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  1. Salvino's JR has said they would like to investigate getting the former Revell molds for the Gen 6 cars and to make kits of the current Camaros and Mustangs in Cup.
  2. These were done on a laser printer. One sheet of white underlays and one sheet of color.
  3. Just finished a special project. I commissioned Samuel Lopez of 3 Amigos for the graphics, and Mark of MPR decals for the printing. This model involved people in Maine, Mexico, and New Jersey. This is the Tabasco Green Sauce car run by Todd Bodine at Atlanta in 1998. Todd started on the outside pole and finished 10th that day, by far the best result for the Tabasco team that year. These decals have never been available before. This is on a pro-finish chassis as the body is slightly more accurate.
  4. The instructions would have you attached the centers of the wheels to the rims from the outside, when it’s obvious they are supposed to go inside. I saw that video you reference, and I noticed at once he had built the wheels incorrectly. He also left out the radiator support but as noted above I found a way to use it.
  5. I didn’t make any modifications to the wheels. The kit directions are incorrect so I assembled them correctly, but I didn’t sand or trim anything. The rims were painted Silver leaf, the inner ridges were painted aluminum, and I detailed the lug nuts with a Molotow chrome pen.
  6. I got this question on the MCM FB page so I thought I'd share it here. The question was regarding the front radiator support and if I installed it, given the fit issues with the grille: Yes I installed it, but not the way the directions say. I installed the radiator in it's proper location, then attached the support to the grille, and nothing else. I pushed the support as far onto the grille as possible, then slid the grille in. The assembly fits this way. The support is not attached to the radiator.
  7. 1961 Pontiac Catalina, from the Moebius kit. I wrapped this around a tri tone interior. Paint is Pontiac Cherrywood Bronze over Pontiac Mayan Gold, both from Scale finishes and topped with Testor's Clear Lacquer. I used the 8 lug wheels. I utilized some of Mr. Obsessive's tips to make the glass fit better. I also re-engineered around the front to get the grille to fit correctly. This is an interesting kit, it's incredibly detailed in some places and in others the design decisions are...unexpected.
  8. Box stock, Testor's dark green metallic lacquer. I really like this kit, went together like a dream.
  9. You have to do some filling for the tail piece. One suggestion I saw was to take parts of the original Monogram kit nose (still included in the Salvino's kit) and use that to fill in the gap in the tail piece as the curve is similar.
  10. The rear glass on mine fit perfectly and is one of the finest engineered model parts I've seen in a very long while. It also looks accurate to me; it's correctly larger than the glass on the MC Aerocoupe. I was very impressed with it.
  11. Built from the new Salvino's kit with Powerslide decals.
  12. MPR decals, Testor's and Tamiya paints, Revell snap kit.
  13. Courtesy of Ron Bouchard. I put Punchy on the decklid even though that's not 100% accurate because I liked the graphic.
  14. Danica Patrick’s 2013 Daytona 500 Pole winner. She finished 8th in this car, a great day for her. I used Tamiya TS-22 Light green, TS-31 Bright Orange, and black decal material for the main colors. Decals are a mix of Powerslide, Patto’s and kit. I lowered the model a bit too. I am incredibly pleased with the way this car turned out.
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