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  1. Love this thread! Started on the Tommy Ivo showboat dragster that I started when I was maybe 10 or 11 years old back in 95 or 96. Took apart the engines that I had terribly put together and reassembled them. They are ready for paint now. While those were drying, I started assembling the engine for the Pisano & matsubara monza funnycar and the engine for the Don Prudhomme wedge dragster.
  2. Your build is phenomenal!!! The paint is perfect. Great build. I definitely need to get this kit.
  3. Stumbled across this post and love it. Noticed no one has posted for awhile and wanted to keep it going . My bench is too clean cause I never have time to get to it. Really hoping I can get back at it later tonight.
  4. Awesome build!!! Love this car. Nice work!
  5. Wow! Great build! The detail and paint is top notch.
  6. Wow this build just pops!! Great work!
  7. I'll have to check that out. Thank you for the info. Brandon
  8. Great build so far! Keep the updates coming. Question for you. Where did you get the Aileen’s Tacky Glue from?
  9. Beautiful build!! That build is top notch.
  10. First of all so many awesome builds guys. Thanks for the info. Getting back into building again so I really appreciate the info. Have Don Schumacher's super shoe vega and Pisano & Matsubara monza on the bench right now and wanted to get an idea on what everyone is using for rear tires since the ones with the kit seem too small.
  11. I've seen people post that they were using the rear tires from newer funny car kits for there 70s funny car kits. I bought a set of current funny car/top fuel tires from slixx and was wondering if anyone else has used them for there 70s funny car. How did they look? When I received the tires they took alot of sanding to true them up. Anyone else have this problem too or did I just get a bad set? Thanks guys.
  12. Awesome build! What yellow did you use for the body?
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