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  1. Amazing work and attention to detail. Will be quite an impressive diorama when completed.
  2. Nicely done with great detailing all around. I like it.
  3. Nicely done on the black paint and the overall build. Neat and clean.
  4. Nicely done and great decal work!
  5. A baker's dozen of some beautiful builds! Nicely done, neat and clean. I like them all.
  6. Looks really nice and great job on the black paint job.
  7. Looks great! Nicely done and great detail work.
  8. I like them all. Well done.
  9. Hi-Po

    My 13 for 2022

    A baker's dozen of some beautiful builds. Well done. Neat and clean.
  10. I have always used Future over the BMF and have never had any issues with yellowing or foil coming loose later on. This also insures that when handling the model that I do not wear off the BMF along the drip rails or other areas that get a lot of handling.
  11. Nicely done, clean and neat. I really like how you did the burl wood dash, very realistic.
  12. Beautifully done! I like it.
  13. Nicely done - neat and clean and I like the color.
  14. Nicely done and I like the color scheme.
  15. Beautiful car. A good friend of mine had one in silver with the black vinyl roof back in 1969 before he traded it in for a VW Bug! If I remember right, it had something to do with speeding tickets!
  16. Name: Terry Davis Rank: E-5 Branch: U.S. ARMY Field: Power Generation Operator Overseas assignments: Germany and Korea Years served: Drafted 1970 - 1971 and then second enlistment 1973 - 1976 THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE SERVED - PAST AND PRESENT
  17. Great looking B-17 and the battle damage is very realistic. Nice job.
  18. Simply beautiful and nicely done! I like it.
  19. Nicely done! Neat and clean. I like it.
  20. Totally amazing!! Beautiful workmanship and attention to detail. I like it!
  21. Beautifully done and nicely detailed. I really like the color combo.
  22. Beautifully done! Nice and neat with great detailing.
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