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  1. XTrucker added a post in a topic 1/43 Scale rigs   

    I hadn't built one since the early 80's when I was maybe 10 or 11.I am 41 now,fatter fingers,older vision so it was slow going.It was definitley a change from the bigger kits.I suppose it turned out ok,probably won't do another,but a change is always nice.
  2. XTrucker added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    1/43 Scale rigs
    Has anyone built any of these?I built a few as a kid,but they just turned into glue-bombs.I found a KW 123 recently and got it built.WOW,I have to say age has caught up to my vision.It was an interesting build,to say the least.
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  3. XTrucker added a post in a topic peterbilts newest style... the 579 yes i said 579   

    From a drivers standpoint,I appreciate the fact that they have done to the T680 what they should have done to the T660.I have driven a 660 and can tell you my biggest complaint is the the fact you cannot stand straight up out the drivers seat.Instead you have to hunch over until you get into the sleeper.I never really liked my 660,except for the fact that it was a KW.Once I moved to a Prostar,having that extra stand up room was a welcome feature and it wasn't long before I no longer missed the KW.I,for one,cannot wait to get a chance to drive one for a living.I have had the chance to drive a T700 and really liked it.Sorry to have hijacked a post about Pete's with all my jabbering about KW's.
  4. XTrucker added a post in a topic Revell of Germany Aerodyne   

    MIA,that is one good looking truck.Ever since I saw that show for the first time and that truck when I was a wee lad,I have been in love with the K-100 Aerodyne.That will forever be my favorite truck.I would say your patience paid off.I finally finished my build last night and it definitley went down screaming.Gave me fits all the way to the last piece.I will have to give another on a go,maybe I just got a bad kit.Although I am not proud of this one,it does look good on the shelf.I will have to name this one "the Hundred Foot Hottie",it looks good from a hundred feet.
  5. XTrucker added a post in a topic Revell of Germany Aerodyne   

    Bob,the date on the box is 1996 and it is the K100.I can see the old mold issue,I had to scrape away alot of flash.Like i said,I had read that these kits build quite well,but mine has been a real pain.I have been out the game for a while.I started with the AMT W900 and Pete and they were a breaze.Then I built and oldie but goodie with the one in my profile pic.That one went together very nice and theeennnn i started the K100 and it all went to hell.Don't worry about the wife,she know her nickname is "the Housekeeper".
  6. XTrucker added a post in a topic Post Pictures of Your Revell Kenworth W900s   

    This is a retro version of the first truck I drove.

  7. XTrucker added a post in a topic How are the Italeri Kits?   

    Sorry,I haven't built any of those yet.I do know a guy that has some Italeri kts for sale.I don't know if they are what you are looking for,but might be something worth buying.Let me know if you want contact info.
  8. XTrucker added a post in a topic Revell of Germany Aerodyne   

    Also,I found the instructions to be kind of vague at times.I really like the detail in the cab and sleeper.That detail inspired me to add a little more detail,wife wife kind of chuckled when she saw the 2 plasma tv's.What does she know?I don't laugh at her when she is in the kitchen or driving the vacume cleaner.
  9. XTrucker added a post in a topic Revell of Germany Aerodyne   

    You know,I had read that they seem to fall into place.Maybe my expectations were too high.It seems that i had to trim way more plastic to get things to fit right.Test fit,trim,re-test,trim some more,re-re-test,just live with it.It just hasn't been a very enjoyable build.Oh well,maybe better luck next time.
  10. XTrucker added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Revell of Germany Aerodyne
    I am completing my first RoG kit and I have to say it will be my last.I was really looking forward to building it because I had read a post somewhere that said they go together really nice.I am 85-90% to completion and have to say I will be glad.Have any of you ever had any issues with these kits?I told my wife that if I look like I am going to buy another RoG kit to swiftly kick me in the cubes.Thanks for any input you may give.
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  11. XTrucker added a post in a topic Pro Star and 53 ft Great Dane reefer   

    Wow!!Just getting back into building AND being able to build the last truck I drove,can it get any better?These are great days indeed.