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  1. Scorpius1 added a post in a topic Resin Tires   

    What do they look like Glenn?
  2. Scorpius1 added a post in a topic Almost ready!   

    Bashed between an AMT 70 1/2 Camaro and old AMT 76 Camaro, alittle Magic Sculp, Bondo in a tube, plastic and alot of Advil.
  3. Scorpius1 added a post in a topic Almost ready!   

    Ah yes, the Rivet Counters. I remember them well! I'll stick to the Car Modeling folks, the difference is like night and day. Great crowd here!
  4. Scorpius1 added a post in a topic what is the best site to sell kits on?   

    Websites do work Erik, just depends on how you advertise. Forums like these are the best way to get folks interested along with FREE review samples to folks in the "paper" and internet magazine world. There's nothing worse to me than a magazine reviewer having to pay for a review sample.

    Yep, FeeBay sums it all up in one word. They just bled me for $160 again!
  5. Scorpius1 added a post in a topic Almost ready!   

    Thank you guys. Don't worry Mike, the forum's for yakking, not selling and I'll stick to it.
    Yes, I had one of those wire wheels, just one mind you. And one second of not paying attention, the wire wheel was no more!!! NUTS! Oh well, there's still around 7 more type wheels that I haven't listed yet, let alone the wide,skinny, slicks and low-profile tire types. This car stuff is fun to cast, shoulda dropped Military long ago!
  6. Scorpius1 added a post in a topic what is the best site to sell kits on?   

    Ebay is great to sell things on. Just be careful with their fees! Another potential problem area is Paypal, especially when you are a Seller!!! Case in point, let's say for example, that you sell something and use the USPS linked system to mail it to the Buyer. If the Buyer does not receive the item in time, they can file a claim with Paypal and shaft you for the full amount when you least expect it! Tracking numbers and that stuff doesn't mean doodley-squat to Paypal, they'll stick it to you anyways. Believe me, I'm speaking from experience.
  7. Scorpius1 added a post in a topic So if you had a choice of paint brands which would you pick?   

    Choice of color depends on what I'm doing. I use them all for one thing or another to include Dupli-Color and Krylon sprays.
    Heck, I also use Oil paint from the tube. When drybrushed on upholstery it gives it a great sheen once it dries. A brown pinpoint wash made from oils and mineral spirits also makes engine, interior and chassis detail pop out!
  8. Scorpius1 added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Almost ready!
    To open the new resin line and here are previews of coming attractions:

    There's also more wheels, really wide and skinny tires, sidepipes, a chevy LT-1 350, Vintage 392 Hemi, and more. Yes, the Bumbly Bee will be a full conversion for the AMT 70 1/2 Camaro including the wheels, tires and lift kit for the rear suspension. June 1rst will be the kickoff date with the Bumbly Bee coming late June.

    I hope I'm not in deep doo-doo putting this here.
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  9. Scorpius1 added a post in a topic SMP 1911 Chevrolet   

    If ya need a volunteer to mold and cast that one, I'M IN!!!!
  10. Scorpius1 added a post in a topic '25 Tall T Coupe Rod   

    Yea baby! Now THAT'S a Rod!!!!!
  11. Scorpius1 added a post in a topic resin super/pro chargers and offset wheels?   

    Do you have any pics of the wheels you're looking for? There's a full Latham system coming out in resin in a month or two. would that help you in your search for a supercharger?
  12. Scorpius1 added a post in a topic Anybody thought of doing this in resin?(towtruck)   

    Thanks for the updates Guys, looks like this will be a longer project than I thought but a fun one none the less. I'm still gathering info and took a good long look at the large scale Opel Blitz kit. It's starting to look like the Blitz parts aren't going to work very well.
  13. Scorpius1 added a post in a topic Fun at the Fleamarket!   

    Wow, I thought Flea Markets were an American Icon like Mom's Apple Pie, Twinkies and Ball Park Hot Dogs. The good part about the one I was at was that most of it was indoors and the grub was good and cheap. Leaves more cash for Junk!
  14. Scorpius1 added a post in a topic Fun at the Fleamarket!   

    So true Art, bargains can be found in the strangest places. I often hit Ebay also and start looking in other categories and find some rare kits at unbelievably low prices listed as Antiques or straight out collectibles. If some of the folks only knew what they had sometimes, of course for us it is a good thing that they don't. Now if I could only find an MPC 72 or 73 Camaro!
  15. Scorpius1 added a post in a topic Fun at the Fleamarket!   

    Thanks guys. Yep, it was a STEAL at the price I got it for. I did check the stupid prices and was blown away on both Ebay and a couple other sites. Of course, since I'm not a Corvair fan, I put this one on Ebay for a not so stupid price just for laughs. Just curious to see what happens!