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  1. Thanks everyone for the great advise and suggestions, it is appreciated. After much thought and consideration, I have decided that I will go ahead and prime the body with Tamiya gray primer. Then I will either spray a couple of light coats of Tamiya white primer (to help the color coats to stay bright) or I will go ahead and spray the color coats. Hopefully, the Silver Jade is dark enough (over the gray primer) that the yellow will not bleed through. However it turns out, it will be a learning experience and that is what this hobby is about. You win some, you lose some.
  2. I am in the process of building the Revell '69 Shelby GT-500 and would like to paint it in the factory color of Silver Jade. The problem is that the kit is molded in a gad-awful yellow plastic and I am afraid that the yellow will bleed through. I have had this problem in the past with red plastic. My thought process is to prime the body with Tamiya Gray Primer first and then follow that with Tamiya White Primer and then the color coats. Also, I would like to keep the number of primer/paint coats to a minimum due to the soft molding of the emblems. I would appreciate any advise that anyone could provide on how to proceed with this project. Thank you.
  3. I would like to trade one of the five kits in the enclosed photos (end view and straight on) for the Model Car Garage photo-etch fret that fits the AMT/ERTL '62 Thunderbird. All of the kits are still factory sealed and the boxes are in great condition. I have other kits also if the pictured ones don't catch your interest. Thanks for looking.
  4. Thanks Gerry for posting an image of the fret. I have checked the MCG site and the fret is still available. My problem is that I do not want to spend $21.00 plus s/h for an item that I will only be using a couple of parts off of. I really only need the side scripts and hood/trunk badges. If someone out there has this fret and is willing to trade, I will trade one kit (or spare parts, decals, etc.) for the fret. I have a small collection of kits and should be able to find something of interest to someone.
  5. Does anyone know if there ever was a photo-etch fret made for the AMT/ERTL '62 Thunderbird? Or where I might find the hood and trunk badges along with the side panel scripts. Thanks in advance for any help with this request.
  6. Thanks everyone for the helpful information. I went ahead and ordered some paint from Scalefinishes and will give it a try.
  7. I haven't used Scalefinishes paints before and would like some input from those that have. Do these paints behave like Model Masters enamels? Do they require special preparations before the color coat? Is there any special application process and what air pressure should I use for the best results? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Thank you Steven for the paint charts. They are exactly what I was looking for. Rex, thanks for your input and I agree with you about getting any color you wanted, MONEY TALKS!!
  9. Does anyone know where I could find some decent exterior color charts for the '67 Shelby GT350 and the '69 Shelby GT500? So far, all I have been able to find on the net are out of focus charts and incomplete color selections. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. I have a set of the state travel window decals from the Revell 1948 Ford Woody if that will help you out. There is a total of 12 decals on the sheet. No charge, just PM me with your address.
  11. Hi-Po

    Ferrari 250 GTO

    Simply beautiful!! Great color choice.
  12. Nicely done and great color choice.
  13. Nicely done and the paint is outstanding!
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