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  1. Interested in the John Deere paints if they are still available.
  2. You brushed that? It looks tremendous!
  3. This kit will be out sometime early next year. They got the licensing from Nascar and Ford and are working on the tool now.
  4. Ah I gotcha. Makes sense now.
  5. On some of the later issues of the kits, there's a transparent spoiler. I might have an extra you can have, if I can dig it up.
  6. Got the Revell Germany version yesterday, no crush on the A-Pillars. Still a pretty tight squeeze in the box, however.
  7. Milk bottle-style part is the Kool Air box. I usually paint it gunmetal to look like carbon fiber and glue it to the floor of the cockpit. Not sure about part 17. Air cleaner assembly looks great! I have yet to build one of these kits without glueing the body to the chassis. It just fits better when I glue it. My .02.
  8. 3 Amigos just issued those decals! I have a set on the way to me now.
  9. Mark, as you assemble the air ducting on top of the engine, I would HIGHLY recommend using plastic welder to glue the unpainted parts, and then paint them when that's done. Tolerances under there are tight and you want that assembly to be as strong as possible as you wedge it into place. It's easy to do once you've done a couple but with my first one I had that assembly fall apart the first time I assembled it because I painted the parts first. Just a heads-up. Also, I've used those add on parts from Jay's stock cars in the past and they are superb.
  10. I built this one a long time ago, I wish I knew about the trick for moving up the front bumper. Might have to buy the new reissue and build another version. I like the kit overall, the proportions are satisfyingly chunky.
  11. Yes, I've painted all of mine semi-gloss black.
  12. That's coming together very well. I've found that I have to assemble the suspension bits unpainted, using plastic welder, in order to get everything solidly attached. Same for the bumper pads like you've done. Excellent work!
  13. I have a Revell of Germany version on the way, shipped from a US seller, so I will report on the condition of the A-Pillars when it comes in.
  14. Has anyone got one of these kits in the Revell Germany packaging to see if they also have the A Pillar issue?
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