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  1. IIRC the original release of this kit sat just a touch high. Perhaps Fireball's tires will solve this issue. Really looking forward to picking this kit up. I've been wanting to build one for a long time. That burgundy interior is so 80s it's perfect.
  2. Slixx decals on that one, very hard to find.
  3. Thanks! Tamiya thin line masking tape....I won't use anything else. It's outstanding.
  4. Check the pics of the model on the boxes. If the model shown on the side of the box has two circular holes in the rear side windows, it's a slab side kit. See this model for an example:
  5. Finished 2nd at Watkins Glen in this car in 2003. Slixx decals (Target set and a number sheet) and Tamiya and Testor's paints.
  6. Thank you! Awesome. I'll get those on her this weekend. And I just found a resin set of the correct wheels on ebay done by missing link, so I'll be adding those to her too.
  7. Looking forward to the video, as always!
  8. The box art for the Firebird shows the stock wheels too if I'm seeing that correctly.
  9. Oh geez! My typo ran afoul of the sensors! LOL! I'll fix that. Yes, I didn't have base wheels available to me and in the interest of actually getting this thing done I went with the kit wheels. If I encounter the proper wheels I will swap them out. Technically the tires should be white-lettered as well, but as I didn't have any white acrylic on hand I went without as well. I also need to add the proper license plates. Building an old MPC kit with it's 'close enough' fit issues was quite a shock after years of building more modern kits.
  10. From the MPC kit with a resin hood from Motor City Casters. Because this old MPC kit isn't that detailed, and for better fit, I built this as a curbside and glued the hood shut. Tamiya Chrome Yellow and Black. I used the '71 Mustang kit; the grille insert is a '73 that's included in the '71 kit.
  11. Built from the Hasegawa lowrider kit. Used Johan Cadillac wheels and tires and adjusted it to a stock ride height. Paint is Testors Dark Cherry Pearl lacquer, which is similar to Cadillac's Claret color.
  12. Made with the brand new Powerslide decals. Tamiya TS-16 for paint.
  13. I still see plenty of listings for all of the Hudson kits (the '53, the 54 Club Coupe, and the '54 Special) on ebay. That might be the best place for you to get one.
  14. I used a brand new sheet of foil, and only brand new blades to cut and trim it with. I don't think I would have been able to do the chrome on this one without using a brand new sheet.
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