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  1. There are no words to adequately describe what I see here.....it's like the time I went to Glacier Natl Park. No words good enough, I just made sounds like oooohhhh, mmmmm......
  2. "Berlin Buick": On the Bench 12/4/17

    John, looking good already. We know this will turn out great. I hope those fires near you won't affect Van Nuys. Keep us posted.
  3. John, my good buddy, I'll be sending a check to cover my first semester's tuition at the Teresi School of Detailing. Are there dorms? Awesome work as usual.
  4. Oh WOW, I step away from the forum for a bit and you blow my mind again. Looks great Tim.
  5. Bruce Larson Tribute car

    Thanks Brad for the encouragement. Yes, now and then I take a break to do some 2-dimensional art. Always like seeing your updates as well. Dave, thanks. I wish I had taken more measurements of the real car. Hindsight, right? Now that the car is in the hands of a collector, I'll be estimating the sizes I don't have. Tim, thanks as well. I appreciate the offer and all the help you've given before. Valuable. I don't think I'll have to cut the bottle too much. Thanks guys for looking. The fun part comes when I try to Alclad the rear rims. John has given me some great tips.
  6. I agree with iBorg, this is a textbook to learn from and improve.
  7. Bruce Larson Tribute car

    The hoses are now attached to the puke tank and the rear shelf is on. I mocked up the bottle and battery on the shelf to see how the interior tin would fit, and it won't. I'll have to shorten the air bottle. Arrrghh. Holes are drilled in the shelf for the battery hold down. Thanks for looking.
  8. Salt flats Bantam Coupe

    Great job. I too like the salty tires and exhaust residue on the body.
  9. #11 Darrell Waltrip '84 Monte Carlo WIP

    Mr Pugh, this is looking really good so far. I like the way you chucked your tires to rid them of the mold line. Looking forward to more updates. I know some of the cars back then had black interiors which I never understood because it seems like the sun would make them even hotter.
  10. Fantastic job Tim. It is turning out great. For the trans blanket, try what I did.....I took a label from a t-shirt because of the small, tight weave and sprayed it flat black. Looking forward to more of this here at ModelCars University classroom.
  11. top dragster scratch build

    Looks great Dave. Are the mounting locations for the bottles mandated by NHRA, or is it up to the builder? At this rate you'll have it done by Sept for the show.
  12. Brad, just went through this build but the first couple pages didn't show any photos. That sucked. I COULDN'T SEE WHAT YOU WERE DOING !! So I forwarded to the last page and voila, a great looking weathered build. I'm looking forward to what's next.
  13. Aftermarket Directory

    A great resource. I've purchased from Harts Parts Resin and his products are great.