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  1. nathanmc2011 added a post in a topic 99 chevy silverado "custom"   

    sorry i havent been working on the truck much just been playing with the paint i think ima learn how to bag it as well
  2. nathanmc2011 added a post in a topic Lets put a face to that builder!   

    im the new guy but i guess ill join in on the fun (me modeling i got paid to get off the truck lol)

  3. nathanmc2011 added a post in a topic Auto ID #50 FINISHED!   

    i agree with thom its a hard one
  4. nathanmc2011 added a post in a topic 99 chevy silverado "custom"   

    thanks im planing on different wheels and id like to bag it but ive never really done that before but i guess theres always a time to learn thanks agian and i see your ford build looks clean
  5. nathanmc2011 added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    99 chevy silverado "custom"
    first build of the year im a little rusty so its going to be a mild build

    shaved the doors,third brake light, the molding and the cargo strap down things

    sitting on my 1/1 scale project or in other words my money pit

    im going to spray it with createx white base with a blue pearl im still
    messing with the paint trying to get the look i want ill post build pics
    as i go along

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