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  1. wow beautiful build. i love the black and chrome paint job
  2. Beautiful build, very smooth and clean build. absolutely love it
  3. I love how we are seeing more and more modellers using led lights in their builds. gives that extra pop. Very nice build
  4. Beautiful car, love the build, and here is an excerpt of the 1998-99 tire wars between goodyear and hoosier. There is also a documentary on youtube about it " In 1986, NASCAR was worried when Goodyear faced a hostile takeover that potentially threatened the manufacturer's racing program.[7][8] Because of this, NASCAR invited Hoosier as a backup plan.[3][4] In 1988, Hoosier entered the Winston Cup Series.[1] Hoosier gained an early advantage at the second race of the season at Richmond, where Morgan Shepherd took the pole and Neil Bonnett won the race and at Rockingham two weeks later using Hoosiers. During the season, NASCAR allowed teams to switch between Goodyear and Hoosier tires. Teams learned that Hoosiers were softer and faster while Goodyears were more durable and safer. Because of this, Goodyear spent money on developing a faster tire.[3][4] The tire war took its toll on several drivers, who were injured from accidents caused by tire failures. The most notable of these incidents was during the 1988 Coca-Cola 600. Goodyear withdrew their tires after practice when it was discovered that their compound was too soft for the track; as a result, all drivers except Dave Marcis switched to Hoosiers over safety concerns. The move proved disastrous in the race, as Hoosier tire failures resulted in crashes that injured Bonnett, Rick Wilson, and Harry Gant. Darrell Waltrip, who also ran on Hoosiers, won the race.[9] Despite this setback, Hoosier rebounded when Bill Elliott drove the tires to victory lane at the 1988 Firecracker 400 at Daytona.[3][4] Goodyear was dealt a major blow at the July Pocono race when their tires were disqualified for being too wide on their treads, resulting in the manufacturer missing a NASCAR race for the first time since the 1956 Southern 500. Three weeks later, Hoosier was disqualified from the Watkins Glen race for the same infraction. The tire war intensified at Dover when several cars suffered from tire failures. Alan Kulwicki, who was one of the tire failure victims, commented: "Not only did it cost us our chance for a win or a good finish in this race, but we wrecked a race car in the process. It's not like this is the second week in a row it's been happening; it's been happening all year long. Really, a little bit disappointed that the tire companies can't get this solved by now. That people are still crashing cars like this, you know. Fortunately, the cars are pretty safe and no one got hurt." At the end of the 1988 season, Hoosier won nine out of the 29 races.[10][3][4] In 1989, Goodyear planned to roll out its new radial tires at the Daytona 500 to prove their superiority to Hoosier's bias-plytires. However, when Dale Earnhardt and Elliott experienced tire failures during practice, with Elliott sustaining a broken wrist, Goodyear withdrew all of their radial tires from Daytona.[11] This setback gave Hoosier a major head start, with Waltrip driving on Hoosiers to win the Daytona 500. Hoosier dominated the first four races of the season, with Rusty Wallace's win at the 1989 Pontiac Excitement 400 at Richmond eventually becoming the tire manufacturer's final win of the season. Goodyear's radial tires made their debut at the 1989 First Union 400 at North Wilkesboro Speedway. While Wallace won the pole on Hoosiers, he was lapped by the lead cars by lap 70. Using the Goodyear radials' high durability to his advantage, Earnhardt won the race. This was the death blow for Hoosier, who left NASCAR after the 1989 Winston 500 at Talladega when they could not sell enough tires to be economically viable.[12][1][13][14][3][4]"
  5. that color looks deadly, i love reminds me of poison, you should use it on a mustang cobra down the road
  6. Almost word for word what i was going to post lol. Airwolf was one of a few shows in this era of tv that I did not miss as a kid. Look forward to seeing the completed rebuild. This post has me nostalgic to start a cars and trucks of tv model run. Can do the General Lee, Starsky and Hutch's Grand Torino. K.I.T.T from knight rider, the van from A team. The Fall Guys Truck, munster loach from the munsters, partridge family bus, motorcycles from chips, black beauty from the green hornet, ferrari daytona spider from miami vice and ferrari 308 gets from magnum pi, just to name a few.
  7. love the base scratchbuild. Reminds me of the surface of the death star
  8. Wow, just"..............Wow. Speechless absolutely beautiful work. Love the detail work.
  9. Gorgeous work, I always love seeing Rusty models. My favourite driver all time.
  10. man I have so much respect for you fellas who can customize and scratch build your work. I have been practicing but still feel like a pre schooler in a room full of college graduates lol. Can't wait for the rest
  11. Holy cow, there is a lot of hours sitting on that display. I think I would need a full day just to fully appreciate it and soak it all in. A true labor of love in those pictures
  12. nice work. I always loved the shape of the Torino.
  13. i'm truly speechless. Absolutely amazing custom work, I can't even guess the time and patience it took to get it right. Hats off to you sir, gorgeous build
  14. If so was it worth the 89.95 to you? I mean price wise For the amount of magazines you get on the dvd I imagine the price is right, but if you purchased it, do you find you use it enough to justify the price point?
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