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  1. i inherited that car! i yanked the wheels/tires off an CHUCKED it... now im sorry i did! yours looks so good!
  2. So clean i got one in 78.... loved the rallys, thot it was an odd choice for the model to come with em.. if i had em now, I would put em on a 1/25 goat!
  3. love that color combo! tape job looks clean too in 1979 i tried to do a 427-esque out of the AMT 289... i did black with gold stripes too yours looks better!
  4. Local guys here built it way back
  5. I must gather up a 9” an a motor
  6. Now THAT made me laugh!!! im thinkin pro street... blown SBC
  7. Started this in ‘88, it needs finishing....
  8. love it! i traveled on a Power tour behind Jack driving the 2.0 version.. it was sooooo cooool! at gas station stops he would move it to the pumps by grabbing the rear tire! it was great, Jack was great!
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