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  1. Is this brush painted? looks great! nice detail on the grill..
  2. Dude... this looks awesome! great work, loving that paint scheme.
  3. Not sure if there's a huge difference between the 95' kit and the re-release but I figured the model would be less difficult and look nicer had I glued the doors shut. I'm sure that with a lot of work you could get them to look nice but I really wanted to actually finish a kit instead of doing half of it, getting tired of it and then shelving it like I usually do. Other than that the kit went together well. Again, thanks for all the compliments guys!
  4. Wow that's nice.... might have to do another one this style. Also, thanks for the compliments everyone!
  5. Hey guys, here's something simple I built. Enjoy!
  6. phenomenal work! I gotta ask... what kit is this Camaro from?
  7. Awesome! I know most people will not agree but I really dig the rear spoiler.
  8. Just picked up this kit... any issues? Hope mine comes out as nice as yours!
  9. This is very very very very cool.. Seriously, awesome build man.
  10. Picture frame with the glass and stuff taken out, some dollar store foam board (the curb is made from the foam board as well), cheap acrylic paint, and some fake grass stuff I also found at the dollar store. Sorry it took me so long to answer your question I've been on a model hiatus for awhile now.
  11. LOL @ The busch beer in the background... looks like my bench! Build looks great man!
  12. Dude... I have that same spice rack... also nice model.
  13. Man... every time you post I can't help but let my jaw drop a little. This thing is beyond cool.
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