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  1. Clay, is there more to this build? I am only finding this one page.
  2. Tim, what else can be said? We've learned so much. WoW
  3. Tim, I don't know what words can be said to describe your work that hasn't been said before. That speck you saw on the body might have been a speck of dust that was exaggerated by the camera.
  4. Tim, this build has been POPPING since day one like a fireworks factory on fire. It looks great. I'll have to print out a couple of these scaled down so I have a better idea of how it really looks again. SO grateful I have seen this in person.
  5. A stunning awesome job for the student. I say that because I am one too and have a lot to learn about paint. John is the right guy to teach us. Hey Dave Comp, how many car alarms did you set off going down the street??
  6. Looks fantastic Tim. I don't know if temperature and humidity changes caused the fit issues or alien intervention. But it looks great.
  7. What a great collection of pics of John's cars.
  8. As Tim mentioned, I had the extreme honor and pleasure to see this with my own eyes. All the adjectives and comments we've made are right on and beyond. Words like WOW aren't enough. Wish all of you had been there. Thanks again Tim for allowing me to enter the modeling sanctuary and sharing your wisdom and some photoetch parts as well.
  9. Looking forward to more of this great build John, and a huge congrats for the awards recently.
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