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  1. Chris, I really like this build. The details, window net and paint look RIGHT !! Not that I'm an expert on Pro Stock. I have 3 PS cars started. Who knows when they'll get done. Keep the updates coming. Dave
  2. Ray, you've made it a very cool model !! Looking forward to more. Dave
  3. Tim, LOVE the test paint job !!! Those colors will look great on the Maverick. I will have to get some of that blue for the Coyote valve covers that you kindly donated for my upcoming Pantera build. You can be sure that we are praying for healing in your neck and back. And, yes, in light of the devastation we see in Florida, we have inconveniences. Don't overdo it Tim. Dave
  4. Ian, I'm loving the updates. The magneto, wheelie bars, headers, etc. All look great! What did you use to make the wheelie bars net? Dave
  5. Ian - Thanks for the comments. I've learned a lot from the guys on here. Especially Codi aka Tim Hoagland, Chris and Dave Sherman. So much is shared freely here. It's great. I wish I had finished this build a while ago, not that it is done yet, but soon will be. Tim - A big thanks to you for your advice, encouragement, and friendship. And for adding the final fuel line to the engine while coaching me on using braided line and fittings. Much appreciated !!!! Dave
  6. Looks great Art!! Hopefully more to come soon. Dave
  7. You are and will get great advice on this site. Looking forward to more of the build. Dave
  8. Hey guys, I have one of the side windows attached along with Willie's arm. Comments welcome. Thanks for checking it out. Dave
  9. Thanks John. Always appreciate your input and very happy to see you back to it! I have all the decals now on the body, body supports attached, windshield on (even though it split on me), wheelie bars almost done. I will upload pics soon. Dave
  10. What pleased me recently is enjoying family. Our great-granddaughter turned 1 last Friday. What a blessing!! We have 5 grandkids. God is good !!!
  11. Looks great Jim !! The chrome trim looks great too. That's something I have little experience with, but need to try it as I have a '64 Dodge to finish and a '57 Chevy.
  12. Thanks for all the comments and encouragement guys!! Much appreciated. Jim B - Thanks, it was a fun build. The first early modified I've done. Tony K - Thanks. I found several color pics online, some were different cars but all had the same paint scheme. stavenzer - Thanks. I used Tamiya paints for the body, first entire car in white, then masking to do the red, and finally black. If I remember correctly, I got the rims from Early Years Resin. They are Plastic Performance Products. 60s - 70s wide 5, 11" wheels. Street rod - Thank you. PappyD340- Thank you. James2- You can see the wheels info in my response to stavenzer. Toys4Don2 - Thank you. slusher - Thank you. sflam123 - Thank you Zippi - Thank you DavidG -The frame assembly went pretty smooth. No major problems. Kenmojr - Thank you. ChrisR - Thank you. I used aluminum Craft Metal mesh for the radiator screen, part #316190 found at Hobby Lobby. Also at that store I bought a small piece of bridal veil material to simulate chicken wire for part of the windscreen in the windshield opening. And I don't remember where I got the info to do that. Thanks for all the input. Dave
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