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  1. jnickel added a post in a topic Help with witch one to finish.... 1 of 6 old projects   

    Couldn't agree more!!
  2. jnickel added a post in a topic STRIPTEASE 49 MERC (The Sultana of Old Burlesque)   

    VERY nice Dr!
    Love watching this build (and your others) come together.
    The eye candy you fellas put out is uncanny!
  3. jnickel added a post in a topic Mini truck build....update Started   

    Is an unfinished, salvaged from Dad's attic '55 F100 acceptable?
  4. jnickel added a post in a topic 1941 chevy pickup lowrider (Hell Train)PAINT TIME   

    Can't say much more than that lol.

    What if for the paint, it has both flat and gloss elements? Flat in the front end peeling back the gloss? Just a suggestion.
    I'm sure there's gonna be more added now that you've posted that last pic.

    Keep it going Darren!
  5. jnickel added a post in a topic Jolly Roger Merc - back on the bench 8/30/15   

    Really liking this build!
    Can't wait to see the progress. Keep it up!!
  6. jnickel added a post in a topic 2005-2010 Mustang   

    Some real nice things still going on in this thread!

    This has been a long time coming but.. my first picture update.

    Been a pretty long labor of time and sanding

    This has been my first 'real' modified body. Been on and off working on it and trying new things.

    I'm sure you guys can tell but this is the GT500KR kit.
    The rear windows have been filled, will be covered by scoops I stole from a 67 GT350 I think.
    The wide body is cut and hacked and filled.. donated from an S10 Xtreme kit.
    Like I said, trying new things and letting it come together.

    No real good ideas on colors yet.. thinking a baby blue with some flat side stripes of some kind.. still up in the air.

  7. jnickel added a post in a topic Tim Richmond Monte Carlo   

    Great looking Tim build.
    I know Dad has a couple of these at home somewhere.. likely unopened.

    I have a special TR story. He was actually born/raised in my hometown. My pops actually worked for Al Richmond at his shop (Richmond Manufacturing). Dad has plenty of stories; too many to go into here lol.. and we have plenty of pictures. Agreed the story is a real shame because Tim was pure talent.

    Again, great job on the build and keep up the good work!
  8. jnickel added a post in a topic Kool Aid / Country Time Grand Prix   

    For reference purposes

    Nice build. Very surprised Mikey walked away with only bruises.
  9. jnickel added a post in a topic STRIPTEASE 49 MERC (The Sultana of Old Burlesque)   

    This is AMAZING. Love the look.
    Can't wait to see where you're headed with the latest installment.
  10. jnickel added a post in a topic Hot Wheels-inspired '77 Chevy Van   

    This looks way cool! I'd love to see the rear end raked like the diecast.
    I, like the Dr., am following. Looking forward to progress.
  11. jnickel added a post in a topic SCREAMING YELLOW ZONKER   

    LOVE how you created Mr. Bones' helmet. Never would've thought of electrical tape as a faux leather.

    This is great eye candy. Keep up the great work and I'm in for more progress!!
  12. jnickel added a post in a topic SNAKE FINK! AA/MR...Drag Monster! ...Update 4-21-12   

    I checked this post at its start.. and finally came back today.. you do great work Ira!
    Can't wait to see Don come together.

    Side note.. I lost the location of the Mirror.. direct me?
  13. jnickel added a post in a topic Phat & Funny   

    I like the flat primer idea with the logo.. maybe the logo, some types of sponsor logos.. all glossed out so they pop to the viewer?

    It looks pretty sweet with the way you lined up the chassis. I dig it!
  14. jnickel added a post in a topic 2005-2010 Mustang   

    Looking really good Jonathan. Love how that body work came together.

    I haven't done much picture worthy progress on my KR but its coming along. Hopefully once my body work is mostly complete I'll snap some pics.
  15. jnickel added a post in a topic 2005-2010 Mustang   

    I think I'll get in on this, just purchased a GT500 KR this past weekend.
    Not my first model build but I did have a few questions. I've been lurking on the site for about a week or so and just wondered what you folks use for filler/body mods.. and what product is everyone calling the purple bath? Sorry for the noobish questions

    Hope to add some pics later on as the build progresses.