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  1. tsroark added a post in a topic odd metal flake colors   

    I figured that mixing the flake medium into the paint would cover the flake.

    I guess I didn't realize clear was available with flake. I will look into that.

    I am planning on using the standard "pre desert/digital" green/brown/black pattern.

    Looks like there are a few ideas floating around, I will have to do some experimenting to see if this works at all.
  2. tsroark added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    odd metal flake colors
    I know this sounds crazy but bear with me. I want to do a camo paint job with metal flake paint. Full on bass boat style metal flake. I have been searching but can't find much on my own.

    Understandably I can't find any manufacturers that produce standard ultra flat camo colors in a metal flake flavor. Can I make it myself? I was thinking of hiting a chunk of alluminum or yellow brass with the drum sander to make a powder to mix into a clear coat and air brush on, or dust a wet color coat with and clear over. I think if I mix it into the color it will just look like chunks of crud in the paint. I know the clear coat will have to be pretty thick so the metal particles don't leave bumpy or rough patches.

    Will this work? Or does anyone have a better solution? It will be a few days but I was going to do some expirimenting anyways.

    Thanks guys

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  3. tsroark added a post in a topic Started new project 53 ford crewcab on Peterbilt chass   

    This is going to be pretty cool
  4. tsroark added a post in a topic 1980 Ford F-250   

    This will be pretty good. Are you gonna do miss matched paint with the later bed?
  5. tsroark added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Offroad GM van?: afraid of heights edition
    First, I have complete faith that this will look horrible. But it will be quick and different. I acquired this GM van body through ebay for a few bucks. I bought it because it is not a commonly seen vehicle model and it was cheap. It is extremely rough, the body is filled with expansion foam and is a very thin casting so I'm not sure anything serious can be done.

    It is going to be an extreme off-road lowrider. Yes, it has 44" tires and will be equipped with every off-road accessory I can think of and fit. But the owner is extremely afraid of heights so it sits 10" off the ground. The fenders will have to be cut almost to the windshield just to tuck the tires under. Depending on how it looks I might add in some lowrider and tuner design ques with some kind of wide body fender flares and body kit for even more ridiculousness. On to the pictures

    Tires will be between the desert dogs or the much larger swampers. Have to wait until i have the wheel wells cut out, but I am leaning towards the swampers. Because why not.

    If it cant be overdone then why do it at all

    The body is cast filled with foam and I don't have the patience to remove it, so chassis detail will be down to axles and skid plates.

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  6. tsroark added a post in a topic clearance lights   

    So there were no ford factory lights then, or regulations? That would explain why I have found images of heavy trucks whith no lights.
  7. tsroark added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    clearance lights
    Hey guys, I am finishing up a 50 ford. Were cab mounted clearance lights ever offered or required then. I am having trouble finding any pictures of anything that early with indicators to go by.

    I suppose I could just scratch something similar to an 80s truck.
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  8. tsroark added a post in a topic Unleash... The Muscle Truck!   

    Thats gonna be pretty cool, are you going to hit the front fenders with the sawzall?
  9. tsroark added a post in a topic working with brass/ metal   

    Thanks, I will definetly see about ordering these.
  10. tsroark added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    working with brass/ metal
    Hey guys, I will be starting a scratch building project here shortly. I plan so far to do a k30 long stepside. I own a chassis manual so I am working with full dimensions. I just have to scan and resize to 24th scale. The manual lists full dimensions for everything from the el Camino/vans/pickup/sub/blazer/delivery up to 1 ton. Materials used will be mostly brass sheet. Maybe some roof flashing I have on hand for flat panels.

    I guess I am mostly looking for some small scale metal working references. Something like a cheat sheet for how to make a certain kind of bend or curve. The squarebodies are not to complicated to beging with but being my first major scratch like this it would be nice to have a guide.
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  11. tsroark added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    50 Ford 4x4

    I ddon't post much butwanted to show off what I've been building. It is a 1950 Ford pickup that has become a mashup of parts. It has a flathead v8 with I think a c6 trans paired with a Chevy 205 (?, parts box) dana 60/70 axle pair. It does have a tilt front end and flatbed. The body has been carved, filed and sanded to resemble dents and painted with craft acrylics. I did cast the tires myself, they are certainly not high quality but I think I can make them work for this application. I think I used the wrong silicon to do the mold and need to change the parting line location or add a 3rd part, I'm calling it a learning experience.

    Most of the major stuff has been finished, its just down tolots of little things. The paint is evolving as it goes so it could end up green or purple by the time I finish.

    Thanks for looking

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  12. tsroark added a post in a topic Cannot find correct color code   

    Thanks guys, I have gone through google and found a few paint chip books. I will check the websites you posted.

    Although I think I'll be better off just trying to mix something going off of "lime green that looks like gold"
  13. tsroark added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Cannot find correct color code
    Hey guys I'm trying to find the correct paint color to use on a build. It is a 65 or 66 1 ton Chevy panel truck. I have been told that the color appeared to be gold but was really some kind of lime green. I have only seen b/w pictures of the truck so don't have anything to compare to. I have checked online and can't find a green option that looks gold when viewed on the monitor. Most color pictures I have found have been repainted with modern colors so isn't any help.

    I primarily use craft acrylics thinned with future or something so I don't even have good knowledge regarding real hobby paints.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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  14. tsroark added a post in a topic who wants a resin 1/25 longbed 77-87 chevy bed   

    If longbeds where offered at a reasonable price I would probably buy a couple, especially if they where in 1/24, although 1/25 is easy enough to make fit and I've got a couple 1/25 gmcs. I guess that depends on if I finish making one for myself first (I'm getting to it very slowly).
  15. tsroark added a post in a topic Custom Tire Material   

    Thanks, I did think about pvc, but now I just thought to stack several different sizes to make a solid disk. I've used delrin before but didn't know It was available in large sizes.