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  1. mp_101airborne added a post in a topic 64' thunderbolt pro touring custom   

    well i'm managing to overcome the learning curve with the help from some interesting how to articles and forums... so with that said heres my first attempt at scratch building disk brakes... rotors are a kit from model master and the calipers are inner wheel hubs that i quartered and used a dremel tool to shape... i need to either find or make some decals for them... maybe baer or brembo

    also managed to finish the dash and wired the tach up... ive flocked the floor pans and need to clean up a bit but you get the picture... gonna scratch some armrest up and i have some headrest to add to the front buckets so the next pic of the interior will be a finished shot before final assembly begins

    last but not least is something ive learned that makes older cars look much more realistic and thats blacking out the recessed grill areas...

    gonna finish this interior tonight and the front disc... about a week till i have a finished product... and then its on to the next
  2. mp_101airborne added a topic in General   

    Pick My Next Build
    ok im drawing to a a close on my fairlane project (follow along on the workbench) and need to start shopping for my next build... i joined these forums to gather valuable knowledge and input... keeping with the spirit i want you over the next week to pick my next project... choose your favorite and in a week im gonna get the kit from model roundup.com... heres your choices

    69' grabber green cougar eliminator

    70' yellow buick GSX

    78' bandit edition trans-am

    68' el camino ss396

    69' sublime green GTX

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  3. mp_101airborne added a post in a topic 64' thunderbolt pro touring custom   

    well its been a long weekend and havent built much but decided to finish the engine while im waiting on daytona to clean the exploded track truck off... lol... so heres some pics of the engine plumbed and wired... gonna get the headers on tonight and also the suspension... finish the interior and its gonna be the home stretch

  4. mp_101airborne added a post in a topic Fast & Furious Showcase   

    should build one of the grand national kits and the chevelle... muscle rules... haha
  5. mp_101airborne added a post in a topic 64' thunderbolt pro touring custom   

    well didnt have much time today to build but did manage to get the engine bay painted... i know there are some mixed feelings about this but i think i helps add some contrast to the strut tower brace and radiator shroud... plus its gives that look of the fenders being bolted on to something... also managed to snap a mock up... oh and one of the model murderer all wrapped up in her snuggie

  6. mp_101airborne added a post in a topic Monogram '64 GTO   

    haha... yeah decals in kits lately are a joke at best... its a shame really... only other thing i see in the parts is the rear end and exhaust attached... part of the fun of these kits is painting and assembly and they keep taking the assembly part away
  7. mp_101airborne added a topic in General   

    Nascar fans dont forget
    gatorade twin 125s or the duel at dayton as it is now know is on today... 2pm speed channel... Happy Harvick!!!
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  8. mp_101airborne added a post in a topic 64' thunderbolt pro touring custom   

    thanks for all the encouraging feedback... im doing some research for the stance i want and came across this... really liking it and wondering what the masses think

  9. mp_101airborne added a post in a topic dirty donnys (vantasy) update (she is done now so i put her in "under glass" )   

    im betting thats gonna be the love nest those vans are famous for... haha
  10. mp_101airborne added a post in a topic A Feast of Snakes   

    i fell in love with the first cobra doc... now your really doing it right with that green... sharp... one day im gonna build me a couple and an old ford 600 Hauler that carried them around europe
  11. mp_101airborne added a post in a topic 10 modeling tools every modeler should have   

    could not agree more about the eyes Ragnar... nothing like the feeling of hot plastic flying off the Dremmel tool... lol

    tell you some of the things i havent seen mentioned and i know i couldnt live without:

    1) Q-Tips... great for everything from laying down decals to buffing and waxing paint jobs (sold at walgreens as a makeup applier... with a tipped end and flat end)
    2) Soft tip cuticle tool... the soft tip is great for pressing BMF into the nooks and crannies (again at walgreens)
    3) Toothpicks... you could start an intire post for the use of toothpicks
    4) Tape... more sizes the better and great for holding things in place or masking off paint jobs... also saw a girl on tv who was addicted to eating it... haha
    5) Right cement for the job... Clear is great for windows and a tiny tip makes getting the right amount easy

    Last but not least a little bit of $$$ doesnt hurt either... this hobby isnt a cheap one and can get expensive if you want to sink a ton of money into it... i was joking with a friend who collects guns as a hobby... he said "i paid $200 for a mossberg shot gun"... i laughed and said "i have over $200 wrapped up in 5 tiny cars i can never drive"... haha
  12. mp_101airborne added a post in a topic My first Model Kit - update 3/11/12   

    good call with the putty... the green most common in 71 was called sublime green and model master makes the one i used in my cuda... the orange is pretty sweet to... check out go-mango... its an oldschool mopar impact
  13. mp_101airborne added a post in a topic 64' thunderbolt pro touring custom   

    got the BMF done and couldnt be happier to say that... took the hard way on this one and trimmed the window frames and not the entire B-Post... layed the black stripes as well and now im debating doing the engine bay semi-black... would like to hear you imput

  14. mp_101airborne added a topic in On The Workbench   

    64' thunderbolt pro touring custom
    got the idea for this one awhile back watching barry white build one on discovery channel... this is actually my 3rd attempt at building one... first ended when my weener dog caught the body on the table and used it as a chew toy... second ended when i let a half finished version at my now ex-girlfriends house... so heres hoping 3rd times a charm... got the body primered and painted with modelmasters go mango orange laquer (yes i know its a mopar color but its the brightest orange laquer i could find)... haha... in the process of BMFing all the chrome now and feels like i might use the whole sheet... hope everyone enjoys

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  15. mp_101airborne added a post in a topic my first build back in november 68 dart   

    no thanks required... just a job and one that someone has to do... i loved every second of all three tours of duty... yeah i built some snap kits back when i was 8... nothing since then... just did a lot of homework and read a lot of tutorials... looking forward to improving and becoming good enough to contribute my own 2 cents one day