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  1. love both of em! I too have a still born version... I seem to remember I was using the Boot Hill Express hemi and a monogram pro stock chassis... wonder where it is?
  2. i was thinkin "i dont even HAVE the Moebius cars yet and RRR is already cannibalizin' em!
  3. no clear! oh yeah.. looks NICE!
  4. YES! I remember an article not too many years ago where a guy had Crower system in a 66-7 chevy II, he said one of the main reasons for his street ability was the Crower design put the butterflies like 8" away from the cylinder head, meaning much less heat to enlarge the bores around the butterflies..
  5. NICE VERY nice KUDOs for integrating a vintage dash
  6. im with Mr Lacy, that first mockup foto...EPIC
  7. i love a good 49-51 merc / ford build... never liked the term "shoe boxes" though... i seem to get bogged down on the frame/suspension portion and... back in the box it goes! loving what im seeing i vote for long flowing skirts
  8. ya had me at AWB love it!
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