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  1. Mickey Thompson 69 Mustang Mach 1 Funnycar x 2!

    Great work so far. Keep the updates coming!
  2. Big John

    Beautiful build!! That build is top notch.
  3. Funny car rear tires

    First of all so many awesome builds guys. Thanks for the info. Getting back into building again so I really appreciate the info. Have Don Schumacher's super shoe vega and Pisano & Matsubara monza on the bench right now and wanted to get an idea on what everyone is using for rear tires since the ones with the kit seem too small.
  4. Funny car rear tires

    I've seen people post that they were using the rear tires from newer funny car kits for there 70s funny car kits. I bought a set of current funny car/top fuel tires from slixx and was wondering if anyone else has used them for there 70s funny car. How did they look? When I received the tires they took alot of sanding to true them up. Anyone else have this problem too or did I just get a bad set? Thanks guys.
  5. The "Shoes" 74 Vega

    Awesome build! What yellow did you use for the body?
  6. motor dragster

    Dear god that is beautiful
  7. Early floppers

    Nice work! I'm building the same car. What yellow did you use for the body?
  8. Info on sprint cars

    Looking to build some USAC sprint cars and World of Outlaws sprint cars. Are there any places to get decals and other pieces to build these besides the sprint car kits that are out there? Thank you for any info.
  9. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Nick, if your interested in getting rid of the Pisano funny car let me know!
  10. Hobby shops in Pittsburgh, Pa

    I've been trying to get to Hobby express in Cranberry cause it's kinda close but I didn't know about Auto Models in Greensburg. Definitely gonna have to make the trip to Greensburg. Thanks for the info!
  11. Hobby shops in Pittsburgh, Pa

    Hey guys. Does anyone from the Pittsburgh area know if there are any good hobby shops around this area. I used to go to A B Charles when I was younger but they have been closed for a few years now. Thanks!!
  12. Thanks for all the tips! I'll be picking some bondo up soon. Once again thanks for the help everyone!
  13. Hey guys. I'm getting back into building again. I'm building Don Schumacher's Revell's super shoe vega funny car. I'm sure everyone knows with the early revell funny car kits the body is not one complete piece meaning the front and back must be glued on. How does everyone make the body look like one complete piece after the front and back pieces are attached? Thank you for any advice as I'm getting back into building and stepping up my game. Thank you for the help.
  14. Creitz & Donovan decals

    New to this site and everyone's models are breath taking. Does anyone know if they make decals for the Creitz & Donovan fueler that Steve Carbone drove? If they do make them will they fit the Young American fueler? Would like to build the car. Thank you.