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  1. Simply beautiful and nicely done! I like it.
  2. Nicely done! Neat and clean. I like it.
  3. Totally amazing!! Beautiful workmanship and attention to detail. I like it!
  4. Beautifully done and nicely detailed. I really like the color combo.
  5. Looks great! Nicely done.
  6. Beautifully done! Nice and neat with great detailing.
  7. Nicely done and great color combo.
  8. What is the gadget called and where did you find it? It looks like it would be very helpful applying decals as shown.
  9. From one vet to all the others - Thank You!
  10. Great photos and a real treat to see.
  11. WOW! That is just too cool! Your technique for the steel finish is something I will have to give a try. Very convincing finish.
  12. Nicely done and great paint work!
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