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  1. Hi-Po

    72 stingray

    Nicely done. Clean and neat. I like it.
  2. Beautifully done! Nice and clean. I like it, a lot.
  3. Beautifully done! Nice and clean.
  4. I have to agree with all of the others - your best job to date. To separate parts from the sprue, I use either of two sprue cutters, a Despruing Tweezer - #82393 or a Professional Sprue Cutter -#84386, both from Micro Mark. I have also used the micro saw blades that David G. speaks of with satisfying results. Any of these products I highly recommend. If you have a Hobby Lobby or Michael's close by, you might check out their jewelry making department for wire cutters. They offer many styles that compare to the to ones offered by Micro Mark.
  5. Claude, Thanks for the photos but they don't show the A frame assembly that I am having trouble with. I just now edited and added some photos to my original post that might give you a better idea of what I am referring to. Terry
  6. I am currently in the process of building the AMT/ERTL 1953 Studebaker Starliner coupe and have a question regarding the ground clearance of the chassis. I have assembled the chassis per the instructions and added the wheels/tires to the frame, at stock height. Now that that is complete and I place this on a level surface, I noticed that the lower A frame and sway bar assembly sits VERY close to the ground with a clearance of about 4mm. I even mocked up the front splash pan to see how it looked and the A frame/sway bar still shows below the pan. Not being a Studebaker guy, my question is was this normal for the Starliner, to have the lower A frame assembly showing below the splash pan? Looks really weird to me! Online photos of the 1:1 car don't show the A frame assembly being that close to the ground. Is this an error with the kit or what? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. I have enclosed a couple of photos to better illustrate what I am referring to when I say the A frame assembly sits really low and exposed. I have the ride height set for stock right now but I may change that to a lowered front end. Even then with the splash pan added, the A frame with be exposed.
  7. Nice, clean build. I like it.
  8. Good looking model - need more photos.
  9. Nicely done. I like it.
  10. Nicely done, I like it.
  11. In one word - Outstanding!!
  12. Nice, clean and beautiful. Outstanding work.
  13. Another beautiful build, Randy. Well done!
  14. Nice clean build, I like it!
  15. I have two sets of Three Amigos decals for the 1/24 Revell/Monogram Team Tabasco Gran Prix plus an additional sheet of decals that I had altered from the original kit decals by a company called Lost in the Fifties Decal Service. One set of the Three Amigos decals are for the Todd Bodine 1998 Bud Shoot-out "Bottle" Gran Prix, The other set is the Todd Bodine 1998 "Tabasco Green Sauce" Gran Prix. The sheet from Lost in the Fifties was altered from the kit decals by having the green Tabasco logos replaced with white ones except for the hood decal. My original intent was to try to do my own version of the "Green Sauce" car using this sheet but that idea got shelved long ago. Since I have changed directions on using these decals, I am offering them up for trade or whatever. Ideally, I would like to trade all of them for the Slixx decal sheet # 1124 for the #5/8 Highway Masters '95/'96 Rocketsports Camaro or an original set of decals for the 1/25 Revell Rain-X Camaro, kit # 7358. I will also include the printed off copy of the Green Sauce car. If a trade isn't possible, I will consider offering the decals for free, all I ask is that you pay the postage. The postage should be around $7.95 as I will use a USPS Priority Flat Rate Envelope.
  16. Beautifully done! Interesting subject.
  17. Hi-Po

    40 Ford

    Now that is just plain beautiful.
  18. Nicely done! I have built this kit in the past and know the many issues with the kit that you had do deal with.
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