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  1. dbiggied added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    49 mercury tire and wheel suggestions
    I'm looking for aftermarket or kit sources for putting wide performance tires on a 49 mercury...but with a wide whitewall.  It's a custom build with a turbo Porsche V-10, so I'm talking mini-tub width on the rear...but I don't want the super skinny sidewall like you'd see on most performance tires.  But I also don't want the high sidewall look like stock...somewhere in between.  Everything I can find (kit or aftermarket) is either wide tread and skinny sidewall, or enough sidewall but narrow tread.  I am toying with cutting a pair of leftover kit tires down to make one wider tire, and then cast it, but it isnt going well.  Any thoughts?
    Here's sort of the look I want...not too much sidewall, but enough for the stripe...

    What I DON'T want...

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  2. dbiggied added a post in a topic 1/12 scale Williams FW14B   

    I still haven't figured out how you got them to disassemble the real car so you could take "in progress" pictures of individual components...good job though with photoshopping pictures of your hands in front of real car parts. 
  3. dbiggied added a post in a topic CO2 / Nitrogen for tank for airbrushing   

    How long also depends on tank size. I think the most common tanks are 5 pound and 20 pound, but they have other sizes too. A 5 pound won't last nearly as long as a 20 pound, but a 20 pound CO2 tank is a pretty big boy...heavy too. So when you decide what to get, figure in the trouble you'd have storing it and taking it for refills.
  4. dbiggied added a post in a topic CO2 / Nitrogen for tank for airbrushing   

    Stick with CO2. Nitrogen tanks are filled to a much higher pressure (something like 3000 psi), so if you knock it over and break off the neck, the tank is going through your wall, your car, your shed, your neighbors house, etc.
  5. dbiggied added a post in a topic Can I see some crazy Drivetrain swaps?!   

    I don't have any pictures yet, but how about a Porsche Carrera V-10 and a GM Auto in a '49 Mercury custom?
  6. dbiggied added a post in a topic '77 Firebird Formula tribute build. Update (12-25-14) Finished w Pictures   

    I, literally less than a year ago, sold a '55 Coronet that was a virtual twin to the one in your profile pic, except mine was the reverse colors (blue with a white hood)...beautiful car, but couldn't keep it because of family situations.

    Also, fantastic work on the Firebird.
  7. dbiggied added a post in a topic '77 Firebird Formula tribute build. Update (12-25-14) Finished w Pictures   

    Totally off topic...what's the car in your profile pic?
  8. dbiggied added a post in a topic post your homemade tools for building!   

    I actually use the grit on homemade tools mostly for cleaning up metal gaming minis. As for plastic, it works well for small detail parts and engines and whatnot, since you can make small tools in different shapes.

    I also make my own padded sanding sticks. I use what they call eva foam...comes from the craft store or the craft section at walmart in sheets...I glue down a whole sheet to the back of a sheet of sandpaper, then to the back of the foam I glue down a bunch of popsicle sticks or bits of wood...let dry and cut up. They don't last as long as the pre-made kind from the hobby shop, but they are a lot cheaper, and I can mass produce them.
  9. dbiggied added a post in a topic post your homemade tools for building!   

    That famous auction site...search for tumbler grit. I got a little bag of 400 grit that has lasted me for years with no end in site. My favorite is to put glue on the ends of toothpicks and stick them in the container and let them dry, but you can use any shape you want.
  10. dbiggied added a post in a topic Spray Booth   

    I see your 485cfm and raise you 549cfm for about $15 less...now I know where my Christmas money is going.

  11. dbiggied added a post in a topic 5.9L 1st Gen Cummins Diesel- Trailer Trash Kustomz Resins   

    This thread is over a year old...are you still producing these or something similar? If so, what are you charging for them?
  12. dbiggied added a post in a topic Spray Booth   

    I'm really getting a good chuckle over the cat claws in this thread. Ya'll fight like a bunch of wet hens.

    For what it's worth, my two cents is that if you spray flammable materials through a fan that isn't designed for it because you're too cheap to buy the correct kind of fan, you deserve to watch your house burn down...and just because you've been doing it for xx years with no problems doesn't mean something bad won't happen tomorrow. I once pulled the ignition coil wire off a running engine with my bare hand and found out just how far 30,000 volts can jump...just because I'm still alive doesn't mean I should keep doing it...it just means I was luckier than I was stupid.

    Having said that, I have a homemade spray booth (with a proper squirrel cage blower), but I need more CFM. Has anyone seen the fan below? It seems to be sort of a squirrel cage type blower, and looks to be easy to modify for a custom spray booth. If it's "explosion proof" and pulls anywhere near the rated CFM, it would seem to be the best buy around, but I can't find anything specific about the motor on the company's website.


  13. dbiggied added a post in a topic Using Chrome Tech USA   

    Just make sure you carefully prep your parts...I sent some stuff off to them and they came back perfect...so perfect in fact that they showed off every single little gouge or rough spot I left on the parts like they were under a spotlight. Nothing will make you realize what a crappy job you did of prepping a part like a nice new coat of chrome. Taught me a lesson about putting some elbow grease behind the 1000 grit.
  14. dbiggied added a post in a topic SCORE!...oops...no instructions...   

    They sell whatever people donate. It's sort of like a treasure hunt, and it goes to a good cause.
    My current list of Goodwill acquisitions is as follows:

    The above Ferrari $1.99
    Monogram 1/48 B-29 $4
    Revell 1/48 F-106 $2.99
    Revell '67 Chevelle SS 396 $2.50
    Revell 1/32 AH-64 Apache $4
    Imex Harley Custom Springer $3.50
    Testors 1/48 FA-18 Hornet $4
    Scientific Models Thermopylae (wood, 31") $14.99
  15. dbiggied added a post in a topic SCORE!...oops...no instructions...   

    The pictures are perfect, thanks!