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  1. Tim, what else can be said? I'm looking forward to more, more. Dave
  2. Once again John it looks like you borrowed a 1:1 car, set it up in the park and took pics. Great job buddy. Dave
  3. GoatGuy

    Remington T-Bird

    Bruce, Larry, Carl, Chris and John, thank you for the comments and encouragement. I hope all of you are safe and doing well. Dave
  4. Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments. Sorry for not responding sooner. Hope all of you are safe and well. Dave
  5. Looking great so far and looking forward to more.
  6. Keep up the good work Henry. Looks like you have learned a lot already and you are now connected to a forum with great teachers.
  7. Great job Wayne. I'm glad you persisted with the build and are getting it done.
  8. Again Francis, Wow with the work you are accomplishing. The headers are awesome. Do you plan to add any heat stain colors?
  9. GoatGuy

    Remington T-Bird

    Here is one of the Remington cars. The other 2 are unfinished. Some day..... I used Testors NASCAR Remington green paint and the kit decals. Fine wire was used for the roof antenna. Comments welcome. Dave
  10. This is a build I finished quite a while ago and thought I would share it. A few added details were done. Slixx decals and Tru Match green and black paint were used. Hope you like it.
  11. I agree Dave!!! Seeing it in person helps somewhat, but I'm still blown away with Tim's results. And with his willingness to stop what he is doing and spend time showing me how to successfully work with braided line. Thanks again Tim!!!
  12. Keep up the good work, waiting for more updates! I can smell the nitro.
  13. Love your precise, detailed parts Tim. Can't wait to see it !!!!
  14. John I love this build. It looks great. Hopefully you'll take pics outdoors and I'm sure it will look like the 1:1 van.
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