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  1. Got my issue 214 in the mail yesterday. A quick scan through the pages indicates another great issue.
  2. Nicely done! Good color choice.
  3. Nicely done! That is one great looking paint job.
  4. Great looking job on your replica!
  5. Thanks everyone for the kind comments, they are appreciated.
  6. This is the Jordan 1/87th scale Highway Miniatures Hot Rod Roadster. It has been sitting in my stash for many, many years and I finally decided to get it out and drive myself crazy for a few days working on something this small. All of the kit parts are styrene plastic with no chrome parts. Clear plastic was provided for the windshield, head lamps and rear taillights. The kit consisted of about thirty parts or so. I added the following parts/pieces to the build: small gauge wire for the beauty rings, scratch build headers, mufflers and tail pipes, hood support rods, widen the rear tires, used cloth medical tape for the seat and added a bar between the front cross members. Using the ink from a Molotow pen, I brushed on the chrome for the engine parts, head lamps, radius rods, hub caps, etc. I tried something different with the paint job for the body, frame and radiator. Not sure if I could get a nice smooth black paint job on something this small, I decided to use a black felt tip marker! Once that was dry, I clear coated it with Future. The result is a nice smooth paint job with no brush strokes. With the finished model being so small and delicate to handle, I placed it on a base that I build using items for the spare parts bin. The 45 rpm record was made using black plastic and the record label was a copy of the real thing shrunk down. The base is raised a little so that I can get a better hold when I go to pick it up. This was a fun but challenging build, being as small as it is. Thankfully, this is the only one of these kits that I own! Now on to bigger and better things! Enjoy the photos.
  7. Outstanding! Beautiful paint job and great attention to detail.
  8. Outstanding! Nicely done and great attention to detail and paint.
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