep us in your prayers!
  11. Looking good hermano, keep comming the nice builds!
  12. unky

    Local Artist

    His name is Edwin Baez
  13. unky

    Local Artist

    In the article or in the exibition is not an indication of scale. The figures I see measure about 5 to 6 inches.
  14. unky

    Local Artist

    In the local newspaper they feature an article of a local miniature artist. He portrays social, and historical moments of our contry. I saw his work in a local museum and is amazing.
  15. Now I really belive in resurrection! I think this post was dead, but I was wrong. Thanks for your comments.
  16. I find the hood, I remembered that I have the Vanishing Point Challenger in my stash. Well left the kit and the headlights!
  17. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this challege. My biggest concerns of the build are the headlamps, the side stripe and side pipes. At the time of this drawing the new hemi was available? The wheels look like the Alternomad. Any suggestion is welcome.
  18. Thanks for your comments. From the begining the idea of a bumperless front end came to my mind. For the rear I will be installing a wood bumper, something like a farm truck. The weathering was done using the salt method but when I took the salt off it was too early and the paint went out in big pieces. Then I used the sponge method. Took the sponge and with little paint in it give gentle taps over the whole area specialy in the exposed primer ones. All the body paint is acrylic craft paint. Yes, the wheels are Pegasus Holly´s.
  19. Here is a photo of of the engine compartment.
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