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  1. Watch out for that Kitchen Aid or you'll end up with even more parts
  2. The Crew Chief aeh? I checked my original issue and didn't see any. Did I miss something?
  3. Thanks guys I have some good ideas. So.., I guess the next logical question would be, how many of us have used AMT's stacks. I think a new thread is in order here
  4. Thank you, Thank you, I should of known. Super nice photography too!
  5. I found this pic somewhere, and would like to know who built it. I like the looks of it. We could always play "name that part" I see several from a variety of different sources.
  6. Thanks Guys............It would be interesting to see if anyone as actually used them. I'll bet we all have packages of them hanging around just waiting for that certain model to come along.
  7. Thinking about doing a 29 ford street sod with a sbc and a Hilborn or similar top end. anyone know where I might find anything along those lines. I have the new Amt stacks would like to use them on something. I'm not opposed to parting out a kit for an entire engine or just some good stuff to start off with. Thanks Guys!
  8. Glad I could help! SA's web forums are not compatible with Microsoft's new IE 11. Hope this helps! ED
  9. I really do prefer this forum But, I like to see what's happening through out the modeling community. I have found the solution for this problem! Here is what you need to do Go to SA's home page Then click on "Tools" at the top of the page. A drop down menu appears Click on "compatibility view" SA's URL will appear Click "add" Click close/ok
  10. After much ta do,... I am finally able to get to the forums page via email links. However I still can't log in. Re-confirmed my password with Kalmbach, but it won't take my email addy either
  11. I keep trying... but all I get is "this page cannot be displayed" any suggestions?
  12. I do not wish to offend anyone here, but I have to ask, Is anyone having a problem getting onto the SAE forum?
  13. I box up the kit(s) that are buggin' me and clean up my shop!
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