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  1. Thanks guys, it was a Bob Ross-style happy accident. I was going to make it a Windsor, with a different delineation of the paint scheme, but in the process of polishing it I burned through the paint on the hood, which was the lighter blue color. In frustration I decided to change things around and make it a New Yorker, so I nerve-wrackingly added the trim piece, then shot the darker blue color.
  2. Converted from the Moebius 300 kit. Scale finishes paints, and lots and lots of adversity (messed up the paint job three times).
  3. They have newly engineered windshields as well, from what I understand. I have the Monte and the Buick, haven't started them yet but they look good. The decals are by Powerslide and are printed by Cartograf and are amazing.
  4. Engine pic. This is box stock.
  5. Box stock from the AMT kit. Cream white of my own mix of Testor’s lacquers, the medium blue is Testor’s enamel. Two tone blue interior. A great kit that builds well with careful attention as it’s a bit fiddly in places.
  6. Hi all, I know it's a long shot, but I'm in need of the antenna, hood ornament, and driver's side mirror from the '58 Edsel kit. Heck, I'd take a whole chrome tree if someone has one to spare as I have an old build I'm going to redo and the chrome that's still there isn't in great shape. Thanks! Steve
  7. Thanks all! The foil around the windows is actually Molotow Chrome Pen work. Having that available has been by far the biggest quality of life improvement I can think of in my model building. Makes it so much easier. The chrome spars down the sides are BMF. The -paint is shined up with polishing cloths and rubbing compounds. Cars in this era didn't wear clearcoats so this one doesn't either. I got the paint from Automotive Touchup; it worked well but I think I'll need to experiment more with thinners as it sprayed a little but tricky.
  8. Revell kit, Chevy Lagoon Aqua paint from Automotive Touchup.
  9. These new issues with the figures aren't lowriders? If so I'll have to grab the Buick. The Caddy sure built up nicely. I used Johan wheels and tires as this was the lowrider version I made stock.
  10. What a fantastic job! Looks perfect!
  11. On this model I used BMF for the side chrome spars and the large chrome piece on the roof, above the windshield. Everything else was done with the Molotow pens. It makes life much much easier; foiling those vent windows used to be the death of me.
  12. No it wasn't, it was the regular unpainted glue kit. I do like the Pro Shop kits, I've done a couple of those myself, but this one's the regular glue kit. I will add, I did the chrome on the car with a combination of BMF and Molotow Chrome pens. I'd say it's about 60/40 Molotow/BMF. Those pens are lifechanging. I'll get some more pics up in a day or so, I didn't realize folks would like to see more than just the one.
  13. Beautiful car! What is the paint color that you used?
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