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  1. try satin maroon on the body with grey wheels
  2. this is looking more awesome everytime i see it. just one question though, whats happeneing with the rear wheels? i cant see a passage for a rear axel or anything. i guess you just havent gotten around to it yet but was just wondering. keep up the awesome work.
  3. thanks for the tip guys. ill be sure to do that the next time. to tell truth i forgetn that those are there most of the time. lol
  4. thanks. i really like using the metal specks paints. they go on nice and smooth, dont run easily, and its only like $8 for a can (big ones too!) one can will last for between3-5 models depending on how many coats and how big the model is. is an automotive paint too and comes in six or seven different colors i think. so far ive used the orange and this blue.
  5. thanks for the comments. i made the rear seat cover from sheet and tube styrene. the fat tires out back were part of the kit. and the lights were on lol. they just suck in the room that i took the pics in. it took quite a bit of work to get everything to fit together.
  6. its duplicolor blue metalspeck paint from pepboys, with about 4 or 5 coats of clear to give it a nice deep look. thanks for lookin. ive never been one to do what every one else does.
  7. ok guys this is my hemi dart that is almost box stock. the only mods are the very obvious roadster body, the wiring, and the dragster slicks in the rear tucked up and under the car. I didnt want to cut open the wheel wells so i made it so i didnt have to lol. enjoy, comments, concerns and questions welcome.
  8. thanks! ill try that out on the next candy one. im doing a hemi dart then i have a firebird that im planning to do in candy so well see.
  9. thanks guys still have to get to the point to paint my next one so well see. thanks for all the tips ill definately try them out.
  10. no i used primer then a tamiya racing white then the candy, the tamiya white ended up looking like the plastic did before i primed it.
  11. hey guys here is my latest. its a 49 merc custom, i re-chopped the top, added peaks to the fenders that continue into the door lines, added body lines around the rear wheel openings and lowered it. i had some trouble with the paint again, i cant get candies right so far. otherwise it is definately my favorite build so far, enjoy. the top is too low to get pics of inside and i forgot to before i fit it together.
  12. Nice! what did you use for the piping on the seats?
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