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  1. For wheels, you might consider a 1:20 60's era F1 car. The type 25 Lotus comes to mind.
  2. For those looking for a #11 type saw, MicroMark has this to offer, along with many other saws and blades. https://www.micromark.com/Saw-Blade-010x40-TPI-Package-of-4
  3. I made a wood bed for this one using coffee stirrers and styrene 'U' channel for the skid strips. Unfortunately, my only experience with wooden truck beds had been at car shows, so I ended up with the typical natural wood and chrome skid strips (albeit considerably weathered).
  4. Thanks Jay. This beats my technique hands down.
  5. I love the realistic yellow/orange halo around the edges of the rust. I assume this is an effect of the product itself. Was this applied over the paint?
  6. Wow! this caught me totally by surprise. At first, I must confess that I was suppressing a gag reflex. My brain was screaming "WRONG-WRONG-WRONG!". But now that I see your skillful blending of the body work; I actually like it. It reminds me of some of the futuristic cars from comic books of the 50's and 60's. I have seen the light! model on!
  7. That's an impressive amount of detail for 1:72 scale.
  8. About 2/3 down the page there's a couple interior shots. Unfortunately, Photo-toilet has done their best to obliterate the pic (which, honestly, wasn't very good to begin with), but I think you can still get a general idea from it.
  9. For those who build old beaters, I'd like to chime in with a technique I picked up from Ken Hamilton. To depict worn out carpeting (or carpeted floor mats), start with a piece of emery cloth and scrape off most of the abrasive, so that the cloth backing starts to show through. I'll try to find a photo to illustrate the results - very convincing.
  10. Not sure about the hot dog, but I'm pretty sure that's the exact recipe for the filling in Ho-Hos.
  11. I was wanting kind of a sleeper hot rod look, so I chose something that I thought wasn't going to be too flashy, but in the end it wound up looking very classy in that color.
  12. You might be surprised by what is available in 1:20 scale. At any rate, I'm looking forward to watching this come together.
  13. It's interesting that we both chose the same color for this car. It just looks right. I'm anxiously watching to see how the rest develops.
  14. Regarding the bench; as long as you have enough space to set down your coffee cup, you're good to go. As for the first Lotus to use the engine as a stressed member, I believe it was the type 25, but I have no idea whether someone else might have beaten them to it. Maybe B.R.M.?
  15. So, is it your plan to restore them in the vein of the original build style or are you planning to rebuild in your own style ( or some combination thereof)? That corvette is giving me ideas.
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