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  1. 1967 Chevelle SS

    thanks guys.
  2. 1967 Chevelle SS

    I think I agree with leaving it alone, i am way to happy with the paint to mess it up, lol.
  3. 1967 Chevelle SS

    I have been working on customers stuff and ###### around the house but I finally laid some good paint on my body. I went with Testors One coat Laquer Metallic Black. After I got the first good layer on it I decided to do some wet sanding with some 2000 grit and then sprayed the final layer of black and it turned out slick. I was originally wanting to do flat black with true flames on the sides but I decided to go glossy looking. I am afraid to paint any flames on it now and have to spray some clear over it cause I don't want to mess up the nice paint i did. I was thinking maybe doing the bottum half flat black with the true flames but I don't know. What are your thoughts. Here is some pics of it just sitting together with the motor sticking out of the hood and some wheels/tires laying in the fenders.
  4. 1967 Chevelle SS

    Thanks, I have to use atleast 50% of the original kit so I went with the mod to help that percentage, lol. I am loving the way the motor turned out as well, may do the wiring to the battery and starter as well.
  5. 1967 Chevelle SS

    Thanks, I have never detail an engine. This is my first model build in about 4 years
  6. 1967 Chevelle SS

    I decided to jump back into model building after quite some years now. My dad got me into building models as a kid and we would sit at the kitchen table building them together. After I grew up some I was still building them but my dad could not keep up, lol. I had wild Ideas and started model bashing like crazy. I lost my dad Oct.28 to suicide, I used to build him a model as a gift for Fathers day, his birthday and Christamas but I havent in the past few years. I was at the local Hobby Lobby getting some air brush paint and something told me to turn around and look at the models. Well thay had the tags hanging on the shelves for the Revell contest and something told me to pick one out and I started to tear up a bit cause it was like my dad was right there telling me to jump back in the game and start off with the contest. Then it was like I was lead to a specific car. I chose the 67 Chevelle SS 396 kit and I said I was going to build this for you dad. Usually my wife would roll her eyes and laugh when I bring a new toy home but this time she was 100% with it. I am wanting to do something like a Pro Street style but it would be like something you would see driving down the highway. I robbed the motor out of the Revell 68 Vette Roadster since the stock motor was not cool enough, I had some slicks and wheels in a parts box I had packed up and I stole the rear chassis half off of a late 70's Camaro model so I could have a little more room for the slicks. I plan on building a small rollcage and a wheelie bar. I got me a Magneto distibutor and wired it up, I even made a fuel line that runs from the pump to the carbs. I am going to paint this black and I will airbrush true flames on it.
  7. Any body build a Fwd drag car

    I had a project a while back that I need to get back going of a fwd civic drag car. It does take alot of scratch building, I was going to use all the interior stuff out of a nascar model like all of the electronics and dash stuff. I would love to see another one built and maybe it would get me to finish mine.