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  1. Dale Earnhardt Daytona 500 winner

    This is the only Earnhardt car I've ever built. Powerslide decals on this one, and boy are they wonderful to work with.
  2. Here's another new build of a model I first built years ago. I used the Slixx decals for this one, but decided not to use all the grey checkerboard graphics that came with it, because I saw some pics of the real car without them and I felt that it looks cleaner without them.
  3. #29 Scooby Doo Monte Carlo

    This was another one I built again recently, after having built another example right out of the box years ago. I sourced the correct slab sided Monte Carlo for this model, used MCW paint, and a combination of Slixx decals (for the vast majority of the graphics) and Patto's (for the Velma on the other side, the kit decal was useless for her).
  4. #75 Remington Thunderbird

    When I first got back into modeling as an adult, I bought and built one of the Revell Remington T-birds right off the shelf and out of the box. At the time I wasn't very happy with the results because my skills weren't very good and the kit decals, particularly the bright flour. red stripes, weren't very good either. So after years and years and years of building, I decided to build this car again, using better skills and a combination of decals from 4 or 5 different sheets. I'm much happier with this result, and I'm really glad to have this car back into my collection. I painted the flour red, much easier than using decals for them.
  5. Tamiya Aston Martin DBS

    As promised, here a couple more pictures. I would recommend this kit to anyone, it's one of Tamiya's very best.
  6. Danica's COT Impala

    Built up from the AMT COT kit. These are surprisingly good kits, lots of little details that pop up while building them. I really enjoyed putting this together. My daughter chose the paint scheme, she thought it was so cool there was a woman driving in the series, so I built this for her. TS-22 Tamiya Light Green for the paint.
  7. #75 Powerpuff Girls Taurus

    The Wally D ride from 2000. Powerslide decals on a Revell pro-finish Taurus that was stripped and repainted. The pro-fit Taurii look better than the full glue versions, IMO, and they build up pretty much the same way.
  8. Tamiya Aston Martin DBS

    Thanks guys, I'll get some more pics tonight
  9. Tamiya Aston Martin DBS

    I've had this one built for a while but this is the first decent pic I've been able to take of it. This is a gorgeous kit of a gorgeous car. It practically fell together, the parts fit like a fine Swiss watch. Zero Colors Aston Martin Almond Green paint, Tamiya clear, custom mixed color for the Terra Cotta interior. I painted the middle of the seats satin dark gray to represent the suede inserts and to provide visual interest as well. I love this car, and I love this kit. Since I've yet to win Powerball I will have to content myself with the kit and not the real thing.
  10. #33 Skoal Bandit Daytona 500 ride

    Kenny ran this car in the '98 (I think) Daytona 500. This was the Bud Shootout scheme, but he ran it in the 500 after wrecking his primary car in practice. Racescale decals and very tricky masking for this one.
  11. Jeff Green #29 Taz Monte Carlo

    This was a long time in coming. Used two of the very rare and expensive Racescale sheets to get this one done. A bucket list model for me.
  12. Great Traders List

    I got my PIF from forthlin (MIke). Thanks!
  13. Pay It Forward-Round 2-Let's have FUN!

    OK I'll take the '59 Impala from Forthlin. Here are my offers:
  14. Danica retires in 2018

    It's too bad, I'll miss her and I wish she had been more successful. I built a Danica COT Impala not too long ago and asked my 7 year old daughter to choose the paint scheme, and then we got to talking about a woman driving a race car as if it were the most usual thing in the world. My daughter was very impressed and it got her thinking about all the stuff women can choose to do. So I hope at some point Danica comes back. In the meantime I'm going to build more of her rides.
  15. RC2 era 'b and s' cars...

    I just got done building this, the box art shows thin whitewall tires, but the kit only has blackwalls. The box art car also shows (on the side) an air cleaner that's not included in the kit. Didn't really bother me (although whitewalls would have been nice) since I almost never open the hoods on my builds, but thought I'd mention it.