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  1. Great job !!! How do you end up with consistent silver dots on the rear side windows? I have a handful of NASCAR builds to finish and that part always baffles me. Appreciate any help. Dave
  2. My work is so Neanderthal compared to what you guys do. But your posts are very inspiring and fuels the fire to be better. Dave
  3. Dave, so great to see your latest posts on this car. FANTASTIC. I remember seeing your cars in person at a show near Pottstown. It might have been 2013? Very inspiring. Dave
  4. Thanks Anton. I need to finish my other Interstate Batteries builds. Thanks for your comment. My sister and I were supposed to go to Sweden this year, but due to the pandemic and crazy rise in airfare we decided to wait a while.
  5. Looks great. The paint and graphics are awesome.
  6. Someone needs to come up with more adjectives for us. Tim, SO great to see you're back at the bench and of course you didn't forget. All the experience, ideas, and motivation was there all along, just waiting. Thanks for giving us inspiration. Dave
  7. Francis, I wish my vocabulary was extensive enough to express what I've seen, as we all have. The posts of this truck are like going to class and learning and being inspired. I've taken some screenshots of your pics and now need to shrink them in Photoshop to better understand what your truck would look like in person. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. I look forward to more. Dave
  8. Bob, this is looking really good. I also like the black headers. You might want to try a Pro Tech distributor kit next time. They have good detail. A black wash on the radiator really helps, also on the engine and in the wheels around the lug nuts. Just a slight wash. I've found a mock up of parts before anything is painted will show you any problems with fit and can be dealt with before glue and paint. I use Ailene's glue, it's a white glue that comes off easily. A tip given to me by John Teresi. I am working on the AMT 37 Chevy modified. Looking forward to more of your updates. Dave
  9. This is a really cool project. Well done!!
  10. Thanks guys for the comments and encouragement. I have two more Interstate Batteries cars in the works. One is the Hot Rod/Interstate Grand Prix and the other is the Small Soldiers/Interstate Grand Prix. Thanks for checking this out. I hope to add updates soon. Stay healthy.
  11. This '69 is looking great so far. Those wheels really fit the need. Looking forward to more.
  12. Looks great Anton. I love the color. Last November I retired from working at a printing company and the last two years they were printing Porsche Panorama magazine. There are always great quality photos in it. Dave
  13. Francis, I always love to see your results. The contrast of gray and green will look awesome and the alternator is too. Wow!!
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