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  1. well the body has been soaking in the purple swamp for 12hrs with no results....will check in 24hrs
  2. No i'm stripping a bad paint job but you are right about the bleach removeing chrome... thanks
  3. I'm getting ready to use purple power for the first time and my question is....How many strip jobs can you get out of one swamp... or is it a one use thing????
  4. That is a great build...I don't think I haver "seen" such a great build or will ever "see" one like it again..... He.. He.. He...
  5. Yeah.... the 3100 seems to be the overall favorite...
  6. Great build... very clean...
  7. Thanks again for a great year everyone... i'm looking foward too many more....
  8. My favorite is the Chevy 3100 it gave me alot of areas to add custom touches.. but the the Merc drager was the fun one....
  9. Thank you guy's for the positive feed back... I hope you all have safe and fun New Year!!!!
  10. Thats what I call one real beach wagon..... "BRA"
  11. Looks like your off to a good start keep the posts comming...
  12. Thanks guys... sorry for the photo setup but it was a spur of the moment thing...Jantrix the camo effect was a accident i used a roll of medical grade plaster wrapping like the kind they set arms and legs..
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