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  1. Always bugged me that they pretended that was real when they rigged it to fall off lol.
  2. Also, there are 3D printed resin bodies for the Mustang that will be available in the near future. The provider is temporarily not making them due to an impeding addition to the family, but when that's been sorted the bodies will likely come out later this year.
  3. And a huge part of that is because the molds are inaccessible right now, being in China. Revell Germany did not get the Gen6 molds when they took over the rest of the company. If they had I'm sure Salvino's would have worked to get the molds. It doesn't make a lot of financial sense to pay for new molds of the Gen 6 when the Gen 7 is now out. If somehow the molds of the Gen 6 resurface and are made available, Salvino's will try to get them.
  4. I'm really excited for the '71 Olds and the Torino Cobra. I've been looking for one of the latter for a very long time.
  5. Hit the body with a base coat of silver and you'll have no issues with color bleedthrough.
  6. Paint is Tamiya British Racing Green, with Zero Paints Ochre for the interior. Had a little trouble with the width of the bonnet, on the other side it's fine but there's a gap on the driver's side. Very enjoyable kit to build but it's small size in 1/25 made it tricky at times. Perhaps the most beautiful car ever made.
  7. While I'd love a Vista Cruiser, I can't see a station wagon selling enough to make the tooling investment worthwhile. But what do I know.
  8. I was falling into this trap as well, then decided I was only going to build for myself and for the shelf (ie not perfect and not super-detailed). It was hard at first but now I'm happy I let go of the anxiety of feeling my kits weren't good enough. They're great to me.
  9. This is one of Revell's very best efforts and I'm glad to see it again. I built a yellow version of the original, will likely pick another up to do in a different color. It's a fantastic kit.
  10. I'm no expert but I believe you can. IIRC the chassis for the Gen 7 cars all come from a single supplier, so with different bodies and engines you could build a Ford or Toyota.
  11. The car featured in the climatic scene from the movie. It was a Taurus, not sure why all the diecasts were Chevies but the movie shows it clearly as a Ford Taurus. Decals by 3 Amigos, on the Revell kit.
  12. They've said that number placement isn't permanent and hasn't been set for next year.
  13. Decals by 3 Amigos, Tamiya AS-21 Dark Green paint.
  14. MCW used to offer this body for a NASCAR build but it appears to be no longer available.
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