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  1. Sounds like Tower Records. Gone now from the U.S. but huge in Japan, where they still do these appearances.
  2. Same thing happened to my Celica. I was using Testors lacquer, which I don't think I ever tried before.
  3. I'm about done with my Beetle, and over the main hurdles with a Datsun. So, I guess you can count me in with this kit. Contains a lot of custom parts, and is easy to lower with those parts. May add a wing, but that's it I swear!
  4. Its been awhile, but I finally have something to show.
  5. OK. I finished this about a month ago. Photographing, and then getting them to the computer is kinda a pain. This kit was from 1983, and as I suspected the decals were shot, even after two coats of clear, and a coat of Future they turned to crumbs. I tried to replicate the missing hose, but after two failures, I just modeled it as battle damage.
  6. Probably not a whole lot in 1/25th. There are tons of 1/24 figures from Fujimi, Hasegawa & Tamiya. Fujimi drivers set. Fujimi Mechanics set, also released in Testors box, also many vehicles that come with racing drivers. If you want pre-painted figures, you'd probably want to look into G-scale railroad figures.
  7. I'd start with 1mm, should be adequate for that. I have 1, and 2mm. I use the 1mm more often, so far.
  8. That's looking really great Steve! I did start on my Datsun, finally, not much to show yet. Just wheels and some sub assemblies.
  9. Those are some great looking mechs. I'm not too knowlegable about Gundam, even though it's been around forever. I did just finish a vintage 1983 Flying Gouf. The feet are so oversized he can't stand up properly.
  10. I just started the Datsun Monster truck. I think I may try to fix the nose like this.
  11. Excellent work. Your shrink ray secret is safe with me.
  12. If you got the Monster truck, you should be able to just source axles and wheels to build something like this. http://round2corp.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/MPC852-DatsunMonsterTruck-Parts.jpg
  13. Very clean and well done, sir. Wheels are great looking.
  14. The body for this kit is very nice, but the chassis is rubbish. I've got the Touge version. It comes with a Pantera style hatchback, vented fenders and BBS mesh wheels.
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