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  1. If so was it worth the 89.95 to you? I mean price wise For the amount of magazines you get on the dvd I imagine the price is right, but if you purchased it, do you find you use it enough to justify the price point?
  2. Man I am really diggin that color blue. First time I heard of that paint company. How did it spray? Any complaints or Positive impressions about it?
  3. Heartattaq

    Pizza Hut

    LOL. No worries, I just saw it as I was browsing, so had to share with ya. Cant wait for your next works to be posted. I am always curious how you pump them out so fast. Do you spend alot of time on the chassis, or just put it together box stock and basic paint, then spend the time making the car shell look outstanding?
  4. Heartattaq

    Pizza Hut

    Old Coyote with all the kellogs and labonte cars I have seen you post over the years, I had to share this auction with ya https://www.ebay.com/itm/352680813175?ul_noapp=true
  5. Does anyone know what happened to him. I remember his model of a havoline ford thunderbird on the cover of scale auto enthusiast back in the day, and remember it was the most beautiful nascar model I had ever seen. When I started making models again, I looked for some of his work, but couldn’t find any info anywhere, just the cover page of sae.
  6. Great build, and thank you for your youtube videos, I have shared the tire detailing video with a few people now, and they absolutely love it, keep it up man. Love tips and tricks videos when it comes to nascar
  7. Beautiful work
  8. Thank you Larry, I will have to track down this book somehow
  9. When you mention “nascar manual” I assume you are referring to a book. What would the title be so I could track a copy down.
  10. Closest border to me is 2 hours away in sault ste. MarieSault Ste. Marie
  11. My apologies it was southern motorsports hobbies that was the 40.00 shipping. The problem I was having with detail master was completing checkout. It owuld not acept visa or paypal, both of which had adequate funds.
  12. Hey all. I am just looking for any canadian location for photoetched parts. Especially for NASCAR stock cars. I tried detail master and other american sites, and the shipping, duty and taxes turned a 9.99 part into 65.99 I about pooped myself. Anyone have any locations ?
  13. Heartattaq

    Tim Richmond

    I have seen you post a ton of cars over the years. I would love to see a pic of the display you must have set up
  14. Heartattaq

    Skoal Bandit

    Great build. What colour green did you use?
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