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  1. You've gotten several very good recommendations for a next build, but for pure sex-appeal, I'd love to see the infamous Red Head in scale.
  2. That is just stunning. Flawless paint, cleanly built and nice detail work. Nothing over the top, just everything done right.
  3. Very nice to see a truck that looks like it's been doin' what a truck aught to be doin'.
  4. And don't forget; soil preparation is vitally important when planting turnips.
  5. In the late 40's - early 50's, my Father and Uncle had a duct cleaning business for which they used a '41 Chevy panel truck. I would very much like to replicate this truck. My current plan is to graft the back end of the Galaxie '48 sedan delivery body onto the Revell '41 Chevy cab, but this is going to require a great deal of modification, which may be beyond my capabilities. My question is whether there is a more suitable donor for the cargo section.
  6. Faster...Faster...Faster would be better. Sure woulda been nice to have some grenades about now.
  7. Also, the "AS" paints are more of a semi-gloss, but can be polished to a respectable shine which, to my eye, looks more realistic for a stock automotive finish than the ultra-high-gloss finishes that many try to achieve.
  8. It looks like an aluminum heat-sink from some old defunct piece of audio equipment.
  9. In the Alclad line, I mix Steel and Stainless steel in equal parts for a convincing galvanized steel for stock exhausts and mufflers.
  10. I've never done this for body color or graphics, but I will often go through the instructions and color code all the parts that get a particular paint treatment, such as; all steel parts, all aluminum parts etc... This helps ensure that I don't have to go back and set the airbrush back up for that color.
  11. Spot on! My father had one of these (in the same color) for a while, and it was a blast to drive. Thank you for detailing your painting procedure: I now have hopes of getting closer to a quality paint job.
  12. Also a man of surprising depth. He and I corresponded for a while on the subject of political philosophy, of all things.
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