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  1. Built box stock from the Revell kit. This was a really nice kit to build, so problems at all.
  2. What color blue did you paint the hood scoop?
  3. First model of the new year: 1967 Olds 442. I have always had trouble painting black as it magnifies any paint flaws or scratches. I tend to shy away from it, but I decided to challenge myself and build this with the black over red paint scheme. For the new year and all. I’m very happy with the way it came out. This is the Lindberg kit.
  4. I converted AMT’s Impala COT into a Fusion by puttying and reshaping the front end and with some painting. I used a resin front bumper from Mike’s decals for the 2011 specs. Decals are from Ace (made for the 2014 car) plus I used some from a Powerslide sheet for the grille graphics. I also made up a couple of my own on my inkjet printer, for the Pearson HOF decal and the Ford Parts on the rear. It’s not 100% accurate but it’s fairly close and I tried some new things. I’m very pleased with the result.
  5. I received my copy yesterday and it's so nice to get an issue again. Thank you!
  6. Powerslide decals and Testor's lacquer.
  7. I used the reissue of the kit from...2012? or so. It had the Lorenzen decals and the rollcage parts in it, it's got the Lorenzen car on the top of the box.
  8. Obscure? It's one of the most famous cars in all history albeit for all the wrong reasons. I'm still really surprised. I've built two of them, what a blast they were.
  9. The 1958 Edsel was a sales bomb in kit form? I'm extremely surprised to hear that. That was a brilliant kit.
  10. For years the only footage of JD's crash was slo-mo from the ESPN broadcast, but on youtube you can see the raw feed and there's a brief clip of the car hitting the barrier at full speed and it's shocking how violent the crash was. JD was killed instantly. The real miracle may be that Jimmy Means wasn't seriously hurt in that wreck.
  11. This is awesome, build and enjoy. Striving for perfection leads to unhappiness.
  12. Built box stock from the reissued Revell kit. Growing up in RI, this was everyone’s realistic dream ride (no one I knew could afford a Buick Grand National). I know people generally prefer black paint on these but I always saw more white ones on the road. I painted the interior in an off-burgundy to match the velour “mouse-fur” interior these things had. When I find some tire letter decals I’ll add those too. I used the TPI engine option as that made for a quicker car. The roads were lousy with G-bodies back in the 80s.
  13. I am very sad to be losing SA. I looked forward to the issues and still reference them to this day when building a project.
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