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  1. divotdude added a post in a topic Drilling resin ?   

    Start with a 1/16 bit first and slowly work your way up to the size you need. I usually drill the holes by holding the bit in my hand. I use Black and Decker bits with the 1/4 inch hex at the end. This allows you to grip the bit. Work the bit back and forth, don't force it. If you do use a drill, make sure that the speed is set on the lowest speed. Good luck, and happy modeling.
  2. divotdude added a post in a topic Bad week....   

    God never deals anything to us that we can't handle. You were knocked down, pick yourself up and continue forward. Good luck.
  3. divotdude added a post in a topic The wife starting her first non snaptite kit. 1/16 charger w.i.p small update 1/30/14   

    I think it's awesome that your wife is into model building. I have that Charger kit and plan on building it with a Hemi I have from a dragster that is missing parts. Good luck little lady and enjoy yourself. More women should get into this hobby. Looking forward to seeing the finished project.
  4. divotdude added a post in a topic 1/8 scale 1929 Tudor Sedan   

    Thans for the info Old Hermit, very much appreciated.
  5. divotdude added a post in a topic 1/8 scale 1929 Tudor Sedan   

    Am also interested in this body. My brother might be also interested. LET'S GET IT GOING!
  6. divotdude added a post in a topic a little humor for your weekend.   

    Speaking of Eddie Haskell. Have you ever noticed that whenever he told Mrs. Cleaver that she looked good that day she was bent over the open oven door? What a rascal!
  7. divotdude added a post in a topic a little humor for your weekend.   

    I gotta say that the Moody Blues vids are bitchin'. Sounds like the sixties, hey? These vids bring back the memories from when I was a teenager building models and listening to the Moody Blues, The Who, The Kinks, The Stones and whoever else I threw on the stereo. By the way, for the younger guys our CD's were a whopping 12" in diameter and you couldn"t leave them in a hot car. Great vids! Gotta love them.
  8. divotdude added a post in a topic Is Model building going to die off after our Generation goes?   

    How do we go from talking model cars to real cars? Let's keep the subject on this forum to models, OK? Any way, I'm putting in my two cents since I'm the grouchy old man on the corner.(that's what my wife calls me) I built models back in the sixties as a teenager. After I moved out and got married I let the hobby pass me by. In late 2007 I had emergency surgery on my guts after a colonoscopy perforated my colon. While I was recooping members of my family told me that this was a sign to slow down and smell the Testor's. So I got back into modeling, some 1/25, some 1/16, one 1/12 but mostly 1/8. I prefer the old T's, Tubs and Deuces. I don't build box stock, I customize and make different resin parts to satisfy my taste for the build. As far as this hobby going down the tubes? I doubt it. Kids today have 400 times more stuff to do than we did, but there are the chosen few that will carry on our legacies. All it will take is for the loner to decide that working with his hands is more beneficial for his overall well-being than hopefully he will get it. As far as what happens after I push up the daisies, I could give a rat's %&$. But now I'm starting to ramble and my beer can is empty so I need to replenish and stay hydrated. Stay thirsty my friends!
  9. divotdude added a post in a topic Question about bonding resin to styrene   

    Try using Gorilla Glue brand super glue. Depending on the size and strength needed this glue might do the trick. Can be bought at Home Depot.
  10. divotdude added a post in a topic Removing Chrome Plating   

    Simple Green works, it may take overnight someyimes. I soak the part and after an hour or so I wash the part with an old toothbrush and cold water. Once the chrome starts coming off then it comes off quicker. Even tho, overnight seems to work the best.