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  1. These new issues with the figures aren't lowriders? If so I'll have to grab the Buick. The Caddy sure built up nicely. I used Johan wheels and tires as this was the lowrider version I made stock.
  2. What a fantastic job! Looks perfect!
  3. On this model I used BMF for the side chrome spars and the large chrome piece on the roof, above the windshield. Everything else was done with the Molotow pens. It makes life much much easier; foiling those vent windows used to be the death of me.
  4. No it wasn't, it was the regular unpainted glue kit. I do like the Pro Shop kits, I've done a couple of those myself, but this one's the regular glue kit. I will add, I did the chrome on the car with a combination of BMF and Molotow Chrome pens. I'd say it's about 60/40 Molotow/BMF. Those pens are lifechanging. I'll get some more pics up in a day or so, I didn't realize folks would like to see more than just the one.
  5. Beautiful car! What is the paint color that you used?
  6. Yup, Merkurs were really under-appreciated at the time. I'd love to get my hands on a Scorpio in particular today.
  7. Paint is MCW Gaugin Red. This is one of the finest-engineered kit's I've ever built, and that's high praise considering I've built tons of Tamiya kits.
  8. HPI's model looks great, maybe I'll give this one another attempt. I like that the seat inserts are now decals, it will make for a cleaner looking interior than the one I've built. It does appear the model sits a scootch too high, but perhaps Fireball's tires will fix that issue.
  9. I built this a very long time ago, so I'm not entirely sure, but I think they are Studio 27 decals.
  10. Aren't those rims and tires on that car just for moving around in that parking lot? I think it's likely they'll put familiar racing rims and tires on it for the testing.
  11. JWBTM decals and Testor's Hemi Orange lacquer.
  12. The red car uses the blue car set from Wetworks, and has custom graphics (white numbers and the rear deck lid graphic) that were made by 3 Amigos. I don't think there were ever more than 2 or 3 sets made. Les made them up upon request for me.
  13. Also, here are all the Cartoon Network cars it's possible to build using kits and aftermarket decals:
  14. To clarify: there are two versions of the purple Scooby-Doo Monte Carlo, a curved side version and a slab side version. The decals are the same in both kits. The 46 Woody Woodpecker is technically not a Cartoon Network car, but the idea is the same lol.
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