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  1. Merkur XR4Ti added a post in a topic Spielwaren Messe Neurenberg 2017 + Pictures!   

    My 6 year old daughter has built some of the Zvezda Cars kits and enjoyed them, so I'm happy Revell is getting into the game as well. I'll have to check these out for her.
  2. Merkur XR4Ti added a post in a topic and The Third Cartoon Network Car   

    Those CN cars all look terrific. I've built a bunch of them, there's surprisingly many of those CN schemes that they ran.
  3. Merkur XR4Ti added a post in a topic Folgers Thunderbird Finished Pics 12-24-16   

    I meant what kinds of building techniques did you use on the chassis?
    I'm using a Revell for my Hooters car and I had trouble. But it's not the fault of the kit, it's the fault of the builder.
  4. Merkur XR4Ti added a post in a topic Folgers Thunderbird Finished Pics 12-24-16   

    That looks great!
    What decals did you use? What paint? And lastly, can you give some tips on the chassis? I've got a Hooters Underbird on my bench right now and I had a terrible time getting the chassis together. Yours looks so much cleaner than mine.
  5. Merkur XR4Ti added a post in a topic 300SL Gullwing   

    That is stunning.
    What color did you use for the red interior?
  6. Merkur XR4Ti added a post in a topic 1984 Custom Cadillac (California Wheels Edition) By Revell   

    What would people suggest for more stock wheels and tires? I have this kit and would like to finish it but the stance has baffled me as I'd prefer a more stock look.
  7. Merkur XR4Ti added a topic in NASCAR   

    #75 Powerpuff Girls Taurus


    Forgive the poor picture quality as I'm using an ancient iPhone to snap pics.

    This is the Powerpuff Girls Taurus driven by Wally Dallenbach back in 2000 or so. I used a Profinish Ford kit that I stripped and repainted; I just wanted a quick easy build as I hadn't built a Nascar in many years and was anxious to get these Powerslide decals on a kit.

    Nothing fancy on this build, just something easy and quick to show off the decals.
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  8. Merkur XR4Ti added a post in a topic Great Traders List   

    Just traded with jrherald420....thanks again!
  9. Merkur XR4Ti added a post in a topic Trading paint   

    Paint has been traded, thanks.
    And yeah, I'm shipping these paints in the same box I received paints from MCW in. They will have to be shipped ground, but I don't anticipate any further issues. I've bought lots of spray paints off ebay and haven't had problems having them shipped to me via the USPS. I'll take the box to the PO and have them label it correctly.
  10. Merkur XR4Ti added a topic in Trading Post   

    Trading paint
    Rubbin' is racin' but I'm talking about something else.
    I have a few bottles and spray cans that I either bought in error or bought too much of, and no longer have a need for. I also have a couple of bottles that are 1/2 full which would be enough for another project for someone. All paints are in good condition. If anyone is in need of these, drop me a PM and we can work something out. I am in need of Tamiya white spray primer and some TS-29 Semi-gloss Black, but I'm open to trading for other paints or kits too.
    Tamiya TS-53 Deep Metallic Blue spray - sealed
    Model Master Custom Lacquer GM Flame Red spray - sealed
    MCW special order '70 AMC Bittersweet Orange Metallic lacquer - 2 oz, unopened
    MCW 6855 Mopar Turbine Bronze Metallic lacquer - 1 oz, unopened
    MCW 6511 GM Willow Green Metallic lacquer - 1 oz, unopened
    Scale Finishes Chevy Lagoon Aqua Enamel, I used about half of the 2 oz bottle to paint a '64 Johan Cadillac. There's about 1 oz left in the bottle, which should be enough for another body
    Zero Paints (out of the UK) Aston Martin DBR9 Racing Green lacquer - I used about half of this 2 oz bottle to paint a Tamiya Aston Martin DBS. There's about 1 oz left, which should be enough for a model.
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  11. Merkur XR4Ti added a post in a topic Will we see other G-body cars after the 83 Hurst Olds?   

    I wouldn't mind a stock Grand Prix. A buddy I grew up with had one that looked just like this, complete with factory faded two-tone paint job and a burgundy interior. We cruised around a lot in that car. It was quite nice for the time.
  12. Merkur XR4Ti added a post in a topic When did color fall out of favor?   

    I hadn't heard that before; according to wikipedia the Taurus and Sable sold well out of the gate. 200,000 sales in model year 1986. By the time the first-gen Taurus had been replaced, they had sold two million of them.
    It was the ovoid 3rd-generation where Ford screwed up and made things far too radical, particularly inside.
  13. Merkur XR4Ti added a post in a topic When did color fall out of favor?   

  14. Merkur XR4Ti added a post in a topic When did color fall out of favor?   

    I read somewhere that the Aztek was built based on customer feedback and needs, and given what kinds of utility were available in it, GM expected it to be a big hit.
    I've sat in a few of these, and inside they were pretty cool, had lots of thoughtful touches. And of course you couldn't see the outside from the inside! They did become more tolerable on the eyes when they went with the monochromatic look later in the model run as opposed to the early run with the gray plastic cladding two-tone look.
  15. Merkur XR4Ti added a post in a topic Tamiya 1/24 Aston Martin DBS   

    This discussion led me to pull my DBS model off the shelf and take a closer look at it. I was thrilled with the way it came out, and the beauty of engineering that led to its release. I don't exaggerate when I say my opinion is that the kit is a stunning triumph. The engine in the kit is nearly completely covered up by shields and such; what is visible is extremely well executed.
    I respect Tim Boyd as a model pioneer and builder more than I can possibly express, but in this case I must say I can't agree with him. I think the DBS kit is nearly perfect, and the lack of a full engine in it in no way detracts from it, as on the 1:1 car so much of the engine simply isn't able to be seen. When I put this model down on a shelf and open up the hood, it looks just like the real thing.