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  1. Thanks dudes, glad you like it.

    No headlights...no taillights...but it has windshield wipers? :blink:

    Also... yeah, I know it's a custom...but why all the extra squiggles in the exhaust system?

    Well, lets not get too crazy, the wipers provide at least a modicum of safety. lol

    As far as I can tell most GM cars with the x-frame had a bendy straw exhaust system. I think AMT took some artistic licence with this one..

  2. Thanks guys. I'd love to bring it to a local show Charlie, I'll make the trek. The color is Testor's Stop Light Metallic with Extra Kustom Shop Micro Flake thrown in for good measure over Testor's Allumaplate and under Tsetor's wet-look clear It is a dark red in person, but I can't capture the "bling" of the metal flake on film.I dont think my Fisher Price camera can get a deep and focused enough pic. Darn mandatory auto focus. What I got in the viewfinder is not what showed up on screen.

  3. Finally, I finished a build this year! The car got its name from my 8 year old digital camera's fear to take a decent pic of this red ride. Or maybe its just me being a hack photographer? Hey, I'm a baker not a young George Barris...The colors looked decent on my flat screen T.V., but look way flat and lifeless on the laptop. Either way time to upgrade and get on with the pics.

    A full shave and molded everything

    Custom made grill insert. Headlights? Are those important??

    Mishmash of two rollpans. Indecision has left me taillight-less as well.

    In the real world this hooptie would have air bags or hydros. This car has a AMT chassis plate and a lot of cutting.http://DSC00431_zps75828c17.jpg


  4. Thanks! Do you plan on bringing yours to the workbench soon? It really is a great kit. Aside from the Tamiya Ferrari Enzo I almost forgot I started, this the next best kit I've ever put together!

    It's in the queue between the next model and sometime before I die...yours is inspiring a bump in line though!

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